“Home” with Rachel Smith

I have had the extreme pleasure to meet a lot of great folks in the past year or so in Iowa.  It is funny that it has taken this long for me to find some really great people but what it all boils down to is social media and my blogger friend Sara from It’s All in An Iowa Mom’s Day and Travel with Sara.  Sara wanted to get people in our area talking and connecting through various social media platforms and she has now built her own business (Social Connections, LLC) around what she has learned.  She is, in a word, enthusiastic.  Thanks, Sara!


One of the folks that I have met through Sara is new author Rachel Smith.  Rachel moved to Clear Lake last year and discovered a new passion for writing.  I have had the privilege to spend a bit of time with Rachel and she is fun, witty, bright and enthusiastic. I read her first book “Home” and was blown away by how good it was.  Sometimes first novels are so-so but not so for Rachel.  I loved the story line and the one thing that I really appreciated was how careful she was in making sure that the finished product was top notch.

I wanted to do a little interview with Rachel and she graciously agreed.  So please —meet Rachel!

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith

1. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? I had no clue what I wanted to be growing up. I do remember that I changed my mind each year. Thus, it took me 5 years to get through college because I still couldn’t decide 🙂
2. Who has had the biggest influence on your writing career? Kristen Ashley. I found her books about a year ago and she really sparked my love for romance novels. And I think she was a lot like me when she started out. I read an interview she gave where she said she felt like all her characters were her imaginary friends that lived inside her head and she just had to get their story written down. I feel the same way about my characters. They’ve lived inside my head for a few years and I finally was in the position in life that I could get their story out.
3. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things with you what would those be? Oh gosh. My Nook, My laptop, and an internet connection. It is impossible for me to live without those three things. Who needs food and water as long as you have books?
4. Tell us a little bit about your day to day life—family, job, etc. LOL!! I lead such a glamorous one, you know. Let’s see. For the past year my days are very similar, although it depends if the kiddos are home with me all day or not. Most of the time, they are part of the time. So I get up, get breakfast, dress children, attempt to at least get my contacts in and brush my teeth. Then it’s off to school/daycare. After I come home I get a cup of coffee and sit down to work. I work part time from home, so it usually takes me all morning to get caught up there every day. Then I eat lunch and often attempt to write or at least edit/revise a little in the afternoon. I workout (most days) and then go get kiddos which equals pure pandemonium until 8:30pm when they’re both in bed. At that point, I sit down in my favorite chair with my laptop and write. Whatever time it is when I start, I also give myself an end time no matter where I’m at. That way I can go to bed and read some of my favorite Indie Authors before I go to sleep. Only to wake up and do it all over again 🙂
5. Are you a romantic? Why or why not? I am in my head. In real life, not so much!!!
6. More books coming in the Glenview Series? How many and when ? We are all anxious! There will be two more books in the series. I’m currently working on “Broken Home” which is David’s story. The 3rd one is still a work in progress. I”ve had another story brewing in my head that I might have to get out before I get to the 3rd one.
7. If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring writer what would it be? Sit down and write. No matter what comes out, just keep writing. I can’t tell you how awful “home” was after the first draft. Most of it didn’t even make sense!! So I kept at it for months and months (and months and months) to get it just right. So my advice it to just keep at it.
8. Anything else you want my readers to know? I have no sense of smell. People seem to be fascinated by that little fact!!

Don’t you just love her?   I know I do!  Now for the fun part—-I will be giving away a signed copy of “Home” and you have a chance to win.  Just leave a comment on this post telling me what book you are reading right now and you will be entered in the giveaway.  Easy!  I will pick a random winner and will announce the winner here on the blog on June 27th.  That gives you a week or so to get your comments in.  Feel free to share with your friends.  Tell the world.  The bonus is that each comment will also go to benefit NIVC as my Comments for a Cause this month.

If you are interesting in getting your own copy (in case you don’t win the giveaway) you can get either an e reader copy or a paperback by going to Amazon—this is the direct link here.

(The book is a romance and has some language and sexual content.)

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  1. Oh, Rachel has a great sense of humor! Sorry I’m not eligible to win, as shipping a book to Ecuador would be next to impossible, but this sounds like a good one! Thanks for the introduction, Beth Ann!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  2. She has an ebook edition, too,Kathy so if you were to “win” I would gift it to you that way and give the other copy to someone else!!! She is a delightful person and I am thrilled to get to know her and pass along some love!!!!

  3. I can see why you are so fond of Rachel. She sounds like a delightful person based on her responses.

    I just finished reading Stillwater by Minnesota author Nicole Helget. Yesterday it was off to the library for a new stack of books and magazines. I am now reading Snowblind by Christopher Golden. There’s a Stephen King endorsement on the cover, so we’ll see how far I make it in this book. So far, so good. But I’m only to page 10.

    • She is a fun lady!!! How was Stillwater?? Is it a must read????? I have quite a stack of books to get through plus so many on my Kindle but always looking for more recommendations.

  4. How fascinating, Beth Ann. Rachel really has no sense of smell?? How does she cook? Or eat? Or know when the babies need changing??!
    I’m reading The Racketeer by John Grisham right now. I was in the library last week and realized that somehow, I’d missed reading this one so I decided to rectify the oversight!

  5. Rachel sounds delightful! Sadly, I’m not reading anything right now, so I’m not entered in the contest, but maybe one day I’ll buy her book; it looks interesting!

  6. Thanks Beth Ann for the nice compliment. What a fantastic way to introduce your readers to the amazing Rachel Smith!

  7. Congrats to whomever wins. 🙂

  8. Beth Ann, I loved reading this post because I felt like I was sitting right there in the interview with you and Rachel! What’s better than a summer romance? I’m reading Debbie Macomber’s paperback, “On a Clear Day.” I recently read “Love Finds You in Sugarcreek Ohio” and then watched that move. “Home” is on my summer reading list, too.

  9. What a great interview, Beth Ann. I love reading about a day in the life of a writer. It’s so interesting to me how some write in the evening. I’m not a night owl, so I’d never be productive. 🙂 Home sounds like a terrific read.

    • Thanks, Jackie! It is interesting to see how others write. I am hap hazard at this stage and need to up my game if I ever want to be serious. Home is a great book. Good luck!!!

  10. CH lost his sense of smell back in 2002 after a bad case of flu. Interesting to hear that someone else has that issue… some of his has come back. Love the interview with Rachel. Must check out her book “Home”.

  11. Hello Beth Ann: My latest reading is Magic Tree House Series 28 High Tide in Hawaii. My future 8 year old, Both the girls love this series by Mary Pope Osborne. My adult reading when time permits is getting caught up on your blog. Right now I am at April 2012. Happy vacation.

    • Mary, Thank you so much for being such a big “fan” of my blog. It makes my heart happy. I remember the days when “kid” books were the thing I read so I am happy that now I can focus on a few more adult things. 🙂 I am thrilled to be a part of your routine!!!! Good luck on the book giveaway!!!

  12. Becky Miracle says:

    I am reading Robin Robert’s,” Everybody’s Got Something.” I am not a fan of her writing style, but my heart breaks for all she has been through. She is a real fighter, to say the least!

  13. I am currently re-reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. She has a new book in the series coming out & I want to re-read the series so I am again immersed in the characters before I read the next adventure.

    • I have never heard of that book or that author as a matter of fact! Hmmm—another to add to my to be read list??? Perhaps.

      • If you like historical fiction Beth Ann, you will love the Outlander series. There are a number of books & it follows some main characters through years of their lives & all the scrapes they get into.

  14. I was on vacation and picked up a book to read and finished it just before coming home. It is written by Lori Wick, Every Little Thing About You. I would not suggest it for you. I think you heard me complaining about it but I did finish it.

  15. I just started Memoir of the Sunday Brunch.

  16. jennisincerely says:

    Sadly, the only “book” I’m reading right now is a training manual for work. 😦 But this books sounds wonderful!

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