Things You HAVE to Have –SkyMall Strikes Again

P1040066I love to look at the SkyMall magazine in the seat back pocket when I fly.  It never ceases to amaze me what crazy bizarre  unique things are offered on those pages.  If you haven’t flown for awhile or don’t have any trips lined up in the near future–no worries. They are online here.

I have done various posts on some of the great things you can find in this magazine.  I even gained a new follower because I tagged a business who had their product featured and while it was not something that appealed to me the owner was quite gracious and did not take my doubt of her product as a negative thing.  Whew. You can read some of my other posts on SkyMall here, here and here. See–I do love them!

On my recent trip to Texas and back I had to take a look at some of the great things that can be found in this publication.  Take a stroll with me through the magazine and see if any of these items speak to you.

This just looks like an accident waiting to happen.  Maybe it’s just me?


I am all for fitness but I really think this would be detrimental to me.

This looks like an accident waiting to happen.  Maybe it's just me?

This looks like an accident waiting to happen. Maybe it’s just me?

Need to keep those pesky bugs away? Nothing says style like this zip up jacket! And only $59.95!P1040060

I’ve got my eye on you!

I've got my eye on you!

I’ve got my eye on you!

Maybe I don’t know dogs very well but I doubt many would enjoy wearing this get up.


I think I need to cause more stress for my neighbors.  I would get this in red, of course, and put it on the border of our yard in the back so that my neighbors could also enjoy the wonderfulness that it brings.  And it is only $499!

P1040061I might have saved the best for last. What do you think?  I bet you can guess what Mr. Diamond is going to get in his stocking this year, right? The butt enhancer, of course.  🙂

P1040065 Which one is your favorite?  Make sure you put it on your wish list!



  1. Oh, good grief. Well, at least its entertaining, if not practical! I do love Sky Mall, for that reason.

  2. Yeah. Hmmm. When we fly, I always use that magazine to take my mind off the fact that I’m actually FLYING. It is good entertainment!
    I agree with you about those first two items looking very hazardous to your health. I would LOVE to see them actually in use. And I’m sure there’s a You-tube of it if I just search!

  3. Becky Miracle says:

    i am NOT a camper, but I LOVED the VW tent camper…also in RED! That just looked like so much fun! Wonder if it would turn me into a camper? 😊

  4. Personal transporter? I can think of a better name!

  5. I must have that eyeball bag!

  6. I always get a kick out of flipping through that while flying. There is definitely many odd things in there!

  7. The mosquito jacket seems the most useful and practical to me, albeit not fashionable. As for the rest, yeah, I won’t be ordering.

    Entertaining post, though.

  8. It’s only fair if Mr Diamond gets a butt enhancer, we get pictures. Just sayin’. I can’t wait to hear about the spam you get on that one. :-D. No self respecting dog want to ride around in a stroller or wear a rain coat with a bonnet. Sheesh.

    • He has already put the “ki-bash” on the underwear —big spoil sport. I thought of you when I posted the doggie raincoats—-I did not think you would be a fan.

  9. All the things I didn’t know I need. 🙂

  10. Wow that’s some crazy stuff! lol I the VW cover it’s funny!

  11. Sue Kaney says:

    Hey Beth Ann! Maybe I should look into selling those cool eye bags at Best in Sight..
    They might just catch on in Freeport! You can never have too many eyes to see what’s going on 🙂

  12. Sandy Evans says:

    I think my favorite would be the doggie rain jacket. I can just see Ellie wearing it!

  13. The tent made me giggle out loud…along with the image in my head of Mr.Diamond with the last one on!! Lol! Love these!

  14. Wow you clearly had a better Sky Mall magazine than I did cuz I didn’t see that cool VW tent. Thanks for the laugh.

  15. The first picture makes me giggle. How fashion forward of them to pair that cleavage-bearing shirt with a helmet.

  16. cleavage-baring, that is.

  17. Helen Brown says:

    I must say, I could do without all of items.

  18. I think that bug jacket would come in very handy for camping! I could sit by the fire for hours at night! 🙂

  19. Beth Ann, I love your Sky Mall posts. They never fail to make me smile. So many fun things here.

    Reggie would absolutely NOT wear that dog raincoat with see-through hoodie. I doubt I’d even be able to get it on him before he tore it to bits. $40 down the drain. 🙂

    • Glad you like my Sky Mall posts, Jackie!! They always make me laugh out loud when I see some of the stuff. But then I have actually purchased a few things from the magazine so I must be their target demographic….

  20. Well, I’m not going to pay good money to break my neck, that’s for sure. I don’t have a pet. Looks like I’m leaning toward the VW tent or the butt enhancer. Is it for men only? 😉

  21. I used to own a bug jacket like that when I lived in Pickle Lake. During the summer the black flies were so bad – going up your nose, into your eyes & ears. Plus I’m allergic to their bites so I would swell up so bad, so if I had to spend any amount of time outside I had to wear this.
    I also had a hat with a net that came down over your face & had elastic around your neck. This could be used on cooler days when you wore long sleeves & long pants (which you had to make sure you tucked into your socks or the black flies would fly up your pants & bite your more tender bits!)

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