Things That Make Me Laugh Out Loud

  1. Cats in clothes.   When we were growing up we always had a plethora of cats around.  One of the favorite things to do was to put them in doll clothes.  I am not sure how smart that was but it was fun to see our “Mama to Many Kittens -Peek” modeling a dress.  The boy cats did not get left out.  I still have memories of stacking model car tires on tails of poor unsuspecting cats and watching them flip them all over the yard. There was technique to it because you had to hold the tip of the tail just so and slide the tires on the tail without letting go before you were ready.  It never got old.buddy with sock
  2. Llamas.   When Chris and I were newly married we visited Busch Gardens and marveled at the animals there.  One of my favorite areas was the llama pen.  You could buy crackers to feed the llamas and of course I whined enough that Chris bought me some to feed them.  After one particularly hungry llama finished what I had to give him I noticed a sign on the fence.  I read it aloud because of course, that is what I do and it said “Caution, Llamas sometimes spit.”  As the words came out of my mouth the llama spit directly at Chris —blowing his sunglasses off with such force that we had to look around to locate them.  I still laugh hysterically when I think about this.  It was one of those moments that I wished there had been a hidden video camera.  The best part was that when we found the sunglasses there were flecks of chewed up crackers on them.  Chris still does not forgive me for falling apart when that incident happened and he is probably rolling his eyes now as he reads this.  I’m not sorry.  It was hysterical. Still is.
  3. Scaring people–namely Chris.  To look at me would you think I was a jokester?  I have my moments. I love to jump out at Chris and scare him. I know it is juvenile and these days he tells me that I will give him a heart attack so I have had to scale back a bit but come on—–it is funny to see him jump when I suddenly appear in front of him.
  4. Recalling a “lie” that I perpetrated.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not a proponent of lying.  That was one thing that I always stressed to our boys.  Lying is not right and does not get you anywhere in life.  But……I did pull one off for quite a while and once again it was with the husband.   Somewhere along the way when we were dating I mentioned in passing that I was part Native American on my Grandma Bonnie’s side.  Why I did that I have no idea but at the time it was a fun little joke.  I really must have been convincing because he fell for it–hook, line and sinker.  Then he asked my Grandma if she could do a rain dance.  End of the ruse.   I still crack up when I think that I had him on that one for so long.
  5. Grumpy Cat.  Never ceases to make me giggle when I see a Grumpy Cat anything.  Including my weather app on my phone.  If you don’t know about Grumpy Cat you need to check out the Wikipedia page devoted to Grumpy Cat aka Tardar Sauce.grumpycat
  6. Pintrosity.   I love Pinterest and all things that you can find there from recipes to DIY crafts to books to read to fabulous helpful hints.  However things do not always work out as well as the initial “pin” and Pintrosity is a great blog devoted to those failures.  Most of them make me laugh out loud.  Because I can identify with so many of them.
  7. Geico Owl Commerical.  How can this not make you laugh?
  8. Certain words.  I imagine you have some of them, too.  Words that just make you laugh.  Words like “titilate”, “buttocks”, “fortnight” and “whilst” to name a few.  I imagine you have some of your own to add.

My thanks to Jeni from JeniEats for reminding me today that laughter is a really good thing and allowing me to cut up with her at Coffee Cat.  It certainly quieted down in there after I left.



  1. Hilarious post! I completely “get” your sense of humor!!

  2. These are all great, but reading of you dressing up your cats in doll clothes really brought back the memories….mostly unpleasant ones of getting scratched and clawed, because the cats did NOT want to wear those doll clothes!

    • Exactly!!! We had one very compliant momma cat and she did not give us much resistance but some of the boys were a bit scrappier. Glad we were not alone in love of doing silly things.

  3. CH and I are always cracking up over words. I always put baby clothes on my doxie Dutchie when I was a kid. I don’t think I ever dressed our cats!

  4. I laughed so hard reading this this morning! Especially the parts where you pick on Chris. I took a little break from putting the rubber chicken in Jake’s pillow. You may have given me some ideas-although I’ve tried the jumping out and scaring him many times and it hasn’t worked yet.

  5. Virginia says:

    I love these and I think that laughter is so important in almost any situation! My daughter Margie and I make each other cackle over something on a daily basis. Thanks for these! And thanks for doing comments for a cause!

    • I can identify. I think it is really important to laugh in almost all situations. It lightens the load a bit and is such a good feeling. Jeni and I were laughing the other day and that is what inspired this post obviously.

  6. Patricia Soto says:

    My husband thinks I’m strange when I laugh at the girls’ cartoons, pinterest funny animal pics and just plain laugh with my girls. Once in a while we can drag him into our silliness!

  7. I just thought of the time you, Paula and I kept laughing about seeing a certain person (no name will I give) in a place we had not expected . We laughed and laughed and the guys looked at us and wondered what was so funny. We just could not stop laughing.

  8. And camels too shall spit, they both should be supplied with a “spittoon” (which I always thought was a song sung by people without their false teeth) Funny post today Beth Ann thanks for sharing.

  9. I got a kick out of your story about Chris and the llama (sorry, Chris!). When I was a kid, we dressed our dog in doll clothes (dresses!) — he was such a good sport over it!

    • Funny thing was I was telling him I was writing a post about things that make me laugh out loud and he immediately said “Like llamas?”….so yes—he knows it makes me laugh. Still. 30+ years later. Glad we weren’t the only ones who dressed animals up in doll clothes. 🙂

  10. Laughter’s the best!

  11. You are so funny! I love the Llama story. I have laughed at the expense of my hubby a few times as well. Good thing they have a good sense of humour also.

  12. Oh, I used to dress the cats in doll clothes, too, and then try to stuff them into the doll buggy. Seems pretty hilarious now. But those poor cats.

    I can just hear you and Jeni laughing. You have a great laugh.

    • It seems that we were not alone in our dressing the cats up in doll clothes!!! I am glad that so many others shared that experience. 🙂

  13. My niece used to dress up her cat, too. I jumped out and scared my hubby early in our marriage. We’ve been married this long because I stopped! LOL Your husband deserves a medal for his long-suffering!

  14. Love your weather app and that llama story is really funny! I haven’t tried dressing up my cats but maybe I should. They have tried on a little hat but that’s as far as it went.

  15. Laughter is the best medicine 🙂 Thankful to have married a man who has a corny sense of humour and doesn’t mind being laughed at!

  16. We are big Grumpy Cat fans here. I even got a mug for a Mother’s Day present.
    and a good prank is always a good laugh.

  17. I scare Kelvin quite regularly, but not on purpose! When I was a child my mother used to grab my braids & pull me up short if I walked heavily (on my heels first), “Stop walking like an elephant!” she would tell me. So I learned to walk quite quietly (especially for an overweight woman!). Many times Kelvin has turned around & jumped out of his skin because I was walking right behind him! I’m not doing this on purpose, I promise you – I just can’t walk any other way now. I have often scared co-workers too because I’ll be standing in their doorway & they didn’t even know I was there!

    • I had to laugh about you being able to scare Kelvin but not when I read the reason why you are so stealthy. 😦 That is something that will always stay with you and it makes me sad that you had that in your past. Thank you for sharing your story—–I am sure it was not a good memory.

  18. Laughter is such a wonderful gift from God!

  19. Llamas make me laugh too!

  20. Jennifer says:

    Pintrosity is one of my faves! I also love Pinterest You Are Drunk, it showcases ridiculous or awful ideas that people have pinned. It is so funny 🙂

  21. My cats would never allow me to put them in clothes. I offer kudos to whoever got that cats in clothes.

  22. Ann Pillsbury says:

    I love those kind of pictures.

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