Someone Spoiled the Fun

I  was thrilled last week to see an oriole flitting through my back yard.  I have not seen them here before and so of course I rushed out to buy a platform feeder to put some goodies out specifically to draw them in. My current feeders did not have any tasty treats that they like and I wanted to attract more and more of these lovelies to our backyard.

I got the needed items and carefully put the platform feeder and nectar feeder up where I would be able to observe them feasting.  It didn’t take long and they came —I have had 6 at one time feasting on oranges and grape jelly which I have had to replenish daily. They love it.










And then–just like that—someone had to go and spoil the fun.


P1020257I suspect it was my lovely deer herd who stopped by to sample the treats .  Looks to me like she got her head tangled in the ropes holding the feeder on the shepherd’s hook and probably panicked and bent the hook almost all the way to the ground.  I am just thankful I did not wake up to see a deer strangled out there. The shepherd’s hook will never be the same but I did bend it back a bit and it is now a very bendy shepherd’s hook.  So maybe that deer didn’t spoil all the fun after all.



  1. My first thought was, “Now that was one fat squirrel!”
    Absolutely stunning pictures!

  2. That close up photo is unbelievable. Very cool to attract them so easily.

    • Thanks! I saw one and immediately went out to get the feeder. This year we have had more bird varieties than ever before for some reason . They make me smile!

  3. Well, what a great bird watching success. And fantastic photos. That is an interesting mystery about what happened.

  4. That’s a fun idea! I’m glad the wildlife is enjoying your treats and that the deer was ok:)

  5. CH has a setup similar to that for our orioles. The Hummers some of the woodpeckers love the grape jelly!

    • My hummers haven’t been too present yet—-I saw one but that is about it so far. I need to get some fresh nectar out there. The grape jelly surprised me!

  6. What pretty little birds — you’re so kind to feed them treats they love! As for the spoil-sport deer, well, I guess it must have found the treats yummy, too — hope it didn’t hurt itself as much as it “hurt” the shepherd’s hook!

    • I do love to feed the birds. My dad was always a bird lover so I got that from him, I guess. I am not an avid birdwatcher but my brother and nephew are and have amazing lists of what species they have seen over the years. I don’t have that passion to identify but I do love to each them.

  7. I remember growing up how excited we were to spot Baltimore orioles once. They are a beautiful bird.

    You treat your birds, and deer, quite well, my dear.

  8. Oh, it would be awful to find a stranded deer when you woke up!

  9. pattisj says:

    That’s a great use for that type feeder. It paid off well in visitors–the feathered ones, anyway!

  10. Virginia says:

    I love that – I love Orioles – they are the state bird of Maryland – birth state for me and for Leslie!

  11. How lovely! I love watching the hummingbirds feed on my lemon tree.

  12. Mary Ellen says:

    I love the fact that you have an adventure just by looking out your back window. Your writing makes me smile 🙂

    • Thanks, Mary Ellen! That is one thing I will miss when we finally move from here—the backyard has been a lot of fun to watch during the time we have lived here. 🙂

  13. I would never have thought to give birds oranges and grape jelly; I’m sure they loved the special treats. The birds are so pretty too and you got some great pics of them! Can’t blame the deer though for wanting some of those special treats too! There are certain plants that are supposed to keep deer away. Maybe you could find some and plant them around the bird feeder. I forget the names of the plants, sorry.

    • Orioles love the sweet stuff, Karen and the grape jelly is their favorite. They are a lot of fun to watch. I spray Liquid Fence on my plants to help keep the deer and rabbits from eating them but have not really found much success in keeping them out of bird feeders that are within reach. Even the ones that aren’t within reach they try to reach! 🙂

  14. Build it and they will come. I love your platform playground. Thank you for the beautiful closeups of the birds. Awesome photos for sure.

  15. Beautiful pictures. They’ll come back–they recognize a 4 star bird feeder when they dine from it.

  16. What wonderful pictures of the Oriole. You have lots of wild life that visits you.

    • We do indeed. I hope that the next place we live I will be able to see things like this out my back window but who knows where we will be!

  17. Maryland’s state bird! My birth state as well as my sister Virginia and niece Leslie!

  18. WOW those pictures were incredible.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Those were great pics of the Orioles, did you take them with your phone or a camera?

    • Camera. My phone camera is acting wacky these days and that is driving me nuts because I like the convenience of having it right there all the time.

  20. I love Orioles! Great pictures.

  21. Ann Pillsbury says:

    Beautiful birds. Wish we had them here in Florida.

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