Wordless Wednesday—Texas Forever!




  1. Aww…cute!

  2. Yummy!

  3. You are gettin’ in to this Texas thing!

  4. I spent 21 years in Texas and never ate a Texas shaped waffle -sob. But I’m still very protective of the state–cause nobody better mess with Texas!

  5. Seriously. This is rather hilarious.

    • It was the whole reason I wanted to go there but it has quickly become Chris’s favorite place to eat in the area now because they are so over the top nice and have good food. 🙂

  6. Cute!

  7. How come I never got a Texas-shaped waffle when I lived in the Lone Star State?? Golly, this is a cute idea — do they sell those waffle-makers? Probably could make a fortune!

  8. Do they serve them with BBQ sauce instead of maple syrup?

  9. As a Texan I must confess I have not had a Texas shaped waffle either!!! Go figure that one. I know they have had them at the state fair…hmm…I bet one of the specialty shops has one!!

    • I picked this diner especially for it and they don’t even advertise it on the menu— it is just a waffle choice. So I asked to make sure before I ordered. 🙂

  10. Looks delicious and very creative 😉

  11. Is there a Texas teapot too?

  12. This is so awesome and creative! Love it!

  13. Ha – love it! And I bet it’s tasty too 🙂

  14. That’s a cute waffle. I can’t wait to see all the places and things you find in your new hometown. 🙂

  15. Just perfect. You are into the Texas life already!

  16. Nice shape but it looks a little bare!

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