Teapot Tuesday

This odd little fellow was advertised on Ebay as a hippopotamus teapot but once I got it I wasn’t quite sure if that is indeed what it is.   I got it for $5 so it was a bargain but still—what do YOU think it is?   Maybe hippos look differently in Nepal?  All guesses are appreciated.  🙂




She raised her hand to cut me off. “I am aware of your epistolary flirtation. Which is all well and good–as long as it’s well and good. Before I ask you some questions, perhaps you would like some tea?”

“That would depend on what kind of tea you were offering.”

“So diffident! Suppose it was Earl Grey.”

I shook my head. “Tastes like pencil shavings.”

“Lady Grey.”

“I don’t drink beverages named after beheaded monarchs. It seems so tacky.”


“Might as well sip butterfly wings.”

“Green tea?”

“You can’t be serious.”

The old woman nodded her approval. “I wasn’t.”

“Because you know when a cow chews grass? And he or she chews and chews and chews? Well, green tea tastes like French-kissing that cow after it’s done chewing all that grass.”

“Would you like some mint tea?”

“Only under duress.”

“English breakfast.”

I clapped my hands. “Now you’re talking!”
― David Levithan, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares


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  1. Well, I don’t know about the hippo, but, as you said, you got quite the deal on that little teapot! Loved the dialogue….! The only tea I drink is iced.

  2. When I met our blogging friend Dianna in VA, it was a cold, rainy day. Yes, she drank iced tea, and I still remember drinking a warm cup of raspberry tea. 🙂 Interesting conversation in your post. I agree about Earl Grey. I try, but can never enjoy it.

    • Earl Grey is the hubby’s favorite but I don’t gravitate toward it regularly. I have tried Lady Grey also which is a bit lighter but still not my favorite cup of tea.

  3. I think it has a charming frog face.. 🙂 It will definitely be a fun coversation piece! I saw the cutest kitty teapot and mugs in Pier 1 and thought of you!

    • Pier 1 has THE BEST teapots!!! I love their stuff ! I get sucked in there pretty easily, let me tell you. Good thing there is not one close to me.

  4. I thought it has a froggy face, too. Not sure what the heck the rest of the body is. Something from mythology? 😉

  5. Becky Miracle says:

    I thought the face looked more toad or frog. Not sure about those feet (?). They look like an elephant. Someone had a good imagination when they made this one!

  6. A hippopotamus with an unfortunate frog face—perhaps inherited from his fathers side of the family. He doesn’t worry about it tho because his mother told him he was a very handsome hippo pot and his face fit him to a tea and only old bags would see it differently.

    • I am sure it was from the father’s side of the family. You are on a roll. You must be gearing up for your special feature on Odd. Getting your wit on.

  7. Your teapot looks like a mythical animal.Cute excerpt.Although I drink many varieties of tea, my British hubby sticks to his regular Tetley Orange Pekoe tea.

  8. Maybe it’s a hippopotamus with a frog in its throat!! Hope he doesn’t croak.

  9. definitely looks like some interesting cross between a bullfrog and a hippo. But that’s what makes it such an interesting item too right? It’s definitely a conversation piece – and what better way to have a conversation than over tea?

  10. Looks rather like a toad’s face to me. Maybe kiss it and see what happens. Oh, that would be kiss a frog. Never mind.

  11. I agree with Pix and Audrey. The face looks like a frog. It’s a really interesting and cute teapot.

  12. Maybe it’s a froggo. Part hippo, part frog?

  13. Interesting teapot. I think it has the face of a frog, not a hippo. The first photo almost looks like a yak or something on its front leg, too. Looks like you got a steal!!

  14. pattisj says:

    I thought frog, too, for the head. Doesn’t look like hippos I’ve seen. Definitely a conversation piece. And a good deal!

  15. Looks much more like a frog to me!

  16. Okay, you’re going to laugh…it looks like a Komodo dragon to me! 🙂
    Very cool buy!

    • Oh no—-I could totally see that!!! Totally!!! But I am not a lover of those things so I will have to turn a blind eye to it when I pour from it! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

      • LOL! We saw a Komodo dragon when we went to “Across the Pond,” a gardening and landscaping store (I blogged about it last…Wednesday, I think). So I think I had them on the brain!

  17. This is amazing! I agree with those who say its face looks like a frog. Do hippos have long tails?

  18. I think it is a rather abstract hippo. It is unique!

  19. It surely looks like a frog to me but maybe the person who made it had never seen a real hippo.

  20. That’s an interesting pot, Beth Ann. When I first glanced at the face, I thought it was a frog. In fact, I don’t see hippopotamus at all. Fascinating.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

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