Living for the Journey

shareasimage-2 copyI read a blog prompt somewhere that asked the question “Do you live for the destination or the journey?” My initial response, as a Christian, was the destination. Who does not long for heaven? A place where there is no cancer or Alzheimers, no poverty or discrimination, no hatred or sadness. A place that I imagine is pretty much perfect—whatever that perfect place is for you–that is what I imagine it to be. For me I think there will be lots of music and lots of smiley faces floating around. Plenty of happiness to be found and absolutely no sadness. Sweet communion with a loving Father who created me and loves me for me. How could that not be heaven?

Then I thought about it a bit more. In order to get to the destination I have to go on the journey first. The destination will be so much better if I am able to enjoy the journey along the way and the journey is what is going to get me there so that should be what I am living for perhaps. On the journey I will encounter many who will need to know about the destination and it is up to me to share that.

In my life I attempt to enjoy the moment that I am in. I hope that I can savor every moment and experience because those are what are leading me to the ultimate destination. It is so easy to get caught up in the “stuff” of each day. The mundane chores, the routine, the tasks that I do without thinking just come and go and continue on day after day after day. And yet there are moments—little blips in my day when I wake up out of my fog and realize that this is all part of the journey. There are people and places along the way that I need to just open my eyes to . Instead of whining about the repetitiveness of my life I need to stop, take a breath and realize that in the ordinary is the extraordinary. Those moments of realization when I take it all in and realize that this journey is so much bigger than I am. The destination is there when it is time. For now it is about the journey.


  1. Your thoughts are like mine Beth Ann! I have to work at staying in the moment and enjoying it but that is the best way!!

  2. Excellent advice. Plus, another devotional to tuck into your files for that book.

  3. All journeys must have a beginning
    with stops along the way,
    and many paths to choose from
    but, be careful, lest you stray.
    For the journey is not always easy
    yes, there are dangers night and day,
    but the destination is most rewarding
    when in doubt kneel down and pray!

  4. I completely agree!

  5. Well said, Beth Ann! So often, we get wrapped in one or the other (destination or journey), when perhaps we’re called to enjoy savoring BOTH?!

  6. Excellent post, my friend. As a Christian, I have thought these same things. I agree with you. Hug.

  7. pattisj says:

    I’m all about the journey. I don’t want to miss anything.

  8. Loved the post Beth Ann. Yes, while we long for our “heavenly destination”, it’s the journey that we need to enjoy, being in the “now”!

  9. I love the journey. No matter where I”m going, I’m sad when I get there, even if it’s a great place…I love to be moving and going somewhere new.

  10. I live in the moment most of time. Maybe too much so. I deal with “what’s next” when it is right in front of me. I believe the universe gave me the moment I am in right now. So I take that moment and find happiness, learn from it, or take a deep breath and realize it will pass.

  11. I think that I live for the destination too. Sometimes though when I catch myself grumbling about having to do stuff like cooking or cleaning. I will stop and thank God that I’m able to cook/clean. It changes my perspective.

  12. that’s such a hard one — I’ve actually been thinking on it for a couple of days, and then had to come back to reply. Certainly I always have the destination in mind – I suppose that’s the “goal.” But right now — I am so about the journey. Just enjoying it. It’s not that I don’t have a eye towards the end goals: I just don’t worry or stress about them so much that it robs me of joy in today.
    Such a good question.

    • I think you are on the right path with your thinking! I agree—it isn’t that I don’t’ think about the end goal—-I just focus on the moment and doing the best I can on the journey.

  13. You are wise beyond your years Beth Ann!

  14. At my age my journey is shorter than most of you I am sure. I have enjoyed my journey so far but look forward to my final home and hope to see many friends when I arrive.

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