It’s Been Awhile–Chrisisms Return

chris and bethann

Now and then  on It’s Just Life I share some of the quirky and lovable things that my dear husband aka Mr. Diamond shares with me.  He reminded me the other day that we have known each other 2/3rd’s of our lives now.  We met each other when we were 18 so you can do the math.

When I think of how our lives together have kind of meshed over the years I just shake my head because we fit like two peas in a pod, go together like cookies and milk and complement each other like two coordinating Snuggies.  Life has been quite a ride with this guy, my friends, but what a wonderful ride.

Living apart in different states is not the easiest thing to do in the world but we are managing, thank you very much, and perhaps that is why today I am spending a bit of time reminiscing and pining away a bit.  To put myself in a better frame of mind I thought it was about time to share some of the wonderful Chrisisms that he comes up with that I jot down from time to time.  I have enough new ones to make a list and I might just throw a few of my favorite ones in at the end if you are lucky.

Please enjoy. They are meant to entertain.

  1. I am a one fly man. (Obviously a fishing reference)

2. At one point Chris told me that he really liked my dress.  Said that it was a nice fly combo and that I could definitely catch some trout. (Once again—a fishing theme)

3.  God is one busy dude.

4. I called the Grinch and  “fed exed” my heart to him.

5. If you have a plan for life then you definitely need a plan for death.  (This one is actually pretty profound, don’t you think?)

6. That boy might just be a GMA—genetically modified a**hole.  (Sorry, Mother. )

7. If this was a pirate ship we would be getting a new captain.

8. There was a sticky spot on the restaurant table and Chris said it was “the remains of the day”.

9.  When there’s too much noise in the front office it is time to get rid of people. (Yikes!)

10. I decided I am going to buy my tombstone early and put Chrisisms on it.  (Gonna be a BIG tombstone, honey!)

Some oldies but goodies:

* Gotta dress like the worker bees or else they will sting you and drive you from the hive.

* If you’re gonna ride hard, dry off.

*  I am a nerd herder.

* Sometimes the common sense isn’t too common.

* She needs to add onto her closet to hold all the skeletons.

*  I think I have Prairie Madness

* I may have to work past death.

* And my personal favorite—-I am going to become a rapper and go by Hot Tea.

Have a fabulous day and enjoy yourself!  Find something to laugh at and definitely give out a few smiles. They are free, after all.

Maybe Chris gets his wisdom from Pappy!

Maybe Chris gets his wisdom from Pappy!



  1. So funny! If your Chris and my Motor Man were to ever meet, they’d probably have us rolling in the floor! I really need to start writing down some of things my hubby comes up with.
    Happy Monday!

  2. Wonderful sense of humor and he can really express himself. he is either a diamond in the rough or a very polished diamond.

    • He is pretty amazing. This has become one of my readers’ favorite series on my blog. I think laughter is such a vital part of every day and he certainly makes me laugh with some of his comments. Thanks for stopping by, Ozzie!

  3. “I think I have Prairie Madness.” LOL. I was hoping that GMA quote would make it, too.

  4. Thanks for starting my day off with laughter.

    But, um, “Prairie Madness?” Remember, I grew up on the prairie, Chris. Or am I not understanding the meaning of that phrase? 🙂

  5. Helen Brown says:

    I am happy that my daughter is married and happy, I do not always agree with them and I am sure they do not always agree with me. May God be with you.

  6. Pearls of wisdom to be sure..

  7. Too funny; there are some good ones in here.

  8. You married one witty guy! These were a hoot. Thanks for the laughs! 🙂

    • I did marry a witty guy, didn’t i? We have fun together and that is part of what makes our marriage work, I think. We don’t take life too seriously and sometimes you just have to laugh, don’t you?

  9. Enjoyed the Chrisisms!!! Thanks for the laughs today I needed it:)

  10. Very funny and sorry that you’re missing him. 🙂

  11. I love these, but I love even more seeing how much in love the two of you still are and I hope T and I are that in love after 2/3 of our life!

    • Aw—it takes some work to make a marriage work but it is totally worth it. We have really faced some things over the years but we come out of them stronger and better and more in love so I have not doubt that you and T will be able to say the same thing down the road. I can’t imagine life without him.

  12. I was thinking it’s about time for another Chrisisms post–but knowing you are several states apart that it might take a bit longer. I like the nerd herder and adding onto her closet. Hot Tea is a pretty good one, though!

    • I am glad Chris was able to come through. You are right—-our time together is limited and he is not always so witty so I have had to grab them when I can. 🙂

  13. The GMA Chrisism I think took the cake!! My hubby comes up with some crazy thoughts..just never thought to write them down! Best start doing that. Just think – holidays are coming which means more time for you and Chris to get together!! Hope your house sells soon!

    • You need to write your hubby’s down. I started an ongoing list on my phone a couple years ago and it keeps growing. He always makes me laugh which is a very good thing.

  14. Wonderful post!! I love people like Chris. 🙂 You too, by the way, for sharing his Chrisdom (wisdom).

  15. LOL – always love these. My new personal favourite is Nerd Herder. 🙂

  16. Chrissisms are my fave! #5 is especially appropriate for me right now. This fall has shown me I need to be better prepared!

    • Glad you liked the latest Chrisisms. Since we are living in separate places now I have to get them written down when he says them because I don’t get as many. 🙂

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