A Bit of Dough Love

Sometimes I find a product that I love and I have to share it with the world. Today is one of those days.   I don’t do sponsored posts but every once in awhile I find something that makes me so happy that I just have to share the love.   I did not receive any compensation for writing this post—it is just my own personal experience and love of the product.

And what is this product, you ask?  Why it is the EZ Doh manual bread maker!    P1010465Ginny (AKA The Loaf Lady) and Dave are the creators of this fabulous little device and I found out about them through my sister, Paula, who used to live in the small Ohio town where they live.  She got one of these for my brother in law (he is usually the baker in the family these days) and I was intrigued.  I was struck by the simplicity of it and decided to take the plunge and invest $39.95 in the purchase of one.  (Click here to go to their website and view their video!)

I am hooked. Literally.  While I am not a huge bread eater it has been fun to experiment with a variety of types of bread from the basic loaf to rolls to pizza dough.  I am still learning but I have managed to get fairly good at it.  The simplicity of it is genius.  No huge machine to store or plug in.  Just a bucket with a hand crank, convenient recipe printed on the outside, a few ingredients —let the bread making begin.  Honestly–who does not love the smell of bread baking?

One of my bloggy friends, Katybeth from Odd Loves Company, posted that she had broken her Kitchenmaid mixer and I accused her of trying to mix too much bread dough in it and told her she needed an EZ Doh.  Guess what?  She bit and bought one (or rather—had her mother buy her one) and I think has had success with it.  You will have to check with her but pretty sure she is happily baking loaves of wonderfulness in her kitchen as I write this.

So far I have been pretty successful in my efforts and have figured out what yeast and flour combination work best.  I have learned to allow the rolls to rise a bit longer than I originally did.  I have learned that 1 batch of pizza dough will make enough for 2 thinner crusts that we prefer over the thick crusts.  I have learned that adding a bit more orange zest into the frosting of those lovely orange breakfast rolls make them even more scrumptious.

So tell me—what do you think?  Could you get hooked on this product, too???

Basic Loaf---my first attempt

Basic Loaf—my first attempt

Orange Cranberry Rolls

Orange Cranberry Rolls



White Pizza with tomato, basil, garlic

White Pizza with tomato, basil, garlic


Loaded meat pizza!

Loaded meat pizza!



If you aren’t hungry after looking at this post I am surprised.  If you are looking for a great gift for someone who loves to bake this might be a nice gift.  It is so easy to use and clean and store that it is an obvious winner in my book.  Hats off to Ginny and Dave—-plus they give a percentage of sales to charity so it fits right in with what I am all about here on It’s Just Life.

Don’t forget that I still have a giveaway going on for some nice things in honor of my 6 years of blogging.  Click here to go to the post that will tell you what you win and what you need to do—easy contest—just leave a comment. Please feel free to share with friends!


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  1. That is a great invention Beth Ann! I want your orange-cranberry rolls for breakfast!

  2. I’ve never seen one of those-I’m glad you did a post about it because I remember you mentioning using it on Facebook. You should do a demo:) Do you crank the dough for a certain amount of time and then it rises in the EZ Dough?

    • Yep—-There is a video on their site which is better than seeing me demonstrate it! 🙂 You crank it for anywhere from 3 -5 minutes till the dough is smooth and then let it rise in the bucket. So simple but it is so easy to clean up and it is perfect in the simplicity. 🙂

  3. How fun, Beth Ann. I read Katybeth’s post before I read yours, and said I first heard about this dough from you-via Facebook. Now I know what post she was referring to. I would LOVE to try this stuff. Unfortunately, we have to make our bread from scratch here in Cuenca–if we bake it ourselves, I mean. And Sara does. However, it’s taken time to learn how to do all baking at this altitude. Gosh, I love bread!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I bet the altitude is a whole other thing to deal with when baking! I am spoiled to not have to worry about how that affects things!!! It is just another thing that I take for granted!

  4. And it didn’t cost you a lot of dough…Nice.

  5. Awesome I’m going to check it out 🙂

  6. Very interesting tutorial and it looks like a good product. It has all the attributes of an electric breadmaker (one container to clean is the big one!!!) minus the electricity. The time is much shorter, also. My kitchen is somewhat cool so the electric variety works better for me cuz of the warming element. I don’t bake in my breadmaker but use it for prep only. This maker would be good for someone who really is starting out not wanting to invest in another kitchen “gadget”/appliance. Thanks for the share!!!!!!!

    • That is exactly right—all the pluses of an electric bread maker but uses arm power!!! I think the idea of not having to spend a lot of money on another appliance is the appeal. And the recipes she offers are really good, too, although you can adapt it and use your own in it. It just is a really nice product made by nice Christian folks!

  7. Nope, not selling me at all with those tempting baked goodies. Not at all. 🙂

  8. Now you have made me very hungry! Sounds like a great device.

  9. I’ve never heard of such a machine, but it sounds wonderful, Beth Ann. And if it can make food as delicious-looking as what you’ve shown here, what’s NOT to love? Thanks for the information!

  10. Yep, You changed my life with the EZ Doh. Next up orange rolls or maybe French Bread or maybe both. . .I love making bread. When my teen was little bread day at school was on Tuesday and we made it at home on Thursday. The smell of yeast and bread baking….butter…it’s poetry really.
    First the Perfector and now EZ Doh….you are a wonder.

  11. Ok Beth Ann, I had to read through your post a couple of times to get this through my head…never heard of such a contraption. I can definitely see where it would be a handy gadget to have, but then what would I do with all my other gadgets??!

    • Haaha! It is really just a bucket with a crank but I don’t have a bread maker machine anymore so it fits the bill for me. I am sorry it was hard to understand. 🙂 Sometimes I make things way more complicated than they are.

  12. I’ve been thinking about getting a bread maker. My grandma always made her own bread. It was one of my favorite things when we visited her – that we would always have fresh bread!!! The rolls look delicious. 🙂

    • The rolls were awesome. Katybeth made some incredible looking cinnamon rolls—-there is no end to the lovely things you can make using this fabulous little product. 🙂

  13. I have a big breadmaker (the kind that mixes the dough, and then bakes it inside too) — which I loved at first, because: fresh hot bread!! but then it just became such a hassle because it actually was quite a bit of work with the machine I had. and it never seemed to form right, which made it difficult to cut. And then with a family of 5 – I was baking a new loaf every other day. this sounds much easier! I’ll have to check this out.

    • This is just one of those gadgets that makes things easier. I have a Kitchenaid mixer which would handle it but there is something great about doing it by hand. Plus she has great recipes to go along with it as well as the fact that you can use your own . It is perfect in its simplicity.

  14. The rolls sold me. I’ll have some, please!

  15. You are making me too hungry lately. I don’t cook much without Bill. I guess I will have to come visit you. ~xo~

  16. I don’t need that much bread in the house, but it looks like a great idea. I have to agree with the love of the aroma of freshly-baking bread.

  17. Well, when you post yummy pictures like those a girl is pretty tempted to visit the website. I love bread. Actually, all things doughy so It might be a weighty decision for me to make a purchase. Then again, I might throw caution and my waistline to the wind. Ha!

  18. What an ingenious idea Beth Anne! I could get into so much trouble with this kind of handy device – my mouth is watering just looking at your pics!


  1. […] Both the rolls and the bread were made in my new EZ-Dough Bucket that my sweet Mom bought for me. Now, I know you are dying to know all about the marvelous EZ Dough Bread maker so without further delay let me direct you over to Beth Ann’s blog where she will share ALL […]

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