Wordless Wednesday



  1. Omg… how I wish I was there.. beautiful!

  2. Very very pretty! Take me back to the beach please!! It’s going to be.. wait for THE word of this winter… BRUTAL the next week to ten days in Missouri. I am done with it. Cooked. Save me!

    • You and me both. We came back to sub zero temps and possible blizzard warnings again because of blowing snow. Sigh. Our sidewalks are a wreck and I just don’t think I can get them cleared so am looking for someone to hire. I am over it. Like yesterday.

  3. What a lovely start to my day! Thank you.

  4. What a lovely start to my day! Thanks, Beth Ann!

  5. This warm and sunny image is exactly what I needed to see on yet another brutally cold morning in southeastern Minnesota. Blizzard warning this afternoon. Sigh.

    How was digging out your car at the hotel? Did you photograph that?

  6. Beautiful… simply beautiful. We r back in “near” freezing temps again also n below freezing for tonight. Who knows when this all will end. Usually for us by mid March the worst weather is over…but again…who knows about this year!

  7. I was going to ask if this was a sunrise or a sunset, but your first reply confirmed it as a sunset. Simply beautiful — looks like the perfect place to ride out this nasty winter!

    • This was taken in NC after Christmas—it was the perfect night and I only had my iPhone with me but it did a great job of capturing the beauty of the sunset.

  8. I’m feeling slightly envious…it’s snowing. Again. Here.

  9. Stunning! It feels like it should have a motivational quote to go with it.

  10. It’s a beautiful picture even if it looks cold. Everything looks cold too me. I’m cold. Today I was bone cold—-my system has had enough. We went to a family birthday party tonight and I sat in the front of the fireplace the entire time. Next week is always warm sometimes as high as 70 but alas that is not to be this year. However, Tom the weatherman says to remain hopeful that it won’t be as bad as some people were predicting early on. From his mouth to gods ears, please.

  11. I so wish I was there. stunning.

  12. Beautiful!

  13. Awe, peaceful.

  14. Pretty, anything without snow looks beautiful to me these days!

  15. One of my favorite times at the beach! Sorry I’m late, I’m still trying to get caught up!

  16. Helen Brown says:

    Beautiful picture. The sun is shining here in Ohio and it is very nice outside today

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