My Teenaged Door

Do you remember me talking about my teenaged door?  Let me refresh your memory (or you can click here for a past post about it).  Our front door had acne and a bad case of it at that.  We assume that the previous owners had painted the front door in order to hide the fading wood when they put the house on the market.  But the problem came with what we suspect is the incorrect type of paint that was used at one time on it.

When we repainted it awhile back the paint went on fine but then the next day it started to bubble up.  And then more bubbled.  And more.  And pretty soon we were left with a hideous looking front door.  Or at least “I” think it is hideous. If you click on the picture you can see the acne better.

doorAnd it got even worse than that this past winter due to the horrible cold we had.  Sigh.  To the point that areas of it just peeled down to the wood part.

So Project Paint the House began last week (or the week before last??? Time flies.) and the door was definitely looming as the most difficult part of the entire project.

Since the hubby is home now we said “we can do this” and jumped in.  We have a ranch style house so no biggie.  Add in a lot of windows and the task did not seem impossible.  So we began.  We bought the paint.  We scraped. We taped.  We trimmed, We painted.  I got to balance on a board stretched across the window wells.  I got to paint the highest peak in the front of the house while Chris held the extension ladder.  It all seemed like things were coming together very well.

My final day of painting I decided to wash the windows since I had the ladder out and it just made sense.  So I did.

You know that moment when you are in the midst of doing something and you think “I should not do this”??????  Yep.  I had one of those and did not listen to the voice in my head.  The ladder folded up on my thumb.  I saw stars.   I may have said a bad word.  Just one.  I couldn’t look at it.  I stumbled into the house –grabbed a kitchen towel and held it on it not wanting to look. Pain coursed through my entire body.  Serious pain.

I made it back to the bedroom where Chris was and immediately he knew I had pulled a “Beth Ann” as I lay on the floor.  I am such a wimp when it comes to this stuff.  Seriously a wimp.  He looked at it and deemed that I would live but man—did it hurt.   Add to the fact that I had been using newspaper to wash the windows and my hands were as dirty as a pig in a mud puddle.  Ugh.

A week later I still can’t bend my thumb properly, writing is more of a joke than usual, and the windows are unwashed.  But–the door got painted.  Chris did it last. He sanded it and primed it and painted it.  It’s okay. Just okay.  I am  hoping that when I hang  the huge wreath it will draw the eye away from the bubbles that are the bane of my existence.P1020315

They don’t really show up in this picture but there are a few coming to life.  All in all the entire house painting project was a success and we can pat ourselves on the back for completing a job that was probably the most extensive home DIY job that we have ever done together.  It made me long for our family “work weekends” where we would all gather at one of the sibling’s houses to work.

So there you have it.  What I have been doing for the past week or so.  I can’t lie.  It’s a big relief to have that job done and not looming over us.  Never mind that I still have paint in my hair.

What DIY project have you attempted recently?  Was it successful or not?


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  1. That sounds like QUITE an undertaking!! I wouldn’t have any idea what’s causing the bubbles on your door….you would think with all the scraping and sanding, they’d be gone…? The door looks great in your photo!

    • Chris researched it and it is certainly because the wrong kind of paint was used at one point—couple that with our lovely Iowa winters and it was a recipe for disaster i guess. Sigh. It looks better than it did even if it is not perfect.

  2. I’m stumped by the bubbles, too. The door looks awesome, though. I am so sorry about your thumb. I have those I-shouldn’t-be-doing-this thoughts all the time….

  3. A side note…..newspapers used to be the “go to” for window washing cuz of the lead in the black ink but no it’s soy based and may leave more smears than clean. Hope you have made it through your crisis!!! The house/door looks good. Relax now………………….hugs………..

  4. Your door looks perfect! And sorry about your thumb:( That was such a big project. Our last DIY was mowing the lawn:)

  5. CH and I painted the room off the kitchen that is my little getaway from his TV watching. We nearly killed each other. We won’t be painting any more rooms together.
    Owieee on your thumb!
    The door looks beautiful!

    • That made me giggle. Chris and I wallpapered a small bathroom years ago and decided that wall papering was not our thing. I think the smallness of the room and the largeness of our bodies made for a bad combination.

  6. I am painting, too. Just trim. But there are plenty of projects to complete around here. We’ve tackled lots of projects together. Redoing the bathroom ranks as the most challenging.

    From a distance, your newly painted door looks beautiful and I like the color choice.

    So Chris deemed that you would live. Good!

  7. Last month when Bill was home he insyalled a new kitchen sink. We are re-plumbing the house, and re-doing the bathroom and kitchen. It is in stages because of Bill’s schedule. I hate big projects, but love when its over. I am like a cat, a creature of habit.

    • That sounds very ambitious. I hate the mess when you do projects. I like to have everything neat and tidy —or at least where I know where it is. 🙂

  8. That was a two “thumbs-up” job, for sure. One “thumb-up” for the project, and the other thumb up for the blood Hope you are feeling better.

  9. Oh man I know all about painting. We’ve painted everywhere we’ve moved. The house we’re in now we painted the entire upstairs (mostly me) in the first two weeks of moving it. High a-frame ceilings and all. I need colour…lol

    To me you’re newly painted door looks awesome. Sorry about your thumb..YOUCH! Did you break it?

    • I think painting is not all that bad—it is the prep work before you paint that is a pain! 🙂 Thumb is doing much better, thank you, but it was a bit dicey for awhile. I was pretty sure it was just bruised and not broken and today I can bend it way more so I am making headway! Whew.

  10. Oh, you poor darling — that sounds like it hurt like $#$#! Hope you’re okay by now. I’ve come to hate DIY projects. Somebody nearly always gets hurt, the thing usually takes longer than expected, and the results are less than satisfactory.

  11. The front door looks great. Sorry to hear the bubbles have resurfaced though. This sounds like a huge undertaking. Its good you two work so well together. XX for your poor thumb.

    • The door looks great on the top part—not so perfect on the bottom half but we are trying to figure out if we need to strip it again. Sigh. Thumb is getting better every day.

  12. Sometimes I feel like my life is a DIY project. Your newly painted door looks lovely.

  13. Jennifer says:

    This wasn’t recent but we tiled our shower walls when we only had one bathroom. My husband had never cut tile before & we ended up buying twice as many tiles than we should have due to cutting mistakes. We also had to use the gym shower for about a month. We will never ever do this again!!!

  14. I love DIY projects, but sometimes I get in over my head. Your door looks fabulous by the way.

  15. Forget about the door, I LOVE that wreath!

  16. I am not such a DIY person, but I have some craftastic daughters!

  17. Ann Pillsbury says:

    Sorry about your finger but the door does look a lot better. Hope it holds.

  18. Did Chris take the door right back to the wood before he painted it or just down a layer? Wrong paint probably – you absolutely cannot put enamel over oil-based paint without huge problems. Like the color though!

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