You Can Call Me Al or Ray or Whatever You Want

I have many names.  The list is endless.  I don’t know quite how it happened.  Some are understandable.

  • Mom
  • Wife
  • Mama Bear
  • Moms
  • Momma
  • Sissy
  • Beth
  • Beth Ann

Then there are those that kind of morphed into names that Chris calls me.

  • Billy Jo Bob Beth Ann
  • Llama Mama
  • Bev
  • Bethan

There are the names that were work-related and I just got called one recently again by a former co-worker.

  • Deb Ann
  • Ham Ann

There is just something about trying to go by the first and the middle name that throws people into a tizzy.  I think it is comical and honestly—I don’t have a problem with it at all.  I have been called all of the following.

  • Mary Ann
  • Mary Beth
  • Carole Ann
  • Debbie Ann
  • Marianne
  • Bethany
  • Sue Ann
  • Kristy Ann
  • Anna Beth
  • Betty Ann

The Starbucks people get it right sometimes when they write my name on the cup.  I usually just go with Beth when I am asked because it is easier.  Except it isn’t.




I write this post knowing that some of you may have called me the wrong name.  That is okay!  I love it, actually.  Maybe I don’t look like a Beth Ann.  I am always up for new name combinations so feel free to submit your suggestions in the comments.  I am open.  I really am.  In the meantime—you can call me Ray or Al or Hey You.

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  1. So cute! When they ask for a name at a restaurant, I just usually say “J.R.” (my husband’s nickname is “Junior”). But I’ve even known them to get that wrong!

  2. I like your real name and other combinations with Ann. My mother’s name is Ellen Ann. Beth Ann is a great name. You’re very gracious and understanding if folks have visited your blog and called you something else.

  3. I like Beth Ann or Beth! I find myself wanting to call you Beth more than Beth Ann. People have trouble with “Pix” so like Dianna I usually just give CH’s name! Good Morning!

  4. I kind of like Beth Ann Girl. Just sayin’

  5. Bethlehem! 🙂

  6. LOL! It can be so much fun, instead of annoying, when you look for the good/funny. 🙂

  7. You’re cracking me up this morning. Path? What? Hmmmm, I’ll need to contemplate a new name for you. But something with a Southern twang would seem suiting cuz I so love your accent.

    • I don’t have a bit of an accent, Audrey. 🙂 Junnae reminded me that she used to call me Bethlehem when she was little—-I had forgotten about that one! That was my Pennsylvania name. I don’t have an Iowa name so you work on that, okay???

  8. My wife’s name is Elizabeth Ann.. But she always has gone by Beth no matter what the circumstance, but her (late) mother always called her Beth Ann, so it is easy for me to remember your name

  9. I call you Beth most of the time I think. Am I correct ?

  10. Even though I say “Leslie” 98% of the time, it ends up “Les”. there’s just something about that extra syllable that’s too hard for people I guess. LOL As long as it is not “Lez”, I am okay. For some reason, the “z” sound bothers me. My middle name is also Ann – but the only one who calls me Leslie Ann is my mom. And it usually means I am in trouble. even at my age. LOL
    course online, I am Rorybore. which I am sure just adds to any confusion. but then again, that was kinda the point at the time.

  11. Oh, golly, I hope I wasn’t the one who called you something other than Beth Ann!! I’ve hated being a Debbie forever, and the last thing I’d do on purpose was change somebody else’s name. You’re fortunate, you know. ‘Elizabeth’ can become LOTS of nicknames — Libby, Lizzie, Betsy, Ellie, etc.

    • Oh gosh—it matters not!!!! I love all of my names. I am not Elizabeth, though. Just plain ole Beth so I never got the Lizzie or Libby or Betsy or any of those. I am glad I am just plain ole Beth!

  12. I love nick names too! My old blog was “buckwheatsrisk” since that, I get called, “Buck, Bucky, Huck, Hucky.” Aside from that with blogging I’m called “Rappa Z”, “Z” “Zo” and even “Zoe” isn’t my real

  13. LOL, Ham? I’ve been called Jerry and I filled out my PSAT wrong in high school so all of the college advertisement mail came to our house addressed to Jennifes.

    • I love that you filled out your profile wrong!!!! That is awesome. My sister got on some mailing list as PaPula. That cracked me up —she got tons of mail addressed to PaPula. Seriously? So of course we call her that occasionally.

  14. I have been spelling my name for as long as I can remember. I like to see how restaurants deal with it, but since my last name can also be a first name I’m called Polley quite often. Darling son Carter filled out something years ago and gave the name Seth. We homeschool, but apparently Seth is excelling in school. He’s been invited to join Who’s Who and received several recruitment flyers from private colleges. I’m sure Seth’s mom is proud.

  15. Too funny: Path. Maybe they were up all night, or hadn’t had THEIR coffee yet. 🙂 Hubby’s name is the one that gets numerous spellings and pronunciations in our family.

  16. I love how people can get names so wrong. I get called Diane a lot. Not sure why. They both start with D, I guess. Then I also get called Darling, which is OK. You have many more variations to your name. Love the clip. I remember it from Laugh In I believe.

  17. Path. That’s a new one. I had a boss that called me by the wrong name and she would introduce me incorrectly–for two years. I suspect since we didn’t get along this was intentional. Oh well

  18. Just don’t call you late for dinner!

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