Wordless Wednesday



  1. Freddy is a good name for a Finch! He is handsome in those gold and black feathers! Nice click Beth Ann… Good Morning!

  2. He looks a little flustered or frazzled!

    • I think he might have run into a window or something—he did seem frazzled and a little rumpled but he eventually flew off so I guess he got out of the state he was in.

  3. So cheerful these finches are. But, because I don’t feed birds, I seldom see them. However, Randy spotted one atop our TV antenna the other evening.

  4. Such a pretty bird! Such a GOOD closeup!

  5. Beautiful bright yellow…Fellow.

  6. pretty bird!! I was so slack on my bird feeders this entire year! But with the kids usually out and running around the yards; I found that noise to be quite the deterrent to any bird visits to our yard! LOL

  7. So hard to get them to pose…

  8. So cute 🙂

  9. Helen Brown says:

    You got a great picker of Freddy and maybe he will come back to visit you again.

  10. Freddy the Finch is very handsome. I wonder what ruffled his feathers?

  11. Good job of catching him sunning his wings. I guess that’s how he stays so yellow. I’ve enjoyed seeing those little rays of sunshine at the feeder this summer.

  12. What a pretty bird & so close!

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