Teapot Tuesday

Another fun teapot today featuring the color red. This one is the perfect size for just a couple of cups of my favorite tea on a cold day.  The design on the pale yellow background is especially delicate and lovely.   While it is not a pot to be put into service when there is a crowd for tea it is perfect for an afternoon pot to share with the hubby.





The best kind of rain, of course, is a cozy rain. This is the kind the anonymous medieval poet makes me remember, the rain that falls on a day when you’d just as soon stay in bed a little longer, write letters or read a good book by the fire, take early tea with hot scones and jam and look out the streaked window with complacency. – Susan Allen Toth, England For All Seasons


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  1. There’s something about tea!

  2. Pretty teapot, short and stout with little raspberries? I like this little smaller teapot, it may be one of my favorites!

    • I am not sure if they are raspberries—the little flowers remind me of sweet williams or something but it is such a cute little pot that I don’t care what the design is—I just know I love it!

  3. This shade of red (“mauve”-ish) is a fave of mine, along with that floral pattern. So gorgeous and it goes so well with blue/white (but, then, everything goes so well with blue/white!!!!!!).

  4. This is probably one of my favorites among those you have shown us. Just so sweet and cute and simplistic.

  5. merbear74 says:

    I would gladly put on a tea party with that beauty!

  6. todessakane2013 says:

    Lovely tea pot wonderful thoughts 🙂 Tracey

  7. What a pretty little pot — have you put it to good use yet??

  8. Another nice pot in your teapot colilection.

  9. Oh!! I love that colour combination!! My living room is decorated in a yellow and red combo.
    I have a little teapot I use as a planter that has similar colouring.

  10. pattisj says:

    Another nice teapot. It has a vintage look to it, I like that.

  11. A perfect teapot for a cozy raining (or snowy) day. Very delicate and soothing. I think I would use it for my lemon and ginger tea.

  12. This is a pretty one. Can’t believe you have SO MANY!

  13. Such a cutie pie of a tea pot! It looks so cozy sitting there on the table and the design looks like raspberries to me! Love raspberries, especially black raspberries!

  14. Tea & hot scones with jam – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  15. it’s a sweet one. Reminds me of my grandmother.

  16. I love the colors. And the quaintness. Do you own a pinafore apron? Or at the very least an old fashion hair bow?

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