Wordless Wednesday




  1. Hilarious!!! No swimming there for awhile, obviously!

  2. Funny and smiling here. And, following up on your bullhead post, “Fish at your own risk” comes to mind.

  3. And there point would be? 😀

  4. Allison Spruill says:

    Perfect! Great post!

  5. Well I would definitely be taking a pass on the swimming! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  6. Very funny! I love amusing signs like that. In England a few years ago we passed a tailor’s shop. with a sign in the window that said, “Don’t faint in the street, come in for a perfect fit.”

  7. Definitely would not be risking. Just FYI, major winter storm forecast for portions of Minnesota today. North of here, thank God.

  8. um, yeah… no. I’m not THAT Canadian. LOL
    I still wait for a nice balmy high 70s for my swimming water.

  9. amber ivie says:


  10. Well, y’all still have some snow, huh? But take heart — it looks like it’s melting. Slowly, but still melting!

  11. I guess maybe they just forgot to take down the sign or just thought there might be some people liked to swim in ice water.

  12. Ummmm…No thanks! lol

  13. On one hand, this one makes sense. It looks pretty risky. But, I agree…why would you try!

  14. I saw one at the state park a few days ago, when the temps were in the sixties and there was nothing but open water on the lake, and it said “Unsafe Ice Conditions” DUH!!

  15. Funny, but I suspect lawyers made them do it.

  16. Wow! What a aaagreat picture!

  17. Ya think?

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