Pray for Peace


Pray for Peace


  1. Amen. (Reba is one of my favourites.)

  2. I didn’t know this song, but I really like it! Praying for Peace! β™₯

    • I think it is a pretty recent one and I love how she had other folks send in their contributions, don’t you? Great prayer for our world today.

  3. Thank you for the amazing song. I needed these words.

  4. Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    Peace, sweet words. Please pray for the children. Lord, please ensure all children are safe and the bombs of war can be forgotten.

  5. What a scary time it is now. I worry about my friend’s husband who routinely travels to Kuala Lampur and Russia. A very dear friend’s parents (we roomed together during my consulting job in June and have known each other for years) traveled to the Holy Land at the end of June and returned in early July. I keep my friend’s husband and and kept my friend’s parents in my thoughts and prayers. This is a very appropriate song, and I do love Reba.

  6. Beautiful song.. touching video. Amen!

  7. Where did you find this? Awesome!!

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  8. Lisa Emerson says:

    Great minds think alike….
    I came across this video yesterday when looking for a video to use in Jacob’s Well, so it was the Fish Network today!
    Love the message!

  9. A beautiful thought Beth Ann.

  10. Amen!

  11. Beautiful song..Amen Amen Amen!!! Pray for Peace!

  12. Lovely…..and of-course BE the Peace you are Praying for….

  13. Amen. πŸ™‚

  14. Very moving and so timely.

  15. Helen Brown says:

    We must pray for peace and to remember to do all we can to be peaceful ourselves.

  16. There is much unrest in our world. Off to watch the video.

  17. Such a simple, but oh so important, message.


  1. […] was going to post a very late El Morno (let’s blame Cousin Carla), but first I stopped by It’s Just Life , El Morno Friend Beth Ann’s blog, and watched this music video. I like Reba and the message. […]

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