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feelingbeachiebutton 200x200I am finally back joining in on the blog hop fun at Feeling Beachie.  I have skipped it for a few weeks but today seemed like a good day to step back in !  Hilary gives us four fill in the blanks to share on our own blogs and she would love to have you join in.  Hop over to her blog at Feeling Beachie and introduce yourself.  If you have any great ideas of statements let her know and she will make you a co-host!

The statements:
1. Having ____________ of___________ helps me___________
2. I ____________ to _______________
3. The first thing I do in the AM is _____.
4. Tomorrow morning I am going to _____

My answers:

1. Having a cup of tea helps me relax.
2. I love to travel.
3. The first thing I do in the AM is go to the kitchen, give the kitties treats and get a cup of coffee for Mr. Diamond and myself.
4. Tomorrow morning I am going to be happy when I look outside and realize that the weather reports were WRONG!!!!!  (I am writing this on Thursday night so I am hoping that Friday morning is snow free.)

Thanks for stopping by today!!!  Hope your Friday is fun filled!I

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  1. fingers crossed no snow!

  2. Exactly my #3.

  3. I looked at radar for you and saw BLUE.. 😦
    We all nearly blew away here. We had three turkeys that got caught in the storm and hugged up against the front of the house.
    Thinking you will be snow free by tomorrow?

    • It is going to warm up tomorrow but I thick i will take a couple of days, I bet for it to disappear. I am not going to whine or complain today. Just going to stay in.

  4. That looks like a fun meme….definitely one to make you think!

  5. Drink lots of tea today!!

  6. Oh, the weather forecast was not wrong, was it?

    First thing I do in the morning: Kiss my husband goodbye.

    I love writing and photography. But then you know that.

  7. No snow here however we have wind and rain which will keep us inside for another day. Had some good walks this week.

  8. I understand you got some snow — argh, when will this winter give up and go away?? Can’t it see that ALL of us are tired of it, even those who LIKE snow!!

    • I think this won’t last long—at least I hope not. I need to go clear off the feeders and refill–my poor feathered friends are traumatized!

  9. You mean you don’t open your eyes first in the morning? That’s pretty skilled walking to the kitchen and pouring two cups of coffee with your eyes shut. 😉

  10. I LOVE my morning coffee… you knew that, right? Heehee — but when I am upset, sad, sick whatever, I drink tea. I don’t know if it is that English thing that requires a spot of tea as medicine; but I do swear it works.
    So sorry about the snow 😦
    you know I feel ya

    • I agree about the coffee/tea thing. I drink coffee in the morning and then switch to tea. I drink tea the rest of the day usually unless we go out and I get coffee someplace special. the snow was pretty crazy this morning but you know what? It is all melted off the sidewalks and roads now so I am very glad I did not bother with going out to shovel. It would have been a waste of energy!

      • our weather suddenly switched to rain, so mine melted off the driveway too! glad I didn’t shovel either.
        I still have a front yard of snow, but as I sipping tea by the fire, it is clear that it will just be a couple of weeks at most; and it will be gone too.

  11. Gee, you like to travel? *lol* I agree, tea is relaxing for me, too. Kitty treats are given when we have our coffee…and then at bedtime. They have us trained well.

  12. Well it snowed but it was over quick and you had an excellent attitude. I’ve been trying to drink a glass of water with lemon first thing in the morno—-I would rather have anything else.

  13. I hope your snow disappeared as quickly as it came.

  14. Filled in all blanks with chocolate ice cream. Well some will say I am unimaginitive but I am in heaven. Are they ?

  15. We have no snow on the ground now and it is wonderful. Yesterday we had lots of wind and a hard rain but today is quieter and a little warmer. Spring!


  1. […] snowed in Iowa. Poor Beth Ann. But it did NOT snow in Chicago. We have grey skies, rain and fog. Noooo snow. I am going out to […]

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