Get Out The Poodle Skirts!

You read that correctly!  It is time to pull out the saddle shoes and poodle skirts if you are a North Iowa person because my favorite local radio station, KCMR, Inspiration 97.9 is pulling out all the stops and putting on a show.  The best part is that YOU get to be a part of the show in a sense.  It’s all about the music and it’s coming to Mason City, Iowa on Friday, August 22nd from 7-9 p.m.

Bill Rappe and Kaye Steger photo courtesy KCMR

Bill Rappe and Kaye Steger
photo courtesy KCMR

“Malt Shop Memories” is the Friday night show on KCMR and is hosted by these fabulous folks pictured above—Bill Rappe and Kaye Steger.  Their show features music from the 50’s and 60’s and is one of the most  popular shows on KCMR every week.  No wonder.  Who doesn’t love the music from that time period?

The great thing is that the show is moving outdoors for this one night with a live broadcast on Federal Avenue in front of the KCMR studios which are located at 316 N. Federal Avenue.   The dance is free to the public but if you register before the event you are eligible to win a prize.   To register via Eventbrite simply go to the KCMR website by clicking here to register.

You know that I love KCMR, right?  I have become a huge fan ever since I met Bill Schickel, station manager, months ago.  He is a genuinely wonderful man and I have loved becoming his friend and perhaps his biggest fan.  You might remember that it was Bill who introduced me to the wonderful Cynthia Tompkins who I now get to spend a few minutes every Tuesday morning with on her Bright Sounds show.  I wrote a post about my five minutes of fame weekly here but it actually all started with Rihanna.  Now you REALLY want to read that post, right?

I know that a lot of my readers do not live in the area and are totally disappointed to not be able to be a part of the big outdoor Malt Shop Memories show on August 22nd.  DO NOT FEAR!  You can still be a part by listening on line to the broadcast.  Simply click on the KCMR website link here and it will take you to their page where there is an option to listen live.  That is what you need to click to be able to stream the current broadcast.  So everyone can join in on the musical fun regardless of where you live.

Did I mention that the fabulous local ice cream shop, Birdsall’s, will be there?? You will be able to purchase sundaes during the event to make the event even better if you can believe it!  So get out those dancing shoes, put on the poodles skirts, slick back your hair and jump on down either in person or by listening online on August 22nd from 7 – 9 pm to Malt Shop Memories. Dress in costume, bring an old car, a lawn chair and join in the fun of the night.  You won’t regret it!  Start practicing now.  I expect we will see The Stroll, The Bop, The Slow Drag, The Jerk, The Monkey, The Mashed Potato, The Twist, The Swim, The Freddy, The Shimmy and The Pony all being danced.


  1. Oh, that just sounds so wonderful! I’m tempted to use some frequent flyer miles to make the trip! ;). I’ve bookmarked the radio’s web-site, so I can be sure to listen. This just sounds like a wonderful time. I’m guessing you’ll have a blog post about it???

  2. That looks like so much fun with wonderful friends. I have missed your Tuesday broadcasts since June. My consulting work kicked in July and August putting me online around 8:30 CST at the time of the broadcast. I shall return as soon as I’m freed up.

    • You are so sweet!!! I love that you listened and even cared enough to listen!!!! I love Cynthia and we always have a great time talking about anything and everything. This week it will be music!

  3. what a fantastic idea! I would love of course to actually be there – and dress up; that would be so much fun. I’ll have to save that link.

  4. Thanks for a great post, Beth Ann! Be sure to save a dance for me! 🙂

  5. This sounds like a really fun time. Will you be there in a poodle skirt?

  6. Becky Miracle says:

    That sounds like SO much fun! Wish I was closer!

  7. Poodle skirts and saddle shoes. 😉

  8. This sounds like a blast! Have fun and post pictures.

  9. Sounds like fun! Ima put the date on my phone now!

  10. Helen Brown says:

    It sounds like of fun for all, those watching and those dancing. Have a great time.

  11. Sounds like so much fun. I hope you have a great time. Will you be wearing your poodle skirt? 🙂

  12. What fun! You have a poodle skirt?

  13. Can I have a chocolate malt?

  14. Sounds like fun!

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