Teapot Tuesday

Ah—it’s Tuesday and if you have been around It’s Just Life for any length of time you know it is Teapot Tuesday where I highlight a teapot from my massive collection.  I know I should be downsizing and all in anticipation of our move to Texas but not when it comes to teapots. Hey—I did manage to get of a lawnmower and an old coffee maker today so that counts, right?

Today’s teapot is a lovely purse themed teapot—one that is an Annie Rowe Collectable and purely decorative and not functional..  It is a lovely little pot and I was happy to find it on Ebay awhile ago to add to my collection.  What do you think?






Tea, the cups that cheer and but not inebriate.

 William Cowper





  1. Who knew there are purse teapots? How fun! I’ll be working that into a conversation real soon.

  2. Oh, and I love the photos!

  3. That little teapot might just be my favorite. Very hard to say that because you have so many charming and beautiful teapots. I used to be a real purse/bag person until I kept forgetting them when we went out to eat way way back but I still love a pretty bag! I love this teapot! Love Annie Rowe’s initials on the pot.. er purse!!!!

  4. Cute! But, I like the quote even more! 🙂

  5. Love it! So,cute!

    • Thanks so much1!!! Look at you—you commented and I am finally responding. If I had just realized this was you right off the bat I would not have had to ask you repeatedly for your new blog address. See—i told you I am a dork! 🙂 Welcome!

  6. Adorable!

  7. Wow! that is very cool.

  8. I think Bernie would like this teapot. Do you ever hear from her?

  9. OK now that’s a fashion statement teapot if I’ve ever seen one! Cute.

  10. Really neat…this is adorable!

  11. Oh my gosh I love that teapot! I think it’s my favourite yet!

  12. oh I like it!! I actually thought is was a purse at first… it looks very real.

  13. What a darling little teapot/purse! Glad to hear it’s not functional, just decorative, because it’s almost too pretty to use.

  14. Combining my love of purses and teapots. Perfect! I’m amazed at your collection. Glad you are keeping them.

  15. Please put my name on the bottom of this pot for when, well you know, you go to that heavenly tea party in the sky. 😀

  16. Well, why not a purse? You’ve got everything else! LOL This is certainly an unexpected design.

  17. I’m always amazed by all the different types.

  18. Now this is an interesting one–looks like a purse.

  19. Adorable! Love it with her initials on it, too. Congrats on getting rid of the lawn mower and coffee maker.

    • Thanks! And the best thing about getting rid of those things is that the church is doing a scrap metal drive to raise money for renovating the tower so it went for a good cause!! Yippee!

  20. I think it’s beautiful!

  21. This one looks like it belongs on a shelf!

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