Blessings in the Ordinary

P1010345Today when I went out into the garage to get ready to do a bit of snow shoveling I tried to put my gloves onto my feet.  Oh I already had socks on and what I really was supposed to do was put my feet into my awaiting boots but something clicked in my brain, or rather, clicked off in my brain and I reached for the gloves I was carrying out and before I knew it I was bending down to put them on my feet.  One might start to wonder about me.  I know I am.

But as usual, it got me to thinking.  Thinking about how so often I take for granted that I have the ability and mental capacity to actually do the daily life routines that are required of me. Yes, I have my stumbles and missteps at times, but for the most part I am a competent human being on this planet and I take that for granted.

Sometimes I think little things like this happen to give me a jolt.  It is God’s way of saying “Hey you down there—-pay attention to the ordinary things that you do and see every day and take for granted. Don’t do that!   Appreciate the fact that you have those abilities.”

The season of Lent is underway and I believe that this little incident was a reminder to me that in addition to the other things I like to concentrate on during this time approaching Easter I also need to add being more aware of my blessings to that list of things to do. Not everyone has the ability to put on their own boots or gloves or to even realize that there is a difference.  Not everyone is blessed to live in a house like I do.  Not everyone has the physical ability to be outside shoveling snow.

So yes—my brain freeze today was a lesson.   A lesson that I must have needed to learn.  During Lent this year I am going to keep my eyes open for finding the blessings in the ordinary.  How about you?

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  1. Finding the blessing in the ordinary.. that is beautiful…
    I am blessed to have you as a friend!

  2. Beautiful. Just besutiful

  3. I agree, we need to be more aware and sensitive to the little things. I often say a prayer of thanks when I don’t want to crawl out of bed to go to work. Lots of people can’t work, but would love to. I’m grateful every day I have a job and the physical abilities to do so and engage in and enjoy life to its fullest!

    p.s. Shoes go on feet, gloves go on hands. Just keep repeating it to yourself. har!

    • Thanks, Kathy, for stopping by and commenting. I am really going to try to focus on those blessings. You are exactly right—while we all have our struggles along the way there is so much to be grateful for. My little goof up really made me think that it was a nudge to tell me to slow down and appreciate that I can go out and shovel that lovely white stuff. 🙂 And I will repeat that —hopefully it will help. Thanks again.

  4. I look for the blessings in the ordinary ALL the time!

  5. Life is about those little, daily blessings. Your post made me giggle! A blessing to my day!

  6. Very nice, Beth Ann. Yes, so many tasks are taken for granted… it’s nice to have others, such as yourself, take the time to remind us all to stop, slow down and reflect on our God-given ability. Thank you!!

    • Thank you, Carol, for taking the time to read and comment. I really do mean that. Sometimes you write stuff and wonder if it hits a cord with anyone and it is nice to know when it does! Thanks again.

  7. We take so much for granted, it’s true. At this stage of life, I’ve come to appreciate the every day stuff, as well, and to see them as the gifts they are. Nicely put today!

    • Thanks so much Carol. I totally agree. I have moments when I realize how blessed I am and it really should be a constant realization so I am trying really hard to do it. Thanks again for stopping by!!!

  8. Thanks for the reminder. I like that a brain freeze can serve as a reminder to look for blessings. And it’s adorable to picture you trying to put your glove on your foot.

    • I am glad you thought that image was adorable—I assure you it wasn’t. 🙂 I seriously wonder if I need to wonder about myself some days. I think the snow has gotten to me. But hey—I woke up this morning and there was no new snow to shovel so I am one happy girl!

  9. Yes, yes, such an important reminder. I think of that when I remember my aunt who recently died. She spent the last 13 years of her life as a quadrepalegic –and the first year of that on a ventilator, as her lungs were paralyzed. Took her a long time to even learn to breath on her own. She died last month. She lived in Europe, and this weekend her ashes will be returned to the small Pennsylvania town where she grew up. I imagine her now, dancing in heaven–free, at last.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • That really brings it home, doesn’t it? When you know someone in a situation that is almost unbearable because their body traps them into an impossible situation. I am glad that she is free of her body now—what a blessing to be able to picture her in heaven dancing. Thanks for sharing, Kathy. Hugs back.

  10. OK, pull out that file where you are compiling your devotionals. This is a shoe-in.

    Thanks for the reminder. I was most cognizant of this when I suffered from severe osteoarthritis in my right hip. Just the simple act of walking became a challenge in the final year before my surgery. That experience and suddenly losing my hearing in my right ear gave me great empathy for others who face physical challenges. It is easy to take things for granted. And we never should. Fantastic post.

    • Thanks, Audrey. I may actually get serious about that little book. I am seeing a lot of others who self publish and are successful at it so maybe this is the year?? We shall see.Thanks for the encouragement. I really mean it.
      And yes—sometimes it has to hit me in the face to make me realize what a great life I have and the abilities that I possess even if they don’t seem all that miraculous or amazing—the day to day stuff that some folks can not do that I can—–it is beyond amazing to realize those abilities.

  11. Haaaaa haaaaa, after that first paragraph I began wondering if you drank your morning tea… Or smoked it!

  12. I had one DAY last week that I was really out it!! At least I gave several people a lot of laughts. We had a fun time together as we laughted together. I warn you, the older you get, the worse it gets I think.

  13. My memory is so bad that I’m thankful every day for the small things. I look for things every day to be thankful for. It’s part of my sanity. I’m glad to see in your pic above that you managed to get your boots on your feet instead! 😉

  14. I think, sometimes, we all need that jolt. It’s so very easy to take for granted all that we have and can do, until it’s taken away! And I believe there are many blessings in the ordinary – you just have to be open to seeing/finding them.

  15. Needed to hear this today. Thanks Beth Ann.

  16. I love the idea of finding the blessings in the ordinary. I do try to recognize these every day, and am grateful for each one. Thanks for the reminder.

  17. What a great way of looking at this! Instead of thinking you’re getting absent-minded or doddery!

  18. You are so right, we have blessings from above in everything we do. Last week I had my absent-minded ordeal; got in car, pressed garage door opener, started car and thought door was all way up! Nope; bumped it a bit and $65 later it was fixed. No major damage to garage door or car, thankfully. I think it was God’s way of telling me to slow it down a bit!!! He does work in mysterious ways…good post Beth Ann.

  19. I am counting blessings of health this week! I’ve had to face the reality that my parents are getting older…..and that there may be some health issues on the horizon. So I am immensely grateful for every moment spent from here on in!

  20. I appreciate the ordinary and the small things all the time. I know you do too Beth. You are too hard on yourself!

  21. You’re right. what a great reminder.

  22. Rachel G says:

    Yes, being able to shovel snow certainly is a blessing, even though we don’t always remember it like that.

  23. Blessings in the ordinary… they are countless. Thanks for the reminder.

  24. I’ll stop short of blessing the snow shovel HOWEVER I do agree about noticing and being happy-grateful for the things that we can do that others may not be able to accomplish so easily or at all. I think of that as I run up and down the stairs a million times a day. . .gloves on feet..always feel blessed to know it’s not just me!

    • I think you are a very positive person and full of optimism and that shows through. We all have our moments but hopefully they are learning moments.

  25. It’s funny how we fall into our habits of doing things, like putting on boots, and doing it mindlessly. I like your goal to become more aware of the little things.

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