The Secret

The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person.

You know they’re right if  you love to be with them all of the time.

–Julia Child—


Happy number 32 to the man of my dreams who has joined me on this adventure called life.  I love you the mostest.

32 Ways to Say I Love You.

  1. Ek is lief vir jou. (Afrikaans)
  2. mi stimabo         (Aruba)
  3. Asko maite zaitut. (Basque)
  4. I mog di narrisch gern (Bavarian)
  5. Ami tomAy bhAlobAshi (Bengali)
  6. Ngo oi ney (Cantonese)
  7. Gi Gugma Kita (Cebuano)
  8. Wo ie ni (Chinese)
  9. Ik hou van jou (Dutch)
  10. I love you! (English)
  11. Tora dust midaram (Persian)
  12. Mina rakastan sinua (Finnish)
  13. Je t’aime (French)
  14. Ta gra agam ort (Gaelic)
  15. Aloha wau ia ‘oe (Hawaiian)
  16. Nu’ umi unangwa’ta (Hopi)
  17. Szeretiek te’ged (Hungarian)
  18. Moi tumak val pau (Assamese)
  19. Main tenu pyar karda haan (Punjabi)
  20. Saya cintamu (Malay)
  21. Taim I’ngra leat (Irish)
  22. Ti amo (Italian)
  23. Kimi o ai shiteru (Japanese)
  24. Khoi huk chau (Lao)
  25. Te sakam (Macedonian)
  26. Ayor anoshi’ni (Navajo)
  27. Jeg elsker deg (Norwegian)
  28. Te iubesc (Romanian)
  29. Naku Penda (Swahili)
  30. Seni seviyorum! (Turkish)
  31. “rwy’n dy garu di (Welsh)
  32. Ikh hob dikh lib (Yiddish)


  1. Congratulations Lovebirds!!

  2. Virginia says:

    I love you both! I love that God put us together all those years ago!

  3. Sweet picture! Congrats to you both. May you have a lovely day!!!

  4. Happy 32! I hope you keep playing practical jokes on each other:)

  5. Lisa Emerson says:

    Happy Anniversary!! You and Chris are definitely a match made in heaven!! Love you both!!!

    • Thanks so much, Lisa! We have had a very good life together and are so blessed to have found each other. I think it was a God-thing—what about you? 🙂

  6. pattisj says:

    Happy anniversary!

  7. Helen Brown says:

    I am so happy that you two can celebrate your years of marriage together. Enjoy every minute.

  8. Happy 32nd anniversary to you and your dear husband! You have now caught up with us. Love that photo. What an impressive cake. And look how happy you look. Will you see your beloved to celebrate? I hope so.

    • Thanks!!!! The cake was impressive for1982!!! Picked him up last night when we both flew in so we get the weekend together! Nice dinner out tonight at my fav spot.

  9. Happy Anniversary! Isn’t it wonderful to share life with the one you love??

  10. Congratulations and best wishes for many more happy ones!! I’m not sure I agree with Julia, though — seems like there ought to be “spaces in your togetherness,” or something like that!

  11. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely wedding pic, you look so happy! Was that fruit cake? 😉

  12. Happy 32 years of bliss!!! So wonderful. And I just spent 15 minutes trying to pronounce all these – ha! awesome. (although English, French, Gaelic, Finnish and Italian I did know.)

  13. Happy Anniversary! May you have many more!
    I hope that the cake cutting in the photo turned out all right. 🙂

  14. CAKE!! Oh, sorry. Happy anniversary! And a toast to Happily ever after.

  15. Happy 32nd Anniversary to you both!! May your weekend together be fantastic.

  16. Happy Anniversary!!! Same as me and my beloved 🙂 It was a good year to be married 🙂

  17. Sweet! Congratulations.

  18. Aw, congrats you two crazy kids!

  19. Does he read your blog, so he’ll get all this love?

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