Surf’s Up–2

Last week I posted about our winter time visit to The Surf Ballroom and Museum in Clear Lake, Iowa.   It is a pretty amazing place but I saved the best part, in my humble opinion, for this post.

We did not even know that this existed when we have been to The Surf for various concerts including BB King and Chicago.  But it is there and the very best part of the entire place.  I could have spent hours in the “green room” alone.

For decades performers have been leaving their mark on the walls, the ceilings and even the sinks of the green room .  I can not imagine the rush that those performers must feel to know how many wonderful musical acts have gone before them on the very stage that they will be performing on OR those that will follow.

History has been made here and I appreciate the work of all of the volunteers and those associated with the preservation of this fabulous venue.  May the music never truly die at The Surf.

As you scroll through the pictures take note of the ones that have red marker highlighting certain names. These are some that are probably more well known performers although I would have highlighted a few more.  Enjoy.P1010563



  1. Wow! There’s a lot of reading material and history on those walls.

  2. Very cool! And yes, a whole lot of names! I think it is easier to scout out the names here on your post because you have some of it split up in sections. Can’t imagine trying to read them all really being there.

    • It is such a cool place to spend some time. I am amazed at some of the great people that have played there over the years. But then why would you NOT want to play in this historic venue?

  3. Wow. Impressive. I was not expecting this many names.

  4. Wow, so many stars so many memories.

  5. You know, a person could be in there forever, just reading the walls! Glad you got a chance to see this; thanks for bringing it to those of us who couldn’t!

  6. I love that idea! It’s so cool!

  7. That is amazing. It would take forever to read all those names. I’m sure it’s quite a thrill to even BE in the same room where so many stars have been.

  8. Helen Brown says:

    I laughed when I read the sign and then saw how many had signed the walls. It would certainly be hard to read them all. Is there any space left for more?

  9. This is an amazing place. I would have spent hours in there.

  10. Very cool. And I think they needed a wall for visitors! Fun post.

  11. Wow, that’s amazing! This is the best.

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