River City Sculpture Walk 2014-2015—-A Delightful Afternoon Walk

Last year I did several posts on the local River City Sculptures on Parade in Mason City.  I loved each and every sculpture that graced our city and told everyone I could to go see them.  There is just something special about each one of them and I was a big cheerleader for the entire series.  I think the work that has gone into getting these sculptures to our city has been magnificent.

You can imagine that I was thrilled when several were purchased to remain in our city. Probably the biggest joy was seeing one of the more expensive pieces, Circle of Friends by artist Karen Crain, stay in place in front of our Mason City Public Library due to a wonderful donation by a local resident, Kay Sloan. You can read about that by clicking here.circle of friends

You can see that it is perfect for that space and reminds me that it is a joy to be able to curl up anywhere with a good book.

This year we have new sculptures thanks to this great non-profit group that partners with SculptureOne.  Mason City has the exclusive rights to have the presence in the state of Iowa and today as I came out of church I saw several folks walking the 1.6 mile loop to check out all of the sculptures.  What it reminded me was that Chris and I had done the walk earlier in the summer but I have failed to even post pictures here on It’s Just Life.  You think I might have been busy or something.

In an effort to remedy that oversight today I will share a few of the sculptures and information about them as the first installment of River City Sculpture Parade 2014. Enjoy!

American Architect by Martha Pettigrew is a permanent piece in Central Park.

American Architect by Martha Pettigrew is a permanent piece in Central Park.

Threading the Needle by Joellen Domenico --$14,500

Threading the Needle by Joellen Domenico –$14,500

Fat Tire by Lance Carleton --$15,000

Fat Tire by Lance Carleton –$15,000

Shima by Martha Pettigrew ---$17,500

Shima by Martha Pettigrew —$17,500

The Monumental Professor by Gregory Johnson --$10,650

The Monumental Professor by Gregory Johnson –$10,650

Waldgeist by Lee Badger---$20,000

Waldgeist by Lee Badger—$20,000

Girls Can Do Anything by Julie Jones Denkers ---$29,500

Girls Can Do Anything by Julie Jones Denkers —$29,500

Girls Can Do Anything

Girls Can Do Anything

And finally –several shots of what is probably my favorite one at this point.  Look and You Will Find It by Kate Christopher sells for $7,500.  It is one of the smaller pieces even though my photographs may make it look larger than life.  According to the artist there could be many interpretations of this piece.  Any and all are correct as we all bring with us different experiences and life events that help us to find the meaning that fits for us.  I would love to hear what your interpretation is.  Please feel free to leave me a comment.P1020232




What do YOU think?  Please share!



  1. Loved the sculptures.
    Look Up to find what is Important!

  2. Absolutely love them all. What fabulous talent. Glad you were able to see and share.

  3. Look and You Will Find It is lovely and probably the truest representation of a great sculpture. It is evident that much thought and planning went into creation of this spectacular piece of work. The pieces have been chosen to complement each other and to provide a realistic dimension (even from the smaller images from your camera) to the sculpture that enhances the viewing pleasure of the audience. In the absence of any literature surrounding this piece of work one is forced to examine it from the onlookers point of view.
    Look and You Will Find It is by no means a perfect sculpture, nor do I think it was intended to be. It was left in its form to show the molding of its pieces from their origin. The artist has however placed a high degree of significance to minor details. He instead pays close attention to proportioning – the angle of the heads, the curve of the backside and neck.
    Yes, from even the vantage point of a distant onlooker I believe this bold yet technically subtle sculpture will undoubtable bring more than a few accolades to the artist.
    I like the kid on the pig. 😀

  4. I think that “Girls Can Do Anything” is my favorite from those you showcased here today. And I think this sculpture walk is a fabulous idea. Mankato and Bemidji in Minnesota also have sculpture walks and I’ve seen both, although not recently. Can’t wait to see the rest from Mason City.

  5. I love the bunny — looks like he’s listening to music! — and the owl with the books and glasses. As for “Look and You will find it,” gee, I must be odd, but I find this one most depressing. I see these people as prisoners, filled with misery at their fate (all except the one whose face is upturned — him I see as hopeful for a reprieve). Wonder why he’s not sharing the good news with his companions???

    • There is no wrong answer to what you think it represents! I love how every one is seeing something different in it. The bunny is very cute in real life!!! Very cute!

  6. Well I have to say, my favourite one is the girl on the pig. I absolutely love it. My interpretation of the last one is one of pondering the moment in time. How life seems so overwhelming but somehow we manage to get through all the obstacles life has to offer.

    • The pig is adorable, right???? I like your interpretation of the last one. I love seeing what everyone thinks it means. And it is all right!!!! 🙂

  7. Well I like the little girl with her cowgirl boots on the pig!
    I just finished cleaning the house from top to bottom and Look and You Will Find It makes me think of all the dust I just found and cleaned. This sculpture is too heavy emotionally for me at 3 in the afternoon. They look kind of spooky, cult-like. Have to look at it fresh in the morning.. Ha! You captured some very cool sculptures Beth Ann! Love Love LOVE the girl curled up reading a book!

    • You have been busy!!! Yikes. And I have just been sitting around dreaming of ….well…whatever I am dreaming of. All of these sculptures have different emotions for different folks I am finding which is very cool!!

      • It is! It’s very interesting. I am betting that I could give you a different thought on the Look and You Will Find It sculpture on any given day. It really requires some thought, the other sculptures I had an immediate reaction to. Odd for me cause CH is always saying I am too deep thinking for him.. Ha!

  8. These are so amazing! Look and You will Find It is thought provoking. I like to think the “it” is love. I look forward to more pictures.

  9. They’re incredible!

  10. The first thing that came to my mind were the “Death Camp” survivors.

  11. I think I need that bunny in my yard.

  12. I like the book reading one and the owl one best, the naked people ones not so much.

  13. I’m Ready!
    I love the one of the owl that is a professor. It would make a great sculpture at a university! And the one of the human face made out of oak & maple leaves.

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