Wordless Wednesday




  1. not a place for me…

  2. Now that is slow!

  3. That is SLOW, indeed! LOL

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  4. Is that possible? Wouldn’t there just be a pile up of people or vehicles in that one spot???

    • I don’t know—it made me giggle. It was in an alley leading into a very busy street but it really made me wonder. I was glad no one was coming in it.

  5. What an odd sign! Guess they wanted to get our attention.

  6. Well, the sign gets the point across and leaves me wondering how slow exactly is dead slow? Maybe it’s best not to over think it.

  7. Now you have to wonder at the creative mind that thought of this wording.

  8. Sort of reminds me of the road sign.. Go Slow Children.. Which could be interpreted three different ways..lol

  9. lol

  10. Is this a comment on what it feels to work there? Or a suggested speed?

  11. You just have such an eye for finding interesting signs. How slow is dead slow, I wonder?

  12. It would make me want to get out of there super fast.. πŸ˜€

  13. You wouldn’t get very far going dead slow.

  14. I can just imagine this sign got quite a few weird looks!

  15. that pretty much describes the driving conditions here today in this blizzard! at least if you are a smart driver……otherwise you might be dead FAST.

  16. Can’t get any slower than that!

  17. Well, now that is slow. It makes me think of zombies, though. Yuck.

  18. Well, I definitely wouldn’t have any problem with the clearance height!

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