Roaring Good Teapot Tuesday

How fun is this guy?  I found him in an antique / thrift store in Faribault when I went to visit my friend, Audrey, who writes at Minnesota Prairie Roots. She will have to leave the name of the shop in the comment section since I am forgetting what the name was and don’t have my folder with me that has it written down. (Thanks, Audrey).


I just love the detail on his face and the way his head pops right off to fill!  I have not tried to make a pot in him but I suspect he will not pour well judging from the location of the spout.


Doesn’t it seem like the spout is on the wrong side ??  Shouldn’t it be more on the bottom of his paw?   I think hot tea coming out would end up all over the place along with his head which would probably pop right off.  A recipe for disaster in my book but he is awfully fun despite his lack of function.


Relationship advice from my mom: when you need to have a ‘talk’ with your significant other- sit down across from each other at the table, hold hands, look into each other’s eyes, and no matter what you say to each other or how you feel about what the other has said, don’t let go. And since you’re sitting down anyway, I say make a pot of tea and share that as well.  Anonymous



  1. It does seem like his head will fall off if you tip the pot far enough to pour from the top of his paw. He sure is adorable though. Form doesn’t always have to follow function, does it?

  2. Aww…he’s a cutie. I especially love his red nail color! I think he’s actually saying take my paw n I’ll be yours! Lol

  3. This is Att’s fave.

  4. I loved shopping with you at The Nook and Cranny in Faribault and being your teapot collecting enabler. This was a great choice for your collection. Not because the lion is a great functional teapot, but because of his fun uniqueness.

    Now he will always remind you of our fun day together celebrating my birthday. You are the best!

    • Thanks for the name! I was wracking my brain and trying to do a google search and was coming up with nothing! I love that I will have that little guy to remember our day together!

  5. Curious me would want to try despite the pending dysfunction….lol

  6. He’s definitely cute to look at whether functional or not! Loved reading Minnesota Prairie Roots’ comment that he will remind you of your fun day celebration your birthday.
    That will be his sole purpose in life!

  7. *celebrating. (Hate typos!)

  8. I have to agree with you, I think there would be more tea on the table than in the cup! Well, what he lacks in usability, he makes up for in cuteness!

  9. He looks like he is just for show but that’s OK. Great advice from someone’s mother!

  10. very cute… but yes agreed about the spout location. it seems it would be easier if it was on the bottom of the paw? but, still so cute.

  11. I love him! He actually reminds me of my dog, Ms. Nike!

  12. Helen Brown says:

    He is a pretty lion, that is my comment.

  13. A lion teapot. What will they think of next. He looks a bit smug – he knows he’s much too handsome and royal to pour tea.

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