Teapot Tuesday

P1030200 (3)

Isn’t it adorable??  A lovely teapot with an apple on it.  Friend and blogger, Audrey, from Minnesota Prairie Roots, along with her husband, Randy, recently paid me a visit and spent the night at the Chiles Bed and Breakfast.  She came in with a lovely bag and surprise of all surprises—a perfect teapot for my collection.  P1030201 (2)

The teapot is adorable and I have seen this one before but do not have one in my collection so I am thrilled to welcome it into the family.  What a thoughtful gift and the accompanying card is a keeper as well.P1030202 (2)

Audrey said she found the teapot in a little antique shop and it wasn’t her first choice.  She wanted one that “looked like her” and found one that had lovely flowers on it and was thrilled. When she went to purchase it the lady literally took it from her abruptly and said “Oh that is NOT for sale!”.  Evidently a relative had priced it and put it out but it was one that the owner had purchased on a trip to England (I think–Audrey–correct me if I am wrong  on that) and somehow it had gotten priced and put on display by accident.  So it was off to choice number two which I love. Thanks, again, Audrey.  It is perfect.P1030197

“She is the girl from the Rainbows,
with Twinie eyes and Silky hair…

She is short, she is Cute,
Her Smile will put you on mute…

She is Quick, she is Fast, she is Witty,
As Sweet as Kitty…

She Speaks less, but Talks more.
Dumb for many, Wisdom for few…

You can never See her, but you can Feel her.
Many people know her, but only few can Understand her..

She behaves like Mr. Bean,
But deep inside she is a Sarcasm queen..

She is Powerful, she is Confident, a born Leader,
Always listens to all my Blabber… XD

She is wonderful, she is Beautiful,
In short a Sweet little fool..

If you want to make her Happy, get her a cup of Tea,
If you want to see her Smile, gift her a Book,
If you want to Impress her, don’t do anything, just be the Way you are !

She is Complicated and yet Simple,
How can one ignore her Dimple !?,

She is Crazy, she is Mad,
She is my Angel,
Angel from the Skies, through the Rainbows, into my Life….

She is my girl…..from the Rainbows.”
― Rohith Thatchan C


  1. The days pass quickly….I’m so glad you had such a lovely visit. I’m still hoping that Tom and I can make a road trip your direction (with a quilt shop, or 2, along the way of course!). Hugs……

  2. It IS adorable.. perfect for September!

  3. It will be the apple of your collection. So cute. And brings good memories along with it.

  4. Way to go, Audrey! Lovely pot for Beth Ann and I’m glad you two got to christen it properly!!

  5. That’s an adorable teapot. How nice to “meet” Audrey! That is a lovely card–Audrey makes cards, too?

  6. I’m glad you had such a fun visit and got to show off Mason City! The teapot is adorable.

    • Beth Ann is the BEST tour guide. I will have several posts forthcoming from our visit. Mason City has lots of interesting things to see. We especially enjoyed our stay at the Chiles B & B. I’d highly recommend it. Great company. Great food. And great accommodations. (Thanks, Beth Ann!)

  7. What a special gift! It’s so much fun to add to a friend’s collection.

  8. Beth Ann, dear friend, thank you for the sweet post. You got the teapot story spot on correct.

    We loved staying with you. You were/are a fantastic tour guide and hostess. Perfect way to begin our vacation. Much love!

  9. Every time you use this teapot you will think of your friend. How special. The poem is cute too. (Is it perhaps describing you?)

  10. it’s so cute and perfect!!

  11. Such an adorable teapot… just in time for hot apple cider!

  12. How nice you got to visit! Is this pot one of the little 2 cuppers? It sort of looks like that in the pics. Very nice gift.

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