Wordless Wednesday



  1. I know it is an overused word.. but it is very zen and I like that this morning. Feeling peaceful, feeling happy! Good Morning!

  2. I was just teaching my daughter about Inukshuks the other day. She saw something like on the road side and asked why someone had made it. It’s very interesting all the places you can see such things.

  3. I can almost hear the waves crashing into the shore. Peaceful. 🙂

  4. Kana Tyler says:

    Love this! Brings me back to Hawai’i, where rock-cairns like this (usually lava-rocks there, or white rocks against a volcanic landscape) are a traditional form of devotion. You can find the volcano dotted with them, often accompanied by offerings of fruit, flower-leis, or even a bottle of alcohol… (Also worthy of note: despite the appearance of “free booze” around the landscape, NO ONE else will touch a bottle left out for Pele, the volcano-goddess!)

  5. Namaste!

  6. This is wordless! Did you take it in North Carolina?

  7. Sounds lovely. 🙂

  8. I learned something new today; first time I’ve seen this. Such a beautiful, peaceful picture.

  9. Love the back drop. 🙂

  10. Nice that somebody stacked these so you could photograph them. Bet they attracted some attention — and how cool is it that nobody knocked them over?!

  11. Inukshuks are very popular here in Canada because of our strong native population.

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