Finally Friday

It’s Friday and I am dong Hilary’s blog hop two weeks in a row so I must be on a roll.  Cinnamon, I hope.  feelingbeachiebutton 200x200

If you haven’t been a part of the blog hop over at Feeling Beachie on Fridays make sure you check it out. Hilary puts up 4 statements for us to all fill in on our own blogs and we all have fun discovering new things about one another!!!

The statements:
1. _________________is my way to____________
2. My favorite ___________is _______________
3. I am nothing like ____________-/li>
4. One thing I wish I could do better is ____________

My Answers:

1.Baking chocolate chip cookies  is my way to my husband’s heart.  It is how it all started.  🙂
2. My favorite season is spring.
3.I am nothing like I was as a child. 
4. One thing I wish I could do better is handwriting—mine has really gotten bad over the years.  I have to really concentrate to make my letters legible to folks who receive them.

Thanks for playing along today. Don’t forget to leave a comment –all comments during April will go to help support My Happy Place—a local organization that helps provide specially decorated rooms and environments for children who are experiencing a crisis situation.  You can read more about it here.

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  1. Hilary - Dangled Carat says:

    My handwriting stinks these days… Typing killed it!

  2. I love to write rather than type or communicate via computer and I love to write with a pencil! I love Spring too but I am not fond of summer. So chocolate chip cookies were the start of Beth and Chris.. fun fact!!!

  3. What? You baked your way into Chris’ heart? What’s that story, pray tell?

    Random questions chosen to answer:

    My favorite color is green.

    One thing I wish I could do better is math. (And now my son is considering a double major in computer science AND math, which I find hilarious. He did not inherit any of my genes in those two subjects.)

    P.S. I find your handwriting easy to read. But, like you, my once perfect penmanship has become less “neat” over the years. A sign of hurriedness and fewer times that I actually write with a pen or pencil?

    • Yes—-I won his heart with my chocolate chip cookies–no doubt about it. That is the only reason he fell in love with me and married me. 🙂
      I do think I hurry too much and try to cram my writing in without concentrating. Sometimes I look at what I wrote and I can’t even read it. Computers and typing has made me very lazy.

  4. Apple pie was the way to my husband’s heart. He doesn’t get it as often as he would like any more.

  5. Love your fill-ins….I would have to think and think to come up with answers!

  6. What’s handwriting? 😉

  7. VIckie has beautiful handwriting (friend and camp helper) and at one time I had good, very good handwriting boarding on beautiful and I miss it. I think handwriting has to be practiced. I love fonts tho….life is full of trade offs.

  8. I can go days without picking up a pen. I never had great handwriting (my teachers always gave me low grades) but I know it has gotten to be a mess over the years. I bet young kids today won’t even need to learn how to write.

    PS — Please send some chocolate chip cookies this way. 🙂

  9. My handwriting has gone downhill since Grade Three. When we got a computer and started to type up my monthly letters to my overseas in-laws, my mother-in-law said, “Now we can actually read your letters.” Ouch!

  10. I think there is an epidemic with handwriting issues! I need to bake when Bill is home.

  11. chocolate chip cookies would work for me too!
    And I recently finished a batch of pen pal letters …. oh my, yeah – the handwriting needs some definite work. It’s from too much typing these days I guess.

  12. I didn’t have good handwriting to start with, so you can only imagine what it is now. Cinnamon roll? Count me in!

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