Teapot Tuesday–Bermuda Style

Today’s teapot is pretty special. I know that I say that about all of my teapots in my collection but this one really is.  I picked up this sweet little teapot on our recent trip to Bermuda and as I watch the snow fall today I am wishing I was back on that island.  The really neat thing about this teapot is that it has a story.




Now look at this signature on the bottom of this sweet Bermuda teapot.P1010384

Yes, that would be THE Carol Holding. One of the things that Mr. Diamond did in the past was do a start up for a picture framing company.  One of the artists that they did framing for was Carole Holding in Bermuda.  They shipped pallets of her fabulous watercolors every year and he had many conversations with her husband, Joe, who did the managing side of the business. When we visited Bermuda I was looking for a teapot but had not found one within my price range that spoke to me. Until this day!

We had brunch at the The Fairmont Southampton on Sunday which was our last full day in Bermuda.  We decided to check out the little shops in the hotel before we walked back to our little apartment and were thrilled to see a store that appeared to be devoted solely to Carole Holding’s work.  I was thrilled as I was picking through all the prints and lovely items that were for sale.  Chris was commenting that we could just put them in some simple frames that would not detract from the prints themselves and mentioned how they used to frame them back in the day.  The woman behind the counter approached us and asked who he was and guess what—-it was Carole!!!!   It was serendipity.  Chris had never met her and had talked mainly to her husband, Joe, so he did not realize that this lovely English lady behind the counter was the artist.  It was wonderful and we were able to spend an hour or so catching up with her and enjoying her stories.

carole holdingThis was the ONLY time of the entire trip that I had not bothered to bring my camera or even my phone along so i was not able to get a picture of Carole and Chris together so you will have to imagine that but suffice it to say it was probably the highlight of our trip to be able to spend some time with this talented and gifted artist.  You will definitely want to check out her website by clicking HERE.

I was thrilled to find that she had some teapots available with her lovely watercolor designs on them and that was what I was waiting for.  It was the perfect teapot for my collection and I am thrilled to add it to my favorites shelf.  Of course we picked up a couple of prints that we have yet to get framed or hung but you can probably see why we love her work so much.



It was a perfect way to end our trip and we were so happy to actually meet this gifted artist in real life.  She is an amazing woman and if you are ever in Bermuda you have to look her up.  She has several shops on the island including one that caters to the cruise ships.  She is enchanting and entertaining and lovely all wrapped up into a lovely English package.

Don’t forget that today is the last day to enter my 6 Year Blogaversary giveaway!!!!   I have a cute little china dish from Carole’s shop that is going to be included with the other items so you might want to enter if you haven’t already.  Just click here to go to the post and enter by simply leaving a comment telling me what your favorite book is. Easy peasy!!!!  I would love to have everyone have a chance to win.


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  1. What a great story and experience! Life is sooo good and interesting. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting so faithfully!!! This really was such a great trip and the best part of it was this serendipitous moment!

  2. We went to Bermuda on our honeymoon. Such gorgeous pink sands! I remember it well. ♥

  3. That is totally gorgeous!!!!!

  4. How very special Beth Ann! A great story and a beautiful teapot with very very special memories of Bermuda!

  5. Allison Spruill says:

    Such a wonderful story behind the beautiful teapot! Brings the spring blooms inside when they’re covered outside!

  6. Loved reading this story! That teapot will definitely have a treasured spot in your collection!

  7. Beautiful teapot — what a find! And how fortunate you were to get to meet the artist. Not everyone has such a talent — I do good to draw stick people! — so I’m in awe. Thanks for introducing us to Carole!

    • Thanks, Debbie. Carole is such a charming and talented person—-I loved meeting her and of course—the best was actually getting a teapot with her designs on it!!! Definitely one of my favorites in my collection now.

  8. Great job on KCMR radio!

    • Thanks, Bill. I am thrilled to be a 5 minutes part of the KCMR family on Tuesdays!!! It is a fun morning with you guys!!! Thanks for asking me!

  9. I can see why you love Carole’s work. Beautiful portrayals of God’s beautiful world.

    And that you and Chris met her…wow…no coincidence there either.

    • She is an amazing artist and I know that my mom would love her work, too, because she is a watercolor artist herself. Carole is a really amazing woman with a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge and has a great deal of love for her island. It shows in her work.

  10. That teapot does have a lovely vibe-not a crazy tropical vibe, but a really peaceful one like you are in someone’s garden. It’s cool you got to meet the artist. Nice radio show, too!

    • Thanks, Jeni!!!! I am kind of feeling my way on this radio gig but Cynthia is awesome!!! The teapot is really a sweet one and to have it be one of Carol’s designs makes it even better. Thanks for listening today!!!

  11. Such pretty colors and a great story! Glad that you got to meet the artist and had a chance to chat with her.

  12. Reblogged this on Outside The Lines and commented:
    What beautiful and colorful teapots!

  13. I love the colors on this teapot! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh, cool, Beth Ann. Thanks for sharing the story behind this pot. Is this the one I saw on your kitchen counter the other day?

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • It is one in the same, Kathy. She has the loveliest hand when it comes to her watercolors—such beauty and skill. The teapot is a perfect example of what can be made out of her lovely artwork.

  15. What a lovely teapot and story!

  16. How lucky and awesome is that! Teapots are meant to gather around and share such wonderful stories. And she surely is talented – those are gorgeous paintings. Love them.

  17. I agree, that is a beautiful teapot and it makes it more special when you know the artist that made it. I feel the same on the pictures I have of artists I know. Our wedding gift was made by a friend and she asked me what I wanted in the picture. It has been in several places we have lived and will be until I am no longer on this earth. It is a chalk picture but you would never know it, as it looks perfect yet. I am so glad you were able to meet Carole.

    • It is a very special thing to be able to know gifted and talented people who are able to put their gifts to use for the rest of us to enjoy them. You would love Carole’s work and I know you would love her! She is an amazing woman and such a joy to be with.

  18. I am so glad you met the artist that made that beautiful teapot and could visit with her. I have one picture that is so special to me done by a very good friend that did chalk talks. When I was married she asked me what I wanted and I told her that I wanted her to paint me a picture. She asked what I wanted and she did a beautiful picture. It has done a lot of traveling to our various homes. It was done in chalk in 1951 and looks just as good now as it did when it was given to us.

  19. What a pretty tea-pot and senendepitas story to match!

  20. What a story goes with this teapot! Makes it even more precious!

  21. What a wonderful connection. I love when that happens. Carole’s paintings are delightful and of course I am in love with the teapot. A nice touch of spring which I think you really need. Sending warm hugs.

  22. She does beautiful work. Love the teapot! I guess it truly IS a small, small world.

  23. It’s a small world. A lovely teapot and a lovelier memory–not sure that makes sense. time for my first cup of tea 😉

  24. Love the floral pattern. So pretty.

  25. I’m running late but love that teapot – so cute! What a find – just love it’s spring flower design!

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