Teapot Tuesday

Is anyone out there tired of teapots yet?   I still have not repeated one single teapot in the entire time I have been doing this Tea-riffic Teapot post and I am almost up to 3 years.  🙂  Yes, that is a lot of teapots, my friends.  But what fun it is to share them with you every week.

This week is one that features my favorite color–red.   I can not get enough red teapots in my collection.  Tell me what you think of this find in the comments!





Photobombed once again by Buddy

Photobombed once again by Buddy

Christopher Robin was home by this time, because it was in the afternoon, and he was so glad to see them that they stayed there until very nearly tea-time, and then they had a Very Nearly tea, which is one you forget about afterwards, and hurried on to Pooh Corner, so as to see Eeyore before it was too late to have a Proper Tea with Owl. – A. A. Milne, English author, The House at Pooh Corner

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  1. Where do you store/display them all? Love your photo-bomber! 😉

  2. Love the red and white pattern. Goes well with gold too! Best of all–the quote! Pooh Bear is the perfect pairing for tea time.

  3. Ok Beth Ann, I did the math; if you haven’t repeated one teapot in almost three years, then that’s approx. 150+ teapots! Where in the world do you store them all?? Love this red one with just a touch of blue. What a cute one to use for a spot of tea on a spring afternoon! Oh yes, love the photo-bomber too!

  4. Who could ever tire of teapots?? That’s quite a collection! And I’m partial to the last photo, too!

  5. Buddy might consider audtioning for “The Price Is Right,” showing off merchandise to contestants. Is that show still on TV.

    Back to the teapot…it’s so cheery.

  6. I think Buddy and the teapot are both darling and I love the Proper Tea with Owl!!!

  7. oh! Looks like someone is challenging ZooZoo for the photobomber award! LOL
    I’m not tired of seeing them yet. And I am partial to the red ones too. With all that loveliness in tea – have you ever thought of actually opening a tea cafe? I can just imagine the amazing decor you would have in the place with all your teapots.
    “nearly tea” – Love that.

  8. What a cheery little pot! Yes, the red and white decoration is lovely and I imagine it stands out in your collection. Nice that Kitty decided to pose for the last photo!

  9. Buddy is such a ham.. He’s certainly not camera shy..

  10. This teapot looks like it would hold an afternoon’s worth of tea & that’s what I like!

  11. I love it as does the cat it seems. 😀

  12. I never tire of your Teapot Tuesday posts, in fact I look forward to them. This is another winner, made in Tunisia! Your kitty looks like he is ready for tea-time or very nearly tea-time

  13. It’s pretty but your cat doesn’t seem very impressed with it.

  14. Buddy is loving the camera. Three years! That’s amazing and I love that it’s from Tunisia. Haven’t been there yet.

    • Buddy is a photo bomber for sure!!! Especially after we have been gone for a week–he won’t leave me alone! 🙂 Add Tunusia to your list!

  15. I like the red and blue on this. Buddy is trying to guess which teapot will be featured for that particular week.

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