Traveling? Take These Along!

We have had the privilege of being allowed to travel a bit in the past few years and if there is anything that I have learned in our travels, both domestic and international, it is to be prepared, pack as lightly as possible and make a list.  Today I thought I would share with you some of the things that I pack in my suitcase that you may not have thought to pack.

P10103791. Outlet strip.   Our youngest son gifted me this handy dandy outlet strip that goes with me everywhere. The plug actually plugs into itself for handy storage and carrying and provides an additional 6 outlets.  Hotel rooms are notorious for not having enough outlets to charge our phones, laptops, Kindles, iPads, etc.  This handy dandy little device ensures that everything gets charged.P1010355

2. Fabric softener sheets.  I know it sounds strange but they really come in handy.  If the room has a stale smell you can just rub one over your bedding to freshen it up.  They are great in helping reduce static in your clothing and a bonus is they make your suitcase and clothing smell yummy. Just make sure to pick a fragrance that you like and stick it in with your shoes and other clothing for a nicely scented option.P1010380

3. Band aids.   I NEVER leave home without a little container of bandaids. Aside from the fact that I am a bit of a klutz I need them for other things, too.  Even though I usually try to wear shoes that are broken in and comfortable there are those times when blisters form and a little bandaid is very welcome.  On a recent trip to NYC we had planned to take the subway but since it was a beautiful day we walked instead and I did not have the right shoes on.  The result was massive blisters.  Ugh.  That day I could have used preventative bandaids!P1010402

4. Green bag.  It doesn’t have to be green but you know what I mean.  I use these all the time for shopping and the best ones for travel are the ones that fold or roll up into themselves so all you have to do is pop it in your purse and then when you shop you have the perfect environmentally friendly bag to take your treasures home. Easy.P1010400

5. Ziplock bags.  I always have these packed in my suitcase and on a recent trip our youngest son needed to have something to put seashells in.  I whipped out a sweet Ziplock and he was amazed and asked why I had one.  Because I am Mom and always try to be prepared.   🙂P1010381

6. Sewing kit with safety pins.  Inevitably I always lose a button when we are traveling or need a safety pin to cover a gap or something and a simple little kit comes to the rescue every time.  All you really need is one of those little ones that lots of hotels have in their bathrooms .  The day is saved.P1010382

7. Moist towelettes.  I always have antibacterial hand sanitizer in my bag but the moist towelettes really come in handy when you want to wipe down phones, remotes in hotel rooms, tray tables and other surfaces that you want to be a little bit cleaner.  Plus if you pack these instead of the liquid sanitizer there is no need to take them out to satisfy TSA requirements.

Yes, it is bugging me that I don’t have an even number on my list but I am drawing the line at 7 items.   It is taking great self restraint to not add one more…..

If you want to read another post about hints for traveling click here to go to my Travel Do’s and Don’ts.

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  1. Great list Beth Ann! I pack by a list as well!

  2. Love the power strip idea, I’ll have to look for one. One item I like (but have forgotten because of no list) is a portable charger. My cell phone seems to drain quickly when I need it the most, so it’s nice to have a backup. On my recent trip to NYC my phone died 10 minutes after I found my way out of Penn Station and located my sister-in-law at the Javits Convention Center. I would have been s.o.l. if it died before we connected! Thanks for the ideas, I’m making a list! I think I’ll also write down important phone numbers on a card just in case. Sad how reliant we are on electronic gadgets.

    • I neglected to put a portable charger on this list and I should have. I got one in a giveaway I won on a blog and I have used it several times already since I won it. It really is a great little item to slip in my purse because I totally agree–those things drain quickly when you are traveling and using all kinds of apps and texting. Phone numbers—another great idea!!

  3. The power strip is an awesome good idea! We have a blue bag like your “green bag” that we put most of the stuff you have here on your list. I will be throwing in the power strip. We leave our bag in one of our vehicles all the time! I don’t go to a hotel without my Scrubbin’ Bubbles.. 😀

  4. Great info here Beth Ann.. Thank you for your insight.

  5. These are great ideas, even for someone like me who travels so little. Last vacation to Iowa (yes, Iowa), I developed blisters from new flip flops. We need to find band-aids, I told my husband. Now. I now carry band-aids in my purse.

  6. I do not travel much anymore but these all sound like they would be good additions to my suitcase if traveling.

  7. I’m such an even number person too! A little OCD going here! lol

  8. I carry all those items too except I had never thought of packing dryer sheets – what a great idea!

  9. Terrific list. Fabric softener sheets are so handy. Of-course you had what your son needed—Ha. Such a great reminder about how useful Moms are no matter how old you get or how far you move away!

  10. I also try to always have band-aids on hand too (I also used to always try to carry around a face mask for CPR when I used to be a life guard before my certs expired- kept one in my car and had another portable one I tried to have on me- so I may be a little on the paranoid side here haha). Great call with the outlet strip though! I need to start packing one, especially when I travel with my family and we all need to charge our phones!

  11. I can’t say that I’ve mastered the art of traveling light, even after spending so much time going places. I inevitably lug along too much. However, you have managed to mention some of the essentials, including the power strip. LOVE that that one is so small.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  12. Great suggestions. Most of those items go with us, too.

  13. I don’t think I would have thought to pack any of those things. You sure came up with some good uses for these things too! I’m going to use the dryer sheet and wipe my bed linens. You certainly do go prepared!

  14. I keep most of these items in a handy zip-lock bag (with exception of power strip – neat idea) and keep it in my closet close for packing. I also add a package of “Wound seal” which is a powder that looks like dirt, but when sprinkled over a cut, it seals it and stops bleeding. Neat thing to have when hubby is on Coumadin! Also likeyour dryer sheet idea for freshening up bedding, etc.

  15. Great list! I agree, especially about the band-aids and moist towelettes. And how did we ever live before Ziplocks????

  16. 🙂 I had to read this post when I saw the title! I do a lot of those things, too. in a week and a half my husband and I are going to London so I’m starting to think about packing a little bit! 🙂 Thanks for the reminders!

    • Oh that sounds terrific!!! We had hoped to make it to London this year but a change in life circumstances are making us delay but I will get there someday!!! Enjoy and take lots of pics for me!!!

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