Musings from Texas

Can I just go on record to say that I love Texas?  I love the bigness of it.  I love the food.  I love the people.  I love that politeness reigns everywhere.  I love the “yes, ma’am” and opening doors for people. I love that the people I have encountered here are polite and generous and happy to share with me.

My flight was simple and easy—bumped up to first class where this time instead of Drunk Steve as a seat mate I had Quiet Joe who barely even acknowledged my existence until we landed and were waiting for the jet bridge.  But that is okay.  At least he wasn’t high fiving me and telling me I was awesome the entire trip.

Some observations so far….

  1. People are FREAKED out about ebola.  Freaked.  Since I was flying into Dallas Fort Worth it might have been worse but so many on my plane were wearing masks.  I am not talking Halloween masks but those masks that protect you from germs.  The authorities say that ebola is not airborne and can only be transmitted through direct contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids.  I am not overly concerned.  I am usually pretty careful about making sure that I do use good sense when I travel and out of all of the times that I have flown in an airplane, spent time in an airport or crowded place and even traveled overseas I have not gotten sick after flying or traveling.  I feel like I have traveled quite a bit and never gotten sick as a direct result of it.  Here is a picture of a guy waiting for our flight.   mask
  2. My “accent” needs to be refined for Texas.  While I don’t think I have an accent at all, of course, I am told that I do.  I learned that iced tea sounds a lot like HiC.hic
  3. Christianity is a good thing and judging from the size of churches down here they are super-sized–just like many things in Texas.  I love that Joe’s Family Restaurant had this on their dry erase board as you enter and leave.scripture
  4. Everything IS bigger in Texas.  Even nutcrackers!chrisandnutcracker
  5. Food is fabulous —Chris found a great little place called 24 Plates in Fort Worth– a fairly new Tapas place and I had Chicken and Waffles for the first time. They were fabulous and we loved the trendy decor and fabulous service.chickenandwaffles

There is always an opportunity to pose like a statue wherever I go. These were taken in a lovely spot—Fort Worth Botanic Gardens which I will share with you later.  Chris obliged by taking my photo.

botanic CollageSo that is a little recap of the weekend. What I really want to know is what you think about my first observation.  Please take my poll and let me know what you think.



  1. I think the media is really hyping this ebola thing – for some reason.
    Looks like you’re having a great time in Texas! We’ve been there once, to visit my niece when she lived in Texas City (now she’s in League City) and we drove from there to Dallas/Ft. Worth for the Nascar race.
    Enjoy your visit!

    • I tend to agree with you, Dianna, on the media hype. Yes–we need to be aware but at the same time I think people just feed on the media and allow all of the reports to spin them up
      I am having a nice time in Texas but most of all it is nice to be able to be with Chris for more than a weekend even if he is off to work . 🙂 I hope to get some writing and reading done this week!

  2. My advice: Skip the mask and wash your hands instead. Try not to touch stuff and keep your hands away from your face. Wash your hands often with hot soapy water.

  3. Looks like you are having a great time! I have to lol about the iced tea/Hi-C confusion. I get that HERE. I have learned, through drive-throughs to speak slowly and make sure to really enunciate the D in iced!

    • It cracked me up when she handed me my “iced tea”. Of course I did not correct her because —well–it was just not in me to correct that because she heard HiC! You know how long it has been since I drank HiC???? Probably about 20 years or more from the days when we were in charge of snacks for soccer games and had HiC boxes left over!!!

  4. ♥♥♥♥♥ Welcome! I think you are fitting right in.

  5. Aww…yes us Texans can be very polite people…just don’t get in the fast lane on freeway and think you’ll drive 50*60 MPH!! Now Ft. Worth is my ole stomping ground….you’ll have to try “The Original” Mexican Restaurant on Camp Bowie for some great Mexican food on your next visit. Yes I do believe we Texans are quite concerned about Ebola….just 10 minutes north of me we have a family in 21 day quarantine, as they were on that flight from Ohio. we just need to use good judgment and keep cool head. Glad u enjoyed your visit. Believe it or not being from up north you do have an accent…give it time n you’ll soon discover you too are talking like a “Texan”!

    • The drivers are a bit crazy—I will have to learn how to drive here after being used to tractor traffic. 🙂 Thanks for the restaurant recommendation—we ate at 24 Plates and loved it and will make another trip into Fort Worth next weekend probably. The Ebola thing is worrisome but I think some good sense and following the protocol like that family is doing with the quarantine is a good idea. And my accent is a mish mash of all of the places I have lived—many tell me it is southern after my 9+ years in NC. 🙂

      • My accent went from truly a northern one as a child to a die hard southern! It just happens n you’ll fit right in. I agree with you… Ebola is here and we just need to follow protocol..and use our heads.

  6. Texas seems to suit you and I’m not surprised. And, yes, you have a definitive Southern accent. Looks like you and Chris are already enjoying the bigness of Texas. I, too, love that Scripture posted at the restaurant.

    Have a great week with Mr. Diamond.

    • Thanks!!! Now if only they would come fix the door so I could go out on the balcony! 🙂 The deadbolt is broken and there is no way to budge the door! We bought chairs last night to put out there and it is a PERFECT day to sit outside and I can’t! It’s killing me!!! Well, I might exaggerate a bit but you get the idea. We had a great weekend and even though Mr Diamond will be working it is wonderful to have our evenings and nights together. Woo hoo!

  7. Yep, everyone is going crazy with fear over ebola due to media hype. And my daughter, a molecular biologist and medical researcher, says exactly what you’ve written here and that it’s not really easy to catch. Anyway, looks like you had a big ol’ grand time in big ol’ Texas! Funny about the Hi-C/iced tea thing! And I loved the sign with scripture from the restaurant. 😀

  8. You will fit in very well in your new home since you have a bigger than life personality. Glad you had a great time. I love the huge nutcracker!

  9. Since I grew up in the southwest town of El Paso, Texas I applaud your love for all things Texas. I loved everything Houston (we moved when I was 18) except the humidity and traffic. Dallas is a lot of fun, too. When I visit “that part of the country” I have to remember to slow down and give people a chance. I can be nice instead of constantly on the defensive that city life brings out.
    The pictures of the food look so yummy! A blow-up Nutcracker that size is a little nutty!
    I’m sure your midwest twang (assuming you have an Ohio-Iowa twang) will turn southern pretty quick.
    So glad you are enjoying big D.

  10. I’m still giggling about Hi-C and “Iced Tea”… I got to play softball in college with some Texas girls, feel your pain with the accent! I want to visit TX soon… only ever flown through! The chicken and waffles look divine!

    • You definitely need to visit. IT is a fun state. I think Austin is REALLY fun. We loved to visit there when our son worked there. The chicken and waffles were delightful!

  11. Texas is definitely one place I would love to visit. Horses, bbq, God…. it has all my faves! 🙂
    We aren’t too worried about Ebola here in Canada. At this point we have not had any cases. to my knowledge. We are frankly more worried about early snow.

  12. It looks like you’re having a great time! I would go about my business as always.

  13. The Hi-C cracked me up.. we never think we have an accent do we….

  14. 24 plates looks really amazing. Happy you two can have a fun time exploring. Texas rocks!

  15. Love it! I can’t wait to hear more about your Texas sized adventures! Surely a post will be coming about getting locked “out” of your patio?

  16. Chicken and waffles sounds good. My wife makes awesome waffles, especial;ly when our granddaughter help hers, and really good chicken too. Years ago when we were dating Sunday dinner at her parents featured incredibly good friend chicken. I am a darn poor testament to my wife’s cooking and baking abilities.

  17. I don’t fly anymore – there is just too much fear for me & since my COPD diagnosis the fear would be so intensified about needing oxygen. I have to be so careful now about keeping myself from being sick – I am super careful about what I touch. I try to use my cane to operate handicap doors so I won’t have to touch handles or open doors with my back or hip. When I sit I put both hands on the head of my cane so I’m not tempted to touch the arms of the chairs or anything else.
    This last week we made an emergency trip to Wpg. to see hubby’s godmother/second mother who is dying. We spent 2 full days in the hospital by her bedside. Even though hospitals are breeding grounds for germs, I didn’t feel uncomfortable about being there because of the precautions I have learned to take (as above). It turns out the worst part of the trip for me was tiring myself out – it’s taking me days to get back to feeling somewhat the same as before we left.


  1. […] locked in!  My game plan for the week was to sit out on the balcony reading, sipping iced tea (not Hi C) and writing.  We purchased a couple of inexpensive chairs so I could live it up in style .  All […]

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