Non Wordless Wednesday

From our “disclosure” real estate form.  Is it just me or are 5 and 6  fun questions?   I sooooo wanted to be a smarty pants when ticking the boxes which is why I let Chris have that job.  🙂


Happy Hump Day to one and all!



  1. oh man… pretty wild!

  2. Do you have to offer an explanation if you check 5?

    • I don’t think there was much room for explanations…..which I would expect an lengthy explanation if the second one had a response in the affirmative. Because I am from Ohio, you know. 🙂

  3. 5. Not that I am aware of.
    6. Barking dogs and screaming children? (Just kidding, we LOVE our neighborhood)

  4. Allison Spruill says:

    If there were issues, do you think people would be honest?

  5. After working in housing for 20+ years…nothing ceases to amaze me. Number 5 is a hoot…and 6 …well..its just out there!

  6. #5. If it’s private do you think I would tell??? The ghosts would KNOW!!

    Funny, Beth. You’re like me – some things are better if I leave them to the hubby.

  7. Those real estate disclosure thingies are a hoot! We might have to mention the pig farm down the road? Ha!

    • Oh yea—that is the kind of the thing that might qualify. 🙂 But I love pigs –just not the smell as much. Chris says it is the smell of money.

      • Well they say there is a pig farm some place around us.. we can’t find it and never have smelled it. NoBODY can tell us where it is.. but we know there must be one because every now and then a large transport goes down the road with squealing pigs! It is the smell of money cause the pig man drives a big old fancy Mercedes.. two of them in fact exactly the same.. his and hers I guess!

  8. Number 5 would be answered “yes” somewhat frequently around here but #6……who would disclose a situation that would hamper a sale? That one is a bit of a stickler!!!!!!

  9. I remember those questions! Pretty sure the previous owner lied about everything.

  10. How long was that list? Those really are good questions, but ones a seller may not want to answer, especially number 6.

  11. My answer to #5 would be… NOT YET!!

  12. And my answer to #6 would be.. Yes, because my next door neighbor answered YES to #5

  13. Oh, wow. Like ghosties and such? How fascinating! I wonder if they count the average pet grave for #5??

  14. There certainly is a lot of fun to be had with those questions!

  15. oh my. but, I guess there could be older houses where there might actually be a family crypt on the property. I know this is common in some of our more rural/very remote areas. I am always tempted to respond to the “Sex:” blank with “no, thanks, not now.” Ha.

  16. Yes, # 6 could encompass a LOT of things… think I’d rather live near a private burial ground than some neighborhoods I see…. (ours not included…well, with the exception of a couple of houses…)

  17. Doesn’t every home have private burial grounds? You sure could have had fun with those questions. I think I let Paul answer those as well. I would have written a short story.

  18. I wonder how many people are not “honest”? Family burial grounds were once common, especially down South. Of course, there are other scenarios, too. *augh*

  19. We buried our cat in our backyard. Wonder if that would qualify as a private burial ground.

    • We had a hamster we buried in our back yard in North Carolina and I always wonder about that. 🙂 I suspect they are referring to human remains.

  20. baffled by 5 and not sure I understand number 6 completely. Seems like a totally subjective question. Does worst neighbor ever count?

  21. Those are interesting questions. And I thought you did pretty well on this “Wordless” Wednesday.

  22. You would think so, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately not, because real estate agents & owners have to disclose everything about a property. When I sold my last house, I told the real estate agent the furnace was “fairly new” because it was put in less than a year before I bought the house (I got a receipt from the previous owners) & it was in good inspection because I had it inspected & cleaned every year (I had the receipts). The fellow who bought my house tried to go after my real estate agent, claiming there was a problem with the furnace & it wasn’t disclosed. Hubby & I showed up to help defend our real estate agent (who was a friend of Kelvin’s). The guy claimed the furnace crapped out on him & he had to buy a whole new furnace & wanted us to pay for it! We won because I had kept all my receipts!

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