Wordless Wednesday





The Never Tired Captain Black of Cross Bay, Bermuda




  1. Happy Pooch!

  2. That beach is beautiful! The water!!!! Sand on the tongue.. ick! But he’s HAPPY!

    • He was so happy! He would not leave us alone and we played with him for a couple hours before his owner came and rescued us. 🙂 When he first came down he had a board with a nail in it. Chris told him that he needed a ball and he disappeared for about 5 minutes and came back with a tennis ball. 🙂

  3. Really love these photos, Beth Ann. And that water. Just look at the color. Beautiful.

  4. What a cutie. He looks like so much fun!

  5. What a sweet-faced doggin! Glad I’m not the one getting all that sand out of his coat, though!!

    • I know—can you imagine? And I am sure it is a more than once daily thing since his house was right there on the beach and no one seemed too concerned about where he was ….

  6. That’s one happy puppy and some great shots. 🙂

  7. they do love the water don’t they! he’s a beautiful dog. we’ve always had labs in our family too. They make great pets – so smart.

  8. I love this dog. Someday, we want to also get a dog like this.

  9. He just looks happy! I bet he wanted you to throw his ball till your arm wore out!

  10. What a sweet guy. Hope your week is going well. Just got back from the beach (where we met two dogs who love to do exactly what this one does). Trying to sneak in a visit with you before my workshop gets going.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • How fun that you had a fun beach/dog experience!!! Hope your beach time was wonderful and that your workshop goes fabulously!!! I am sure it will.

  11. A Lab, ball, and water there will be no rest for the wicked or weary. Love his sandy face.

  12. Another needy dog? I am sure he gets lots of people to play with.

  13. We had a dog follow us around the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands once. So friendly!

  14. Loved the pics Beth Ann, I kept thinking of captions..

  15. Oh, he looks like a great dog!

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