She Sells Jellyfish and Seashells and Starfish by the Coral Reef

Looks like the company that makes Little Debbie snacks has a marketing ploy. Appeal to the summer and beach lover in all of us. I was tempted but not tempted enough to actually purchase the sugary treats that I found in Target the other day.





I don’ t know about you but I have enough processed sugar in my diet already and really don’t need to add more fluff to this frame at all.  Do these tempt you at all?

What tempts me as summer arrives is a huge bowl of fresh fruit—hey–I might go get some right now.

What’s your favorite summer treat?  Feel free to share.


  1. Ice cream! 🙂

  2. I saw those funny jellyfish cookies the other day and almost took a photo because they were so. . .interesting. I did not see the other tropical varieties. Can’t wait for sweet corn and strawberries.

  3. I’m not at all tempted because these “treats” taste like paper. Not that I’ve ever eaten paper, but you understand, right?

    Watermelon is one of my favorite summertime treats. That and strawberries fresh from the vine.

  4. Those wouldn’t tempt me … but I do love the Oatmeal Pies. They would be healthy, right???
    My summer go-to is ice cream!

    • I used to get those oatmeal pies for the kids when they were little and we packed school lunches. I might have sneaked one or a dozen…

  5. Just the names alone, turn me off… Who did the marketing research at this company? My favorite summer treat is an ice cold beer… Come to think of it beer is my favorite treat in the winter too.. Oh yeah, also in the spring and autumn.. I’m really easy to treat! lol

  6. Nope that doesn’t tempt me at all. All I can think is chemicals. Ugh! I like soft serve ice cream in the summer. 🙂

  7. Ice cream, Popsicles, frozen yogurt, ice pops — all offer relief on a hot day! I’m not really tempted by Little Debbie’s sugary offerings, either (and I can’t tell you how often I got called “Little Debbie” when I was a kid and being teased!)

  8. Virginia says:

    I used to love popsicles! Still do, actually. I am not a huge Little Debbie fan, but some of kids love them!

  9. oddly enough, they don’t tempt me at all. This kind of sugary treat doesn’t really appeal to me. I can’t explain why a bowlful of jelly beans does — I guess the sweet tooth just wants what the sweet tooth wants! 🙂

  10. Strawberries, Watermelon, and ice ream are my favorites.


  11. Those are interesting packages — I’m sure they’ll “reel” in a fair number of takers!

  12. I would be tempted to hoover the yellow cakes with chocolate cream but better not! I think my favorite summer treat that I look forward to is Chick-fil-A’s peach milkshake.. oooeeeee!

  13. Does gin & tonic count? Haha, you know I don’t drink Beth Ann! But back in the day when I would imbibe from time to time, on a really hot summer’s day, there is nothing like an icy gin & tonic with lime! Or a beer over a full glass of ice so it was so watered down!

  14. No those fancy boxes do nothing for me but….Blue Bell ice cream, yummy yummy! Guess only us Texans have Blue Bell though….so sorry!

  15. pattisj says:

    I’m with you, don’t need these sweet treats. I prefer good melons this time of year, nice and cold.

  16. Summer treats: strawberry shortcake, blackberry cobbler, peach pie. Are you seeing a pattern here? All need to be topped with whipped cream or ice cream, of course, but I didn’t list ice cream as a summertime treat because it’s an all-year-round deal.

    Also: cold beer, but only summer shandy. It’s the best ever — light and lemony.

    • The summer treats all sound lovely topped with ice cream, of course. Not much of a beer drinker but I am always tempted by those summer themed ones because they sound so refreshing!


  1. […] long ago, my new friend Beth Ann wrote about the latest offerings from the Tennessee company which makes Little Debbie […]

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