My New Friend is a Bit of a Devil

I might have alluded to it before here on It’s Just Life—I am a number one class A klutz.  If there is something that I can hurt myself on I will do it.  Even if it is something that I can not hurt myself on I will find a way to injure, impale or sever some body part .

Oh you doubt me?  Let me tell you–this is one lady who can cut herself opening gum.  You know those little foil covered packs that slide out of the package.  One time as I was punching the little rectangle of gum out of the package I managed to CUT MYSELF on the foil packaging. To the point that I needed a bandaid.  I kid you not.

The other day Chris and I stopped at the Medford Outlet Center and they have one of those fabulous Kitchen Collection stores there.  I browsed and browsed some more. Who doesn’t need a corn de-silker or a garlic holder?  While I was looking at all of the gadgets I found the perfect thing for me.   P1020114

Oh I was excited.   My own little devil and he was red–my favorite color.   Why was I so excited?  Because he is perfect!!!!   I am the Queen of Oven Burns–yes it is yet another title that I proudly wear. If it is hot I am attracted it like a moth to a flame.  (It might explain my attraction to Mr. Diamond, too.)

P1020115Here it is in action!!! Please notice that I already have the silicone wraps for the edge of the racks but this little buddy is now my new best friend.  (Sorry, Ann.  You are still my best human friend.)

I found him on Amazon if you can’t get to a Kitchen Collection store—one click here will take you there.  He now resides on the cabinet knob next to the oven.  He is my new favorite kitchen gadget.

What about you?  Do you have a kitchen gadget that you love ?  Please share with me in the comments!!!  Don’t forget—every comment made in May will net an additional 50 cents for Leslie Oxford’s fundraising goals for The World Race.

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  1. Virginia says:

    I love a good whisk and I have several. I also love my mini teflon (I think) spatula. Thank you Beth Ann and I look forward to commenting daily! And thanks again for doing this for Miss Leslie.

  2. What? No more need for the elbow length oven gloves?

  3. I like that little guy! My favorite gadgets are my pop top tab opener and my zyliss manual can opener.

  4. I’ve never seen that before! It makes sense though. Those oven wracks really get my arms sometimes. My favorite tools are probably my salad spinner and microplanes. We got a hand held immersion blender for our wedding and I love using it for soups.

  5. No favorite kitchen gadgets here, just your basics.

    I can cut myself on paper, a package, etc., too, or just nick the top of my finger on something and it will bleed. Thin skin?

    Oh, how I laughed at your comment about Mr. Diamond.

    • Glad I could make you laugh this morning. I love this little guy! And being the continuing klutz that I am—pretty sure I broke my pinky toe (again) this morning getting into the shower at Aaron’s……

  6. Martha says:

    I need an oven pull! I have many favorite kitchen gadgets, but my favorites are probably my wooden spoon and my mini-whisk.

  7. Ha, I love gadgets.. Glad you found a new friend. Did I ever tell you about the time that we picked up a new vegetable peeler? Well, my wife always used a paring knife for potatoes, carrots, etc., and then somehow one of those new-fangled peelers entered our kitchen (I think it snuck into the drawer sometime ‘between the dark and the daylight’) and I prompted my wife to try it. When next I saw her, she was telling me how the new device was an ineffective piece of trash and it was totally worthless,(my words, her’s were much more colorful) so I, in an attempt to prove her wrong, removed the plastic protective cover off of the blades, that she had not discovered, and I went about peeling potatoes like they were going out of style, and of course, laughing hysterically. And so, when I got out of the hospital..
    This comment is so long it should be worth 75 cents, what do you think?

  8. Oh, what a cute little devil — and how practical! I empathize with you, Beth Ann. I’ve posted several times about my clumsiness — mine usually involves falls of some sort, but I dare not say that too loud, or burns, cuts, etc. will come a-running!! Happy weekend!

  9. That’s great gadget! I can’t think of a favourite one, but I sure wish they had one that did all the cooking 😉

  10. love it

  11. He’s the only Devil I would allow in my home! LOL
    My favourite is the oven mitts from Pampered Chef because I have small hands and they almost cover me to my elbow. which I need.

  12. I had a whole kitchen full of fabulous little gadgets – now they are packed up, waiting for us to return from Australia in two years. Too expensive to ship everything for a short amount of time.
    Instead of buying a ton of new gadgets here, we’ve gone back to the basics and I have hardly anything outside of knives, whisks, and wooden spoons. Learning how to do everything in the kitchen (from ravioli to breads to pesto and more!) by hand!

    • When we went to Australia I had a few kitchen things packed that I couldn’t live without including my Pampered Chef chopper and whisk. 🙂 Funny what you learn to live without when you need to —-like ranch dressing. 🙂

  13. Hey, paper cuts really are the worst. They hurt!

  14. Oh I love your little devil and I sure could have used him today. I’ve tried oven mitts but they never seem to fit my small hands correctly, so I grab my trusty pot holder. My favorite kitchen tool is a whisk; I have several in all shapes and sizes.

  15. What a great gadget. Did I ever tell you that I managed a chain of kitchen stores in Western Canada a few years back? We sold items like that and they were so popular. I still enjoy browsing kitchen shops to see what’s new. Glad you found your new best (non human) friend!

  16. This little gadget is such a great idea!

  17. Probably that little rubber thingy that helps you open jars….boring, right?

  18. Leslie says:

    I am definitely with you on being a complete klutz. Dear Lord, the number of doorways I have run into or air that I have tripped over is incalculable. I’m glad you found something that may help 🙂

    • Hey–I just broke my toe (or at least it feels broken) Friday when I stepped into the shower at Aaron’s townhouse…sigh. Good thing there is such a thing as tape as I am now rocking the taped together toes look.

  19. Stepping back, resisting, no, no. . .red is such a nice color, won’t take up space, useful. NO NO. A nice gift…..
    My Waffle iron. I use it for everything.

  20. I have the exact same thing except mine are made of wood – one is a rabbit & one is a fish. I used to love them for pulling out the grills in the oven (back when I still cooked). They are so handy! Mine sit in the plastic tub next to the stove where I store my cooking utensils (like my slotted spoons, etc.)

  21. pattisj says:

    There’s always something I need from a kitchen store. I got the gloves that go half way up my arm to avoid burns. Love the comment about Mr. Diamond! LOL You may cut yourself with the knife, but you know which side of the bread your butter is on! 😉

  22. Jennifer says:

    My go to favorite accessory if all time is the garlic press. I put garlic in almost everything I cook whether it calls for it or not.

  23. Ann Pillsbury says:

    Great kitchen tool. Super


  1. […] Joie Kitchen Oven Gadgets Devil Oven Pull: Beth of It’s Just Life: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary says,”This little buddy is now my new best friend.” It makes it easy to pull out hot oven racks and avoid arm burns. She even wrote a whole post about this devil. […]

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