Sometimes First Class Isn’t

AIRPLANEMy recent trip home from Texas was….how shall we say ….interesting.  You never know what you are going to encounter when you travel these days and this trip was the perfect example of how the unexpected is just that. Unexpected.  But it makes great content for a blog post so feel free to pour yourself a glass of iced tea (maybe even sweet tea to salute Texas) and settle in for a spell while I weave my yarn.

The day started out early with Chris dropping me off at the Dallas Fort Worth airport.  I have never flown from there so it was a new experience but no big deal.  I checked in at the Delta counter and for some reason the reservation came up for Brandon Clay.  Now I may not know much but I do know that I am not Brandon Clay.  Somewhere my information got intermingled with his and even though I had my confirmation and my own ticket the agent kept pulling up this other guy’s info.  A phone call, a consult with another agent and finally I was ready to go. Oh and I almost forgot—the lady in line next to me was having a major hissy fit because she got lost, arrived late and was in the wrong line and missed her flight. As a result she was going to have to pay some money to get it changed and she was out. of. control.  To the point the agent was ready to call security…..sigh.

I had gotten there plenty early and was at the gate ready to pre board at 9:30 am.  At 9:45 they announced that our flight was now delayed until 4:30.  Well…that was not going to work for me since I had a connecting flight that was at 12 in Minneapolis.  So….a call to the Delta line and I got rebooked going through Detroit instead with a later flight but hey—-at least I would get in the same day.  So a day spent in airports meant I got to read a lot of books!

I got bumped up to first class on my flight to Detroit which is usually a great thing.  More room, unlimited drinks, meals sometimes, snacks, special attention–the whole deal. This was one flight I kind of wish I would have not gotten the first class bump.

Enter Steve.  My seat mate.  A likable young man probably around my older son’s age or a bit older.  We chatted briefly when he sat down and I found out he travels to stores to check the “born on” dates to make sure that stores are staying compliant with keeping their stock fresh and current.  And then he started drinking.  During our fairly short flight of less than 2 hours he had 4 different mixed drinks.  Sigh.

He kept talking to me, leaning over and punching my arm and telling me interesting (to him) tidbits.  I was a captive audience.  Unfortunately.  At one point he had his iPad out and was watching Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary.  Appropriate?  I think so.  Then he started dancing in his seat and talking to the movie .  It was hard to concentrate on my book.  After about the 2nd drink he asked me what I was reading.   I was actually reading an ARC copy of a book by my friend and blogger, T.B. Markinson.  So I told him that. Then he asked me what it was about.  If you have read any of my reviews of her books you might know that the genre that she writes is lesbian romance.  She is a REALLY great writer and even though that is not a genre that I normally would seek out, the books are so much more than that  to me that  the genre is secondary to what the story is.  So I told him it was a lesbian romance because—well—it was.  He immediately fist bumped me and high fived me.  The rest of the trip he kept saying “You’re awesome!”  and “You’re amazing!”.   I am not sure why but he seemed to think that reading lesbian romance was amazing.  I think he must have fist bumped me about 20 times. Seriously.  How was I ever going to finish the book?

I am not sure what airline policies are or should be on serving alcohol but quite honestly I think he should not have been served as many. Plus I am fairly sure he had already started before he boarded.  (I did find this on the Federal Aviation Regulations)  He was a friendly drunk and not mean so at least we had that but it was uncomfortable.  He was uncoordinated when he got up to use the restroom and I ended up helping him hold his drinks because he was dropping things all over including his iPad.  Finally he passed out with about 30 minutes left to go in the flight. The flight attendant did bring him water because I told her I thought he needed to drink some so I think she realized that perhaps he had had a bit much.
steveWe had to wake him up before we landed and I helped him get his tray table back in and his stuff together.  I kept checking to make sure he was okay and he told me he was but the “mom” in me wondered.  When we parted ways he fist bumped me again and told me I was awesome.  Okay.

I hotfooted it through the airport to get away from him and stopped to get something to eat and unwind a bit.  Whew.  A few hours later I went to the gate where I would catch the final flight to Des Moines.   A young woman sat down next to me and talked to me a bit.  She seemed a bit ….off…but I couldn’t really say what the deal was.  Pretty soon she gets up from her seat and proceeds to gallop —yes—-gallop all over the waiting area.  Of course people started looking at her but it did not deter her.  It was like she had extra energy to expend and had to use it all up.  She did this for about 15 minutes until we boarded. She was traveling alone.   I imagine she had some type of disorder but I have to admit that I am very glad I did not have her as a seat mate although she must have done okay on the flight because we had no delays or issues.  When I deplaned she galloped past me to baggage claim.

I made it home by 11:30 pm that night so for a day that started at 6 am I was ready to hit the hay. It was interesting, don’t you think?

Oh and by the way—if the lightbulbs left at security at the Detroit airport are yours go pick them up. They announced it but you must not have heard it.

This might have been Steve’s theme song–what do you think?  Gotta love country songs.   🙂  Getting in the Texas frame of mind.



  1. Sometimes …. you just gotta laugh? Oh my. Usually, I am like you, just look at airport delays as a chance to read more! People-watching always entertains me, too … but not so much when they are “in my space.”

  2. Your post made me giggle! At least it was interesting ~ the image of someone galloping ~ the fist pumping ~ the whole thing made for a post even though it made for a long day for you!

  3. I laughed out loud at the galloping image. Although I’m not usually a country western fan, the choice of music was perfect. I never seem to get a bump anymore so I’m interested to know how you managed that. Good post!

    • It was difficult to not state… Just saying. :-). I am not a country music fan either but have a feeling after some time in TX I will be. I have gold status with Delta till Feb. the hubby is Diamond so he almost always gets the bump. Not traveling as much this year do back to lowly status next year!!!

  4. May I first say…welcome to Texas!! I missed out on the news of moving, but glad you can join us. Just be sure you love your new residence as you’ll end up staying inside in July and August quite a bit!! I’m still laughing at the sight of the lady galloping around the waiting area…what a hoot! Plus, having the opportunity to sit next to someone who loves to fist-bump you – how great is that!! Lol..Loved your post today – got my Monday off to a laughing start!.

    • Glad I made you laugh! Goal accomplished! Yep– Chris started a job in Arlington so when out house sells we will make the big move. Looking for a house with a pool. ;-). I am loving the idea of being in the south again!

  5. Now that song is running through my head!

  6. Beth, Ann, your adventures are priceless. A good laugh this morning. Thanks.

  7. I have not flown Delta for a few flights and they seem to be having delays all over the place this summer. On another note, I flew first class once, and don’t need to again. I was upgraded as it was the only seat available- the aircraft that was to fly to Mason City- imagine this-had mechanical issues. The only seat left on the flight from Des Moines to Atlanta was first seat in first class. Long story, short. A little girl (five or so) walked on the plane at 5:30 a.m. and threw up all over my shoes! Yep, I was headed to Dallas and I smelled interesting the whole time!

    • Lovely . Ugh. Delta generally treats is well but as with all airlines somedays things do t go as planned and you just have to be flexible and nice. Not everyone can be nice, though.

  8. Beth Ann you must have been exhausted! I do everything I can to avoid flying and it is not about the fear of actually flying, CH is a pilot (not that he could fly a big old Delta jet) and so I always feel kinda secure that way, but it is all the drama of the airport stuff that pushes my anxiety button past control. You handled it much better than I would have. I think I owe my purchase of my Kindle Paperwhite to TBM because when her first book came out I believe it was only available on Kindle. I had a Nook, so I eventually bought a Kindle. By then though I think it could be purchased other ways.. 🙂
    The galloping young woman leaves me without words. Hope you are having a nice Monday!

    • Oh Pix— it was such a weird day and I was glad to get home. Love my Kindle Paperwhite! Love it!!!! I don’t mind flying but some of the drama can get tiresome.

  9. You handled Steve so well. Thankfully he did not become belligerent or we would have heard about an “unruly passenger removed from Flight INSERT NUMBER HERE after an emergency landing.” Totally agree he should not have been served so much alcohol.

    As for the galloping…I’m getting this crazy image in my mind…

    Such adventures you have.

    • I slipped into “mom mode” to take care of him. I would have gotten the flight attendant to help if he had been a big issue— trust me. I just think he charmed her into serving him. :-). It was such a strange day from start to finish.

  10. Patricia says:

    That is nuts! Made me smile!

  11. “Gotta love country songs” wha,wha? What have you done with the real Beth Ann? My, my “How the times they are a changin’ ” lol

  12. Oh my goodness what a crazy experience!! I hate to laugh at your discomfort. Actually I’m not, I’m laughing at the dude who made himself look like an idiot. I think that you’re more patient than I but then living with PTSD and a dude like that just wouldn’t mix for. Me. Fist bump on your kindness!! (And I’m sober.) 😉

  13. Too funny, Beth Ann, especially the part about your tipsy seatmate. Flying is always interesting, isn’t it? People seem to “let their hair down” and do all sorts of crazy things. Makes for such good fodder for blog posts!!

  14. This whole thing made me sad.

  15. Oh my! I have always been fortunate to have good flying companions. I’m not sure what i would have done. Sounds like you handled it very well. The accompanying video was perfect!

  16. Wow — that was quite a trip. You must have been elated to get home.

  17. Ok. I’m disappointed that you didn’t jump up and gallop along :-D. Too funny. Drunks on a plane are a PIA. You handled Steve beautifully. Let’s hope someone met him at his final destination. Home Sweet Home until next time….

  18. It’s a good thing you have a blog to share all this craziness!

  19. Galloping … now that I haven’t seen at an airport. And Steve. I really hope he made it home safe and sound.

    Once I was checking into the airport in Washington DC and they wouldn’t let me check in. According to their computer I had just arrived in the Philly airport. I was taken aback since I was clearly standing in Washington DC at 5 in the morning. Finally a supervisor fixed the computer glitch. I was in Philly three days earlier. but I’ve never been the wrong person entirely.

    Loved the song. I hardly ever hear country these days 🙂

  20. poor you! this sounds like something that would happen to me! We probably shouldn’t travel together… THere should be more control about alcohol on a plane. Years ago I was coming home from a beverage alcohol trade show in Vegas. You could still carry liquids on board. my bag was PACKED with samples. I had a middle seat. One of the guys next to me offered to help me put my bag overhead. He didn’t expect it to be so heavy. I felt bad and offered them mini’s which I had in my other bag. When I did I realized they were TRASHED already. I was freaking being in the middle of them for 4 hours, them knowing I had booze. Fortunately I goofed and my real seat was one row in back….

    • Oh my—–yes—-I would have freaked, too!!! But it was all good in my case—he assured me he was okay to get off, etc. so I went along. I decided I could not be his mom any longer and since I was not planning to go to Grand Rapids with him I had to hope that someone else was picking him up!

  21. Oh my goodness – you definitely have a gift of finding special people to bond with….I am glad you made it home safely!! He may have been drunk but at least he was right about 1 thing – YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

  22. Helen Brown says:

    So glad you made it back OK after all the things you went through that day.

  23. You do have interesting times, don’t you?


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