From Kermit to Cookies

Whew.  I am exhausted.  Mind you I don’t have much to be exhausted about.  Other than that pesky getting the house ready to sell  thing which aside from being a lot of work is a tad bit emotional.

I love this house.

I love our animal friends that come to visit our yard.

I love our deck.

I love our neighbors even if their yard always looks a bazillion times better than ours.

I love finding treasures when I clean out the closets that are filled to the max.

Kermit held my engagement ring in the top of his head!

Kermit held my engagement ring in the top of his head!

I could very easily get lost sorting through old pictures and reliving memories of years gone by.

The Brown Siblings a few years ago.  (Cough cough) Yours truly, Mark, Chris and Paula

The Brown Siblings a few years ago. (Cough cough)
Yours truly, Mark, Chris and Paula

The cousins: Carla, Thomas Micah, Rachael, Aaron, Rebekah

The cousins: Carla, Thomas Micah, Rachael, Aaron, Rebekah

I also finished up another 100 cards to take to Hospice this week so that took a bit of my time.  Of course I had a huge mess in my office and got called twice to show the house.  I like to have a bit of notice and I managed pretty well both times on a couple hours but non-crafters can’t possibly understand the disaster zone that can occur when “creative minds” are working. To date I have made 525 cards for Hospice of North Iowa–all since October.  No two have been alike as far as I know.


cards2I also did a bit of baking to entice the brokers and the folks looking at the house.  (No serious lookers yet from the sounds of it but hey—food can’t hurt, right?)

Banana Bread

Banana Bread

Buckeye Brownie Cookies

Buckeye Brownie Cookies

Next week I am hosting a little soiree with the local bloggers.  A taste testing party which of course, you, my dear readers, will get to read all about later on in the week.  It is going to be a fabulous diversion from what I have been doing and will give me something else to look forward to other than Mr. Diamond coming home in a couple of weeks.

So tell me—what have you been up to???  Don’t forget Comments for a Cause results and reveal tomorrow!!!!  Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?




  1. Hang in there. It will all be worth it soon.

    • Oh it is all good, Christine. I didn’t mean to sound like I was complaining. It is just a bit overwhelming at times, you know? But I suspect I am going to have a long time to get it all done—-houses in our price range aren’t moving as quickly as “I” would like but all in God’s time! It has always worked out before. 🙂

  2. Best of luck in selling your house. I am cleaning the basement which stores many treasures that are only treasured by us ~ by me in general ~ all my sons scribblings, old photos and diaries and stories written in notebooks. It’s a cryfest here for me as time flies!

  3. What a busy, stressful, exciting time. My dining room table is my project table – ugh! Your baking/treats are a sweet touch.

  4. You aren’t busy or anything, are you? Baking, cleaning, crafting…missing Mr. Diamond.

    I’ve been working on basement demo, scraping carpet backing, with a narrow putty knife, from the floor. Fun times.

  5. Helen Brown says:

    I am going through some things but not because I am moving. I just want to get rid of stuff. Yesterday I found some interesting things your Dad had saved and am saving them for my children to read. They are very interesting.

  6. Have you planted a St. Joseph statue in the yard yet? I know you’re not Catholic, but I understand he’s a nondenominational helper in selling houses!
    You’re my hero, Beth Ann. How you ever manage to pack SO MUCH into one day’s time is simply amazing. No wonder you’re tired!!

  7. you’ve been busy!! I feel so lazy. In fact, this summer will probably be remember as The Summer I Literally Did Nothing. LOL But I think I’ve earned one in 40 some odd years. 🙂

  8. I’m sneaking my comment in under the wire I fear. I’d come and look at your house just to taste those goodies you baked. And I think you’re on to something there. The most powerful memories we have are linked to smell. You’re leaving potential buyers with a major way to remember your house!

  9. The cards are beautiful Beth Ann – doing those cards for hospice is a wonderful thing. Baking when you have potential buyers coming by is a great idea. Hubby and I several years ago stopped by an open house and upon opening the door was greeted by this wonderful smell of cookies baking! Yes, we always remembered that house!! Great idea…and by the way…you’re getting the “Texas” slang down pretty good!

  10. You and I are doing much the same thing. Finding treasures, baking, cleaning up at the last minute etc. I also had a book launch and had to fly back home twice this month to see mom as her health is failing. It has been stressful to say the least bit I managed to get to the beach twice this week and chill which helped. Hang in there. The right people will come along and love your house as much as you do!

    • I know you are right and I am actually expecting it to take quite awhile. I just am not sleeping well and that adds to it, doesn’t it?? It’s all good. I had bunch of seagulls fly over our house tonight so I think that is my personal beach experience. 🙂 You have had quite a month, haven’t you? Life is good—gotta love being busy!

  11. I didn’t know your were moving. I hope it all goes well xo

    • When the house sells….which will be awhile. Hubby has been in Texas almost 4 weeks now at the new job. 🙂

      • Ohh okay I just thought you were staying where you were and he would be coming home once every two weeks or something. Man you must miss him. xo

        • Well we are doing the geographically separated thing till the house sells—we have done it before and lived through it. 🙂 Not ideal but a job is a job, you know? Gotta go where the work is and we are blessed that he found a great one. It’s all good. But yes—I miss him. WHen he called tonight he said “168 hours till I hold you” which made me kind of melt a little bit. 🙂

          • Awwww it will be a wonderful reunion. We’ve been there prior to living where we do now. Hubby was gone three weeks and home for one but his time home he was soo exhausted. He would work 13 hours and straight from work drive 13 hours home. It was brutal.

            • Then you get it. You definitely get it. It is less than wonderful but it won’t last forever. That is how I approach a lot of things—-I can make it through just about any bad situation when I focus on the fact that it will not be forever. 🙂

  12. Banana bread and Buckeye Brownie Cookies? I think I need to come take a look at your house.

  13. How nice of you to leave those delicious goodies for the peeps that look at your house! Moving is a roller coaster of emotions. I have my fingers crossed for a sale. I am thinking this month will be it. We have been spending lots of time in our vehicles traveling to St. Louis and Kansas City. Family stuff.. fun family stuff. I am ready to stay home for a bit! Can you believe it is August 1? Dang.

  14. And I will miss the blogger fun… I will be checking the event out on Social Media, of course!

    • We will definitely miss you, Sara, but yes—-i am sure there will be some tweeting going on!!!! Have a great trip!!! We will be looking for your sharing, too!

  15. Rabbit. Rabbit. It’s a lot of work AND you are turning it all into an adventure. I love that. The tasting party sounds like my cuppa so take plenty of tastes for me.

  16. You have been busy. I went through the same feelings when we moved from the home our children

  17. Sorry! Accidentally hit post. Fat fingers and all. So the only home our children really knew. I know you’re going to find a fab new place in TX with great southern neighbors! So many sweet memories you came across. Kermit is adorable. The baked goods look yummy and the cards are spectacular. Hang in there, friend. Xoxo

  18. Nice blog glad to visit. Blessings Always, Mtetar

  19. Your cards are beautiful!

    • Thanks! I have a lot of fun making them and am always looking for new ideas. The hospice ones are all the same basic message but with different papers and embellishments.

  20. Wow, Beth Ann! I was just reading your blog and it is ‘chucked full’ of great stuff! No wonder you’re so much fun to talk to on Tuesday mornings! I think you’re just kicked into high gear in the creativity mode…love your beautiful cards! And the yummy treats…who does that when selling a house?? Awesome! You are one talented, benevolent and fun gal…keep up the good work in all things!

    • Thanks, Cynthia!!! You rock, too, in my book. We can start a mutual admiration club. 🙂 Seriously—-I have had so much fun on Tuesday mornings!!!!Wish I had met you years ago!!! We will make up for it now!

  21. I used to work as a secretary in a real estate office & a trick some of the realtors used to use was to bake an apple (with cinnamon of course) on low heat while the house showing was going on because it makes the house smell like a home.

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