Fake Plants and Boxes, Wasps and Raccoons

If you follow me on social media you may have seen that it has been a very interesting week for me this week in Texas.

Chris has an apartment here while we are living our lives apart—trying to sell the house in Mason City—balancing a marriage and life and new job and all that that entails.  It isn’t easy but we have been in this place before and we can do it.  We both really miss each other but try to make the best of the situation.

His 1 bedroom apartment is nice and quite comfortable.  He got a furnished one and it is very interesting to see how apartments get furnished.  Last year when he was in Houston for 6 months his furnished apartment was more streamlined and modern.  It did not have a lot of “stuff” sitting around.  I liked it.

This apartment is decorated totally differently. It is definitely not “him”. It is not manly. I have counted 10 fake potted plants and trees tucked into corners and nooks, on tables and mantels and dressers.  plant There is a lot of artwork.  A lot. And stuff.  A lot of vases and pictures and stuff.mantel And little boxes.  Tons of little boxes stacked on top of other little boxes. boxes I went to put some socks in one of the dresser drawers and found yet another box that he had tucked away in a drawer.

The apartment also has a pretty sweet balcony. The only problem was we could not get out on the balcony.  Seems both of the locks were broken and we were locked in!  My game plan for the week was to sit out on the balcony reading, sipping iced tea (not Hi C) and writing.  We purchased a couple of inexpensive chairs so I could live it up in style .  All to no avail since there was no way to get out there.  My hero husband put in a work order and on Monday they came and worked.workers  It was quite a conundrum.  They said they had never seen locks do that before.  But after much banging and work they fixed the locks and I was in business.


The wasps came.wasp 4

And came.wasp 3My hero again came through and decimated  them with some spray that night

wasp2 wasp 5The carnage the next day.

waspWe had plans for a nice meal out on Tuesday night and found a lovely marina that had a restaurant with a huge deck where we could sit and enjoy watching the ducks and boats coming and going while we ate.

Oh and did I mention the family of raccoons that lived under the deck?


raccoon23And the woman who thought the one was her grandfather who had just died who loved raccoons???  She proceeded to tell us about how he always wore a coonskin cap and would stop on trips to Alabama when he saw one on the road and cut off the tail for his collection.  No joke—I can not make this stuff up.  It was difficult to eat when she was right there feeding salmon to these guys.

biker babeAnd yes—I took a video…..

If you listen closely you can hear the guy at the table say “hey–do these guys have diseases?”   Uh…yea….sometimes.

All in all it has been an interesting week so far.  But before I go I need to share 3 things that I love about Chris’s home away from home.  I think you will get it.

booksA filled bookcase!

trashcanValet garbage service. Put the bag out by 8 at night by the door and magically it gets picked up!

No words necessary for how much I love this teapot that is included as part of the kitchen ware!

teapotHave you ever lived in a furnished apartment?  What were your experiences?


  1. Oh. My. Your visit has been a comedy of errors so far, hasn’t it?? Unbelievable that you have experienced all that. (I must say, of all the decor, I could live with a FEW of those little boxes…. but the fake plants….no.)
    How cool that you found those beautiful teapots to enjoy!
    Hope the rest of your stay is interesting, but in a good way – and no more wasps or raccoons.

    • Thanks, Dianna. it has been fun and it was just so funny because I kept harping to Chris that all I wanted to do was sit on his little balcony when I came down so he had to get some chairs!!! We bought these red plastic adirondack ones at Lowe’s and crammed them in the car very carefully only to find out that we could not get out to the balcony!!!! All is well now and my next goal is to get a picture with a longhorn! 🙂

  2. I’m glad the wasps are gone and the balcony is useable. We’ve only rented furnished apartments for travel but they’ve always been more streamlined, as you say. I’m sure the intent of Chris’s is to make it more “homey” but homey to me means my stuff rather than someone else’s.

    • It is just funny—-it has a lot of “stuff” in it . Usually they are more streamlined and simply decorated—it just seems like they put whatever they could find to fill up space. 🙂

  3. Oh yikes…never, ever feed raccoons, especially a gang of them. This is so dangerous! (And I love raccoons!) You had quite a week! The wasp situation is a nightmare in itself. I hope things improve soon!

    • I know!!! The raccoons obviously have found a good gig there and I am surprised that they have not tried to relocate them or something —it does not seem safe or sanitary but hey—I guess it is working out. I kept an eye on them, let me tell you! No way was I sharing my fish tacos!

      • It worries me, aside from being carriers of rabies, distemper, and many other things, it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then it will be a very different story, and the raccoon’s will be blamed. Someone should live trap them and move them far away, for everyone’s safety. I am glad you got through it okay. I love raccoons. They are bright and adaptable.

  4. What a saga. Great stuff for your blog. Happy that you can roll with the flow so easily. Most people would have gone on a nasty rant.

    • Oh yea—it’s all good! I think I have mellowed over the years or something. Some things you just have to laugh at and know that it is really a small blip in life! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. That restaurant needs to get control of its customers — not to mention the raccoons. Down here, it’s seagulls, and most of the waterfront restaurants make it abundantly clear that if you feed the seagulls on restaurant property, you no longer will be on restaurant property!

    Now — here’s what made me really giggle. That Valet Waste company? The very same as at my place. My container is identical.

    • Seriously?? I love the Valet Waste thing!!! What a great idea! Now if only I could get a “dishwasher emptying service” I would be all set!!!
      and yes—the gulls are so often an issue at places and I totally get that they should not be welcome. Ugh.

  6. Sounds like you both had an eventful weekend…we’ve rented condos before but never had one so filled with added “luxuries” as yours!! Lil! The wasp situation is a common thing here..I keep a can on back porch and from time to time go scouting for them. Hope rest of your visit is peaceful!!

    • There was one that tried to buzz me yesterday when I was out there. Let’s just say he did not last long. We got 2 cans of spray when we shopped so I am ready for more. 🙂

  7. I read your header and thought, “What is going on down there in Texas?”

    Where do I begin? What an interesting week you’ve had. These incidents make for great memories and stories. Fake plants would drive me crazy, especially that many. And that raccoon story is just plain crazy.

    I anticipate more entertaining stories from Texas.

  8. Wow!! What an experience … Nope, I’ve never stayed in a furnished apartment. I have always wondered about renting a home for a vacation, though.

    • We stay in those all of the time for vacations and I love seeing how they are decorated. We have experienced quite a variety over the years, that is for sure and it always gives me ideas of how I want to furnish my beach house someday!

  9. Oh my gosh, as if this wasn’t funny enough with all the craziness of that apartment, that lady with the raccoon….you couldn’t make that up!! 😉 I’m still chuckling as I write this comment. Furnished apartments have come a long way since hubby and I lived in one in the early days of our marriage (it was so ugly, I might have welcomed some of the items in your hubby’s temp place!). Because of a short-term work assignment, our son and daughter-in-law are currently staying in a furnished apt and it is quite lovely and tastefully done. A far cry from what we endured.

  10. I am so glad you shared your interesting day! I was very curious. Wasps are very scary. Go dad! And those raccoons! You know much much I LOVE animals, but I would have ran away because of rabies. Seriously! That poor woman.

  11. Love it! You’re right…you can’t make this kind of stuff up., personally, I love the boxes! I’d take some!!

  12. I hope the crazy lady left the coons tail attached. They are cute but those claws and teeth can be frightful. In Texas everything has rabies potential but I think these days that is mostly urban tales. Except for bats. Stay away from Texas bats. Raid and Wasps a most excellent pairing.
    My dad rented a furnished apartment in Houston before my Mom and I moved from El Paso. When my Mom came to visit he asked her if she could think of any way he could improve the apartment -she took a look around, reached into her purse and handed him a pack of matches.

  13. Wow lots of crazy making tomfoolery! lol I hope that you didn’t get stung in the process. 🙂

  14. my step dad had a furnished apartment in Toronto for when he worked at his company’s headquarters. It was very executive — because meant for engineers who are normally men. But very nice. high quality. no books – ha.
    and yes racoons carry the worst diseases — what is that woman doing!!?? crazy. I’d never feed them. but then, they just come and help themselves to our compost most night. little bandits 🙂

  15. Nope, never lived in a furnished apartment and wouldn’t be in that one with those wasps! I would have been out of there so fast and just stayed in the car!

    • Oh, and I think cutting off the racoon tails for a collection is really sick–especially for someone who claims to like the creatures.

  16. I’m pretty much speechless. And no, you can’t make this up, but I really do appreciate you sharing it with us.

  17. I have never lived in a furnished apartment, but I did move in with a stranger as a roommate when I first left home. My mother kicked me out & I had to find a place quickly so someone I worked with set me up with a friend & we shared an apartment for about 4 months before I found my own place. It was interesting to live with someone else’s stuff – I didn’t even own a towel of my own. But I used those 4 months to start buying stuff I would need to live on my own for the first time. When I moved out this girl came & gave me a housewarming gift – a package of toilet paper! She thought it would be useful since it was the one thing she forgot when she moved out.
    I thought Chris was still in Houston – did I miss something?

    • Chris is in Arlington now. Took a job there in July after getting restructured in January. He spent about 6 months in Houston last year—so that is where you remembered Houston from then. 🙂 Toilet paper would be a very good and practical housewarming gift!!! Smart friend!

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