Shopping in the Sky

You know that I love to share, right?  I am that kind of person.  The kind that likes to share great things with her friends so today I am going to share yet some more wonderful gift ideas from the SkyMall magazine.  A recent trip to North Carolina allowed me the pleasure to travel via Delta Airlines and peruse the always available SkyMall magazine for delightful finds.  I was not disappointed.  Actually this time I did find some things that were great ideas.  You might recall my previous post here that highlighted a few that were maybe not as useful as some of these are.

So without further delay—here are some of my picks for your viewing and shopping pleasure.  All can be purchased online at SkyMall. (I get nothing from posting these—just sharing some love.)

First off—who does not a resin 92 pound 6 foot tall Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai stature in their yard?  I suspect it might be in violation of our HOA here but if you have an spare $995 to spend–why not give it a go.  Be forewarned that curbside delivery is in order.


As a book lover I am a fan of the Nettlestone Library Ensmble.  A “bookshelf” slides open to reveal a library table and two chairs on casters.  Hidden compartments inside house places to keep those prized first editions and for a mere $949 this could find its way to your home!

How about a singing gondolier for your pool area this summer?  He sings 3 different traditional Italian songs and is only $59!

Another one of those “Seems like a good idea but I might look like a dork when I use it” items.  I don’t know. I just can’t bring myself to think that this would be a good idea.


Okay—as the Queen of Electronics I believe in any item that can offer anything extra in the way of powering all of the electronics that we all find ourselves with . How about a paper town holder that can function as a charger for electronics?  Or one that offers Bluetooth speakers?  Under $50 for the 4USB port option and under $80 for the combo one with Bluetooth speakers.


How many chargers have you lost because you left them in a hotel room or airport?  With this handy dandy gadget you can eliminate that forgetfulness with a ChargerLeash that emits an alarm when you disconnect.  Genius?  I think it might  be and fairly inexpensive at less than $35 for the most expensive option.


This one falls into the category of “do you think it really works?”  The X5 HairLaser carefully claims to enhance the appearance of the hair–creating a fuller, thicker look.  I can’t see that I would pull the trigger for this product at $199 but I imagine I might be alone in my skepticism..


More comical outdoor decor in the form of skeleton gnomes can be purchased –priced from $30-$54.


Because I need a few more squirrels in my bird feeders……

P1020176I am not the only one who enjoys the SkyMall magazine.  I recently read a post by Carol Cassara where she highlighted her own product found for sale on SkyMall.  It made me laugh to know that I am not alone in my love of looking for interesting items there.  Hop on over and read her piece entitled Capitalizing on Our Paranoia. Thanks, Carol, for letting me know that I am not alone out here.


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  1. Oh I can’t wait to tell Rick we need a singing gondolier in the front pond to bring some culture out to the country. Funny, funny post, Beth Ann.

  2. Virginia says:

    I always look at those too!

  3. I like the gondolier but we have no pool!

  4. I always wonder who buys this stuff!

    • People who are intrigued. The last time I posted a bunch of SkyMall products I got a new follower—-one of the women who had a product for lip plumping in the magazine. 🙂 Hope Florida is treating you well!!!

  5. Enjoyed these new treasures! Dave is a Bigfoot fan and kids-and I almost bought him the Bigfoot to put out in our woods but it was pricey too! I know one person who buys from skymall, a person who obtained my hubby’s credit card number when he was traveling for business two years ago. That person purchased or tried to purchase 1000 bucks worth of skymall items! Ugh

    • Oh gosh! So now we know who shops SkyMall!!! Yikes! That would be horrible. But it would not be difficult to rack up some bucks shopping there. Too bad they did not get the Bigfoot for Dave. That would be hysterical to have in your woods……maybe they will go on sale sometime!

  6. And to think …. my birthday is in a month. So many choices!

  7. That head pillow makes sense but is so big! I tried one of those inflatable ones you put around your neck and it did not work. The gondalier creeps me out. Would it be fun to be one of the people who gets to cultivate the skymall products?

    • I think the pillow is huge and it would probably only work if you were a window seat —otherwise it would creep over to the other seats! It would be great fun to be a buyer for SkyMall! I am sure they have some fun meetings!

  8. Who comes up with these ideas I want to know? The gnome skeletons creep me out. Maybe suitable for Halloween, but that’s it. If anything these ideas provide great entertainment value when written about.

  9. I LOVE SkyMall! It is something I look forward to every time I fly.

  10. I want the singing gondolier. Now if only I had a pool. Perhaps he would work in the bath tub!

  11. I’ll take the paper towel holder because you know I need more stuff on my kitchen cabinets!

  12. I think that in order to get the Easter Island statue you have to have a yard that looks like Easter Island – otherwise it just takes over and you feel like a dwarf!
    I love the multi plug outlet.
    That magazine has things that you cannot find ANYWHERE else!

    • I totally agree!!! Isn’t it amazing what is in there? I loved the other items that I featured before in a post so I am going to just have to continue the series!

  13. These are a hoot, Beth Ann, though those skeleton gnomes give me the creeps! I can see where the singing gondolier would be interesting, but I don’t have a pool; and that ginormous Easter Island statue would be eye-catching. The cream of the crop, though, just might be the inflatable pillow for traveling by air — I could’ve used one of those for our trip to Ireland!!

  14. Haa…We’ve got to stick together, right?! LOL

  15. Too funny!

  16. I need the Squirrel Tree Climber because all the squirrels around here are tired of our old trees. Trouble is, we are not to put extra things in our yards which makes it hard for the mowers.

    • The Squirrel Tree Climber is pretty doggone cute, in my humble opinion. I would think that would be okay since it would be on a tree and not having to be mowed around!

  17. What truly amazes me is the fact that someone, somewhere, thought enough of these things to invest in their manufacture and marketing.. And perhaps even more so, is the fact that someone, somewhere will actually purchase each and every one! Stupid indeed, has become a protected species

  18. gotta admit — kinda want the paper towel holder.
    okay fine — it’s the singing the gondolier. that’s the one. 🙂

  19. I love the sky mall and right this minute I’m considering the 6 foot tall Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai. The only thing stopping is a space consideration and perhaps the curb side deliver—I neighbors already think I am a little odd. The singing gondolier would bring back such fun memories of Venice – one of our favorite activities was our gondolier ride. Decisions. Decisions. Life is just full of choices.

    • I think you need the statue. Why stop there? Get Bigfoot while you are at it. Perfect for the pups to play on and around. The gondolier would be awesome—-we took that awesome ride also and I loved every minute of it!!!

  20. pattisj says:

    My paper towels sit next to the sink–not the best place for electronics. At least, not with ME in the kitchen. The guy probably passed out after inflating his pillow–it doesn’t look like a comfortable position.

  21. Who buys these things? Although I could see that pillow thing as being useful except you would look like such an idiot bringing it on the plane!

  22. Wow Sky Mall has such interesting things.

  23. Jennifer says:

    The skeleton gnomes did make me giggle!

  24. I always enjoy going through the Sky Mall magazine. It always makes me laugh out loud.

  25. Ann Pillsbury says:

    Crazy gifts for sure and it does help to pass the time on a flight.


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