What’s App????

phoneA lot of you may know that I love my iPhone.  I have had various iterations of it for years and have loved each and every one just a little bit better.  Currently I am in need of a new one because my camera is wonky on this one and it is driving me nuts.  I can not take any pictures that aren’t blurry and that just does not work for me so I have son number 2 working on locating me a new one.

Today I was thinking about how much I use my phone and what my favorite apps are and I thought it would be a great blog post to share mine and find out what apps my readers can’t live without .  So here it goes.  In no particular order.

  1. All of my social media connections make it easy to stay connected on the go—-this is just one screen of them. Facebook has an icon all by itself because it is my top Social Media app currently.app3
  2. Goodreads.   Love being able to edit my bookshelves, add reviews and scan in books on this handy dandy app.app7
  3. Flipboard.  A great app that you can “flip” through to see the latest in news, Facebook feeds and other categories that you can select to view.app6
  4. PaperKarma—this is my latest favorite app.  All you have to do is take a picture of your unwanted mail items and they unsubscribe you—for FREE!!!!!!   We forwarded  all of Chris’s dad’s mail to our address after his death and we are still trying to get off of lists. This app does that for you and is so easy!!!  This one has really been a wonderful addition!  You can see that most of these that I have done lately have been my father in law’s subscriptions.app
  5. Starbucks Mobile App tracks my “stars”, gives me free downloads, locates stores and allows me to pay for my lovely treats with my phone.  LOVE this one.app5
  6. CaringBridge is one of the best ways to keep up with people who are undergoing health events in their lives.  I have several people that I use this fabulous mobile app to follow along on their journey.app4
  7. WordPress. While I do not usually write posts on my phone I do read and answer  comments and read other blogs in my WordPress Reader very easily.app2
  8. Words With Friends. The only game that I really play these days and I almost always do it on my phone.  I am hoping that it is helping to keep my brain sharp but there are days that I seriously wonder about that. app8
  9. Spotify is a great little music app that allows you to stream music.  Love it!
  10. spotifyWeather Kitty.  Even if it is not always accurate it never ceases to make me giggle to see Grumpy Cat on my phone.app9So there you have 10 of my top favorite apps on my own phone.  Of course they are not all and I am looking forward to seeing what apps YOU have to have on your phone.  Leave me a comment and tell me, please!!!  I may be missing some of the very best ones out there and I am depending on you to let me know!
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  1. I had no clue about PaperKarma! Very cool.

  2. I like PaperKarma. What a great idea and it’s free?
    It would be nice if something similar would be available for unwanted e-mail. Maybe there is.
    I don’t have a smart phone. Mine just makes/takes calls, texts, takes pictures…the usual. But my husband and daughters do have one. Love shopping with daughters who always pull up coupons on their phone.

    • I know there is an email one—-I need to check with my son on that. Not sure that it is an app or just a “service” thing. If I find out I will pass it along. I don’t do tons of coupons on my phone but I do always have the Hobby Lobby one !

  3. First I need a smart phone…

  4. I was just thinking yesterday that I need to give spotify a try. I use pandora mostly and I’m very happy with it. Some of my favorite apps are photo editing apps – i like to tinker with my pics before publishing them. 🙂

  5. Virginia says:

    Paperkarma here I come! Thanks for that tidbit!

  6. I’ve never had an Iphone, I think I need to get me one! lol

  7. Missy's Crafty Mess says:

    Great post! I saw a few that I didn’t know of. I love the WordPress & Goodreads apps!

  8. I’ve never done WordPress on my phone — thanks for the nudge!

  9. I love the iphone. It is amazing.

  10. I would tell you but then I would have to kill you. Not really. I’ll share a few. Too many camera apps to count–the only place I allow clutter. Evernote (my go to for everything) and my one game 2048. The real kicker is every app Cole downloads comes to my phone too. We have not been able to separate out our I-tunes accounts. I delete a lot of games but every once in awhile he picks a winner I didn’t know about PaperKarma either so I will have to check it out!

  11. Paper Karma is brilliant… I have to download that ap!

  12. My favorite apps are photo related.. BeFunky, Snapseed, and Pixlr. BUT I find your apps very interesting and will be checking them out. I have one app/icon that I made myself.. you know how you can make your own shortcut, and it is TinyKittens!

  13. What can I say? I have none!

  14. I have none of this on my phone although hubby says my phone is capable. I don’t know I just use it as a phone or a camera.

  15. Color Notes list keeper plus!
    Photo Grid
    Sound Hound- hold up to radio tells you all about what is being played and streams the lyrics!

  16. Personally I keep my phone’s apps very simple, but this blog post is a bit of a temptation.

  17. Jennifer says:

    What an amazing idea to unsubscribe with the Paperkarma app! What a great way to reduce paper waste. I will try it for sure!

  18. These apps are so cool. I’m definitely going to add a few.

  19. Ann Pillsbury says:

    My favorite is Around Me. It will locate businesses, banks, restaurants, movie theaters with what is playing and show times, hospitals, just anything you need no matter where you are. Great when you travel.

  20. pattisj says:

    Grumpy Cat does make one smile. My new favorite app is a game–Red Herring.

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