Beauty in Aerosol?

P1020312I have a confession to make.  I like to find new fun products and see what trips my trigger.  I like to stay cutting edge……well….maybe not but it sounds good!

I have been subscribing to Ipsy for a few months now (and I am not a paid blogger for them, btw) and have never really offered much up here on my blog about them. Ipsy is a fun monthly cosmetic / beauty subscription service that allows the consumer to try new products without having to leave the comfort of home.  Each month a Glam Bag is delivered in a shockingly pink padded envelope to the subscriber for a $10 fee.  Inside the envelope is a zippered pouch of some kind (different every single month-how do they come up with all of these different ones?) filled with 4-5 various beauty products handpicked for the subscriber based on a profile that was filled out upon subscribing.

I have been so – so about some of the products, loved some, traded some with fellow Ipsy subscribers and hated a few.  I won’t lie. False eyelashes are not part of my daily routine, folks.  Knowing me I would end up with glue in places that it does not need to be in an effort to glue them on.

I decided that in efforts to trim the budget I should let my subscription expire so it seemed like this was the month to do it. Judging from what they sent me this month I am glad I have clicked unsubscribe for now.

While I did like the Pacifica Mineral eyeshadow duo and the Sans Tan sunscreen (always be careful out there, folks!) the other skin care items included made me think that there was a theme going.  The exfoliating Hey Honey and Purlisse Hydrating Creme were meant to all complement each other. I think the message this month was to take care of the skin.  But the item that made me sit back and say……hmmmm….was the aerosol can of spring water.


Full disclosure—-I have not used it yet.  Somehow I just can’t wrap my head around spraying water out of a can on my face or as it suggests—other areas.  According to their information on the website you are to:

Spray onto the skin in a fine mist. May leave on for 2 to 3 minutes, and then gently pat dry. Ideal for use after cleansing, shaving, exercise, sun, to soothe diaper rash and set make-up to help keep it fresher looking longer.

A 10.58 ounce can can be purchased from for $18.00.  I just can’t do it.  Maybe I am missing out on the latest and greatest trend but I just can’t.  What about you?

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  1. Thanks for the honest assessment. I’m with you on the spraying spring water which is expensive. 🙂

  2. Compared to my Memebox, I wish I still subscribed to ipsy because it was so bad. However, that aeresol water is so silly. I wouldn’t be happy to receive it because it seems pointless. Who buys that stuff? I’m not sure what I’d even do with it.

    • I stuffed it in a drawer. I guess I should at least give it a go but it seems so silly. Maybe if I had a sunburn…I don’t know. It just seems over the top silly to me.

  3. Toss the can of the aerosol can of spring water in the fridge and when it hots out spray it on your face. If you wear makeup pat your face dry. It’s lovely. I’m never without it. However, I just pour some water in an a spritzer bottle and keep it in the fridge. Same thing. Although the aerosol makes for a finer mist which is nice. :-D.

    • Maybe I need to send it to you!!!! I just can’t get into spraying my face with water since I hate water in my face. Katybeth—this little gem must have your name on it. Who would have known?? I thought you were low maintenance and here you use this stuff!!!! What a surprise.:-)

  4. That is just too unnatural for me. I cannot help but wonder what else is in it, too.

  5. I think you were wise to allow your subscription to lapse.

  6. Virginia says:

    Seems like you could just fill a spray bottle with water and do the same thing?!
    Thanks again for graciously choosing Leslie for your May comments for a cause. Best wishes for your June cause!

  7. I does not sound like anything I would want .

  8. You could just put water in a spray bottle and do the same at

  9. The price is a bit steep for that one. I wouldn’t use it.

  10. Now that is just plain weird. The practical side of me would not buy it. (next thing you know we’ll be buying water to drink!)

  11. Dude I bet Queenie could rock the false eyelashes. So you spray water onto your face? And it’s thermal water so does it smell like a geyser, which happens to be one of my least favorite smells. I think I’ll pass.

  12. I brush on my Bare Mineral powder in the morning and I am done for the day! I don’t think I would want to be spraying water on my face. I don’t like to fuss with my hair or face. ALSO even though I could squeeze my eyes shut tight I don’t want to spray when I have my contacts on!

  13. I was excited to get the Avene Thermal Water. I’ve heard really great things about spring water. I wouldn’t pay $15+ a bottle but I was happy to try it. You use it as a toner/hydrator.

    • I read your post the other day and was thrilled to find someone that actually loved this product! Makes me think I should give it a go!!! I read it on my phone and I always mess up making comments on my phone so I didn’t even attempt it but I am so glad you gave it a thumbs up! Now I know to give it a try.

  14. I actually used to have something like this when I worked as a waitress in a restaurant. It was so dry and greasy that your face would just feel so so gross. Spray a bit of this on it and you feel instantly refreshed. My mom also carries one for when she travels on a plane.

  15. Water in a can? Surely they jest? Probably not, someone came up with an idea on how to make money & convinced other people it was beneficial! Ha!

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