That one word describes the weekend.

I am recovering from a very wonderful weekend.  Today’s post will be brief as my brain is a bit fried.  If I tried to even attempt to begin a post I would not be able to do it justice so……I am going to wait, organize my thoughts and my hundreds of pictures and plan some posts that will really do the entire weekend justice.

Suffice it to say Franklin County —Iowa put out the red carpet for the bloggers for their 3rd Annual Franklin County Harvest Bloggers Tour.  They provided our housing, our meals, our transportation and admission and tours for every single thing that we did from Friday night to Sunday noon.  They definitely know how to promote their county and it was so wonderful to meet everyone who is so proud of this great place.

So please forgive me for a post of no real substance today but hold on—it’s coming.  Plus I will give you some great animal selfies and other pictures to tide you over.  Franklin County Bloggers Collage


  1. I can’t imagine a county doing that for bloggers: that’s wonderful! (I doubt our county even knows that we have bloggers!)

    • I think they are really on the ball and we have a lot to blog about, let me tell you! It was very well organized and we were kept busy the entire weekend. They really did have it all covered and I was so impressed with every person we met and their story . PLUS they encouraged families to come so I could take Mr. Diamond on one of his weekends home!

  2. Some great pictures Beth Ann and I can tell you had fun! Looking forward to more posts. Lots of happy faces and I love you hugging the barn cat!

  3. Wow, Beth Ann, this is incredible! Your county knows how to treat writers! Hope you recover soon. Thanks for the update, my friend!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • It was actually a neighboring county and yes—I feel great today. I had to take Chris to the airport after we finished the weekend and I had to keep the music loud on the way home so that I could keep alert!!! So much went on!

  4. Can’t wait to read and learn more!

  5. Again,, “Green Acres is the place to be…”

  6. I loved seeing all your social media posts all weekend long! Just curious, what was your favorite tour or activity? (and it doesn’t have to be anything that involves me, I truly just want to know!)

    • That is a tough one, Val! It would be like comparing apples to oranges because everything was so different but wonderful. But the thing that I think Chris and I both enjoyed the most–quite honestly—was the combine ride. And yes—it involved you. And the hog barn. 🙂 But really–just meeting and interacting and learning all about the things that I was clueless about was great. I am no ways an expert on anything now but I certainly feel like I have a little bit more knowledge about Ag after this weekend.

  7. Amazing. You must live in a truly awesome county.

  8. Looks like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to read more about your fun weekend. Being raised on a farm, I see some familiar things.

  9. Sounds amazing! Rest well. 🙂

  10. Very smart of them to get their name spread all over the world via bloggers.

  11. I want to hear more about those pigs! Sounds like a wonderful time.

  12. Looks like a good time was had by all!

  13. This has been a good season for animal selfies! I love your collage. I’m having a tough time writing my post because I’m not sure where to start. We had such a great time. Thanks for being my trip mom and dad.

    • I am taking the easy way out and just doing one at a time focusing on one thing. Or at least that is the intention today. We will see. There is so much to share.

      • That’s a good idea. I started bundling my photos into collages and even so, still have a marathon-length post.

  14. I’m so glad you enjoyed your time because I think it’s a pretty dang great place to Live!

  15. Was Pat Palmer a part of the Franklin County organizational group?

    • Pat is a buddy from Social Media Breakfasts–something you might like to come to . I will tell you about them when we meet! He and his wife Becky were there on Friday night at Carlson Tree Farm to be with us—He is quite a guy.

  16. what an amazing thing they did! and I haven’t even see the full post goodness yet. I wish there was an event like this around me — would be wonderful to have a whole weekend with other bloggers.


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