Somehow I Remembered It Differently

hannibal house

When I was little I lived in this house.  My grade school friend, Beth Rich Brown (Yes, she now has MY maiden name) was in Hannibal, Ohio recently and took a picture of my old house and sent it to me.  How sweet was that??? I have very fond memories of living here –at least for the years that I can remember.  We moved here the summer after I was born in April so the first few years are a bit of a blur but I do remember this old brick house with fondness.

I remember the spiral staircase.

I remember the great hiding places.

I remember my room I shared with my sister.

I remember the bunk beds that I broke when I jumped on the top bunk while my sister encouraged me from the bottom bunk.

I remember being distraught when my Easter basket had ants devouring my Peeps after it was hidden early one Easter morning.

I remember our rabbit Sniffy going under that front porch and having to get a cornstalk that we called Stoney Stonewall (My brother says it was a cornstalk but I only remembered it was some kind of stick) to coax the rabbit out.

I remember playing dress up.

With my Daddy’s old Navy sailor hat and some weird dress type thing I posed for a selfie of sorts.


Hannibal was a pretty small town back then and today it only has a population of a bit over 400 people so yes—it was small. My dad was pastor at the Methodist Church there as well as having 3 other churches on the charge.  To say he was busy is an understatement.  But he always managed to find time to spend with the family and one of my memories is of him mowing the grass.  It was funny when Beth sent me the picture of the house because I “remembered” those banks in the front yard being MUCH bigger than they appear to be in that picture.  I remember they seemed very steep.  I remember Daddy putting a rope on the handle of the mower to lower the mower to the bottom and pull it back up to get them mowed.

I sent my older sister, Paula, the picture of the house and said that I remembered those banks being much steeper and she said that was her first thought when she saw the picture also.  Funny how memories change over time.

I also remember that the Hannibal Locks and Dam were being built when we lived there and since the Ohio River was right across the road from our house (below those two banks which are smaller than I remember) we would watch all the construction workers from the banks and I even remember throwing them apples from our stations on the banks.  I do not remember if we threw them butternuts –oh those dreaded ugly butternuts that I wrote about recently.

Isn’t it interesting how memories linger?  This week I loved how a picture of a house triggered a multitude of memories for me.

The Brown Family circa 1960

The Brown Family circa 1960



  1. LOVE this post, Beth!!! That’s a beautiful old home, and I loved reading your memories of living there.
    The old family photos are great, too. Aren’t they absolute treasures???

    • Thanks, Dianna. I really had a great childhood and yes–those old photos make me smile every time. Hey—I finally got my Sea Glass book—they sent my copy to someone else first off but they found another one for me and sent it!!! Gonna try to bone up on sea glass terms!!!

  2. Charming post, Beth Ann. It sounds like you had a lovely childhood. It’s fun to remember and reflect on our younger selves.

    • Thanks, Laura! Sometimes the posts that are the easiest to write are the ones that I like the most. 🙂 Does that make sense?? I had such a great childhood and am blessed by those memories.

  3. I love it. Aren’t we lucky to have good memories?

    • Yes! Very lucky. I know not everyone has the same nice memories that I have of my childhood and that kind of makes me sad. Every child deserves good memories.

  4. When I last was in Iowa, for my mother’s burial, I went back to see the two houses we had lived in. The one my folks built – my junior high and high school home – was almost unchanged. But our first house? That I lived in as a child? I looked at it and thought, “It’s so SMALL!” Of course, I’m bigger, now. 😉

  5. GREAT post! Memories have a funny way of changing sometimes, I think. But I love how pictures can bring back memories! Probably why i have wayyyyy too many of them I am sorting through. It takes longer because they DO bring back those memories!

    • They do, don’t they? And yes—I get wrapped up in the sorting process and it takes soooo long because I stop and giggle over something or set it aside to think about it more. But how wonderful that we have those pictures, right????

  6. Memories can be the golden gift to the mind. They should be treasured and recalled with fondness. It is even better when someone shares such memories from days gone by with a photo. All of my childhood photo memories were destroyed in a fire. We lived in 8 different houses in my hometown of Oelwein, Ia. The community has gone downhill dramatically since I grew up there due to the farm crisis and a meth epidemic. Three of the schools I attended have been torn down. I am sad to see that the houses I lived in have become really rundown too.

    • That is too bad. I know that some of the small towns I lived in growing up are struggling, too, and I have honestly not been back to any of those childhood homes to see them in real life. I love looking at photos and would be so sad if I had lost them like you did. That is the great thing about our technological age now—scan them in and save them and you can keep them forever.

  7. I had that experience when visiting my childhood. The house seemed so much larger and the banks steeper.

  8. Ha, that should have been childhood home!

  9. Very touched by this post! Your childhood house is beautiful. I’m actually listening to the song “A House Is a Home” by Ben Harper which is resonating about our talk of home.

    • Growing up in a family that moved as part of the job and then marrying a man who would always move as part of the job makes me really appreciate that I can actually have that sense of “home” everywhere I go. That brick house was a fun place to grow up and even though a lot of the memories are fuzzy there are some that are crystal clear and that came flooding back when my friend sent me that pic.

  10. I remember when we came to visit your family and how we hid in the places you mentioned!

    • That is awesome that you remember that!!! I love that you remember that. The house is definitely a piece of my history and I love that Beth sent me the pic when she was there visiting. Made my day.

  11. Interesting your friend’s name is Beth, too. I have never met a Georgette, only read about them. And it’s interesting her surname was “Rich” speaking to the richness of her memories, too. Sometimes real life is better than fiction! The photos, the names, the memories…you can’t make up. Such a beautiful and traditional home you had. Love your memory of your dad rigging a rope around the mower to troubleshoot the up and down of mowing that front yard. I think it speaks to all the talents of various professions – minister – engineer. hmmm…this post made me stop and drink several sips of coffee this morning for all it evokes.

    • Thanks, Georgette. Yes–we were the two Beth’s in first and second grade till I moved. And we were fast friends. When we reconnected later (thank you Facebook) i was so thrilled that now she was a Brown! How weird is that? Your comments about what my dad did is spot on. He was a master at many things. 🙂

  12. Wow what a beautiful home! I love it. I’m glad that you enjoyed your trip down memory lane. 🙂

  13. I love this house and your sweet memories of it. Time blurs memories, for sure. And as we age, we view the past differently. So perhaps memories are never 100 percent accurate.

    The photos are keepsakes, such treasures.

    And, yes, I’ve briefly emerged from the rabbit hole to read blog posts before lunch.

  14. Lovely old home and lovely memories. They certainly go hand in hand. And the photos are true treasures as well.

    • Thanks! I love finding old photos that dredge up memories, don’t you? I am lucky that my family took a lot of pictures–must be where I got it from.

  15. this is how I feel when I see drive past my grandparents original farmhouse. it was sold when they passed away and now the owners have made many changes. But I still get sweet memories …..and a bit of a terror feel when I look at those Still Tall silos and remember that I used to climb them as a child. What was I thinking? my poor mom if she knew!

  16. Love love love it! I love anything about the past! Such sweet memories!

  17. Helen Brown says:

    Thanks for showing the picture of the big house we lived in while we lived in Hannibal. We loved being there for 8 years. We liked the house, the church, the school, and the people.

  18. Time edits all memories..

  19. Such a pretty house!

  20. This is so cool!

  21. That was so nice for her to send you a photo…the house seems like it has stood there forever and will forever into the future. Cool house to grow up in I think! And what great memories you have of being there!

    • It was incredibly sweet of her to take the pic and send it. I did love that house. Some day I would love to go back down there to see it—-I do not think I have been back since we moved.

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