Top Twelve Things I Learned in Bermuda

P1010083 (1)This past week Mr. Diamond and I have been in Bermuda.  Our trip got delayed 3 days because we could not get out of Atlanta, we rearranged our flights and accommodations and still were able to make the trip.  It is our last one scheduled for awhile so we decided to make the most of getting away from the horrible weather (yes, another blizzard hit while we were gone) and enjoy ourselves.  I learned a few things along the way.

  1. No trip to Bermuda is complete without being met at the airport with a sign.  How sad is it that I was over the top excited to know that we were being met at the airport with a sign?  I felt famous …or something.P1000741
  2. Bermuda shorts really did not originate in Bermuda.  They were created by the Colonial Service in London at the turn of the 20th century for those serving in the tropical climates. Bermuda recognized a cool thing and adopted it and it is the common attire for bankers on the island.P1010116
  3. No need to get Bermuda currency—US currency spends fine and dandy here.
  4. The best way to get around on the island for tourists is definitely the bus system.  For about $50 for the week per person we had unlimited rides and we took advantage of it.

    Mr. Diamond waiting for our bus!

    Mr. Diamond waiting for our bus!

  5. Bus drivers are both extremely polite AND have nerves of steel. The narrow twisty and windy roads are a bit scary and there is no need for tree trimming as the busses keep those clipped fairly well along the routes.  Yikes. Another interesting thing is that there are rules for the bus.  No helmets, hoodies up or scarves on heads.  It is also customary to greet the driver upon entering and thank the driver upon exiting.  Nice and polite.  Makes me smile.
  6. My ability to attract interesting people transcends country lines.  Case in point—the man on the bus who told me he had been to heaven 33 times and rolled one of those rolly perfume bottles over his neck the entire bus ride.  P1010286
  7. The best cornbread I have ever had can be found in Bermuda—and there is a story that accompanies that cornbread. Stay tuned for that story later.P1010289
  8. Hiking in Bermuda is a pleasure because guess what?  No snakes!  Huge fines if they find you trying to bring exotic snakes into the island.

    Can you see this little adorable guy?

    Can you see this little adorable guy?

  9. Food is more expensive than in the US but with a bit of planning you can eat less expensively than most might think.  There are always places that are not as fancy that offer great meals at fair prices. Groceries are a bit costly but not as bad as in Australia.

    This nice pile of groceries cost right around $44.

    This nice pile of groceries cost right around $44.

  10. Like many other countries Bermuda has it figured out when it comes to tipping.  Most places already have the gratuity (averages 17%) figured into your bill so no fuss when you pay your bill.  It is all taken care of and is fair.  I wish the US would go to this system. It makes it so much easier.

    Fish tacos….yum!

    Fish tacos….yum!

  11. Feral chickens are everywhere. Beware the feral chickens.  Honestly.  Chris had a close encounter.

    Oh he may look pretty but be careful!

    Oh he may look pretty but be careful!

  12. And finally—-sand does indeed get into every nook and cranny.  Bermuda sand is no exception.  Don’t ask.
  13. P1010068
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  1. Big sigh! I’m glad you got away!!

  2. I like #5 so much. No snakes? Sounds like a Bermuda Triangle thing. Very interesting time you had. So glad you got out of Atlanta and traveled safely on the plane and buses. Thank you for taking us along.

    • No snakes is a very good thing in my book!!! The bus drivers were all so wonderful—especially when people like us (tourists) asked questions about stops and stuff–they were VERY accommodating. Did not act like it was an imposition and I am sure they get tired of the tourists as times but they did not show it.

  3. Allison Spruill says:

    Sounds like a lovely trip and looks beautiful!

  4. That #13 photo, oh, so wish I was there.

    But about those chickens…

    And those red Bermuda shorts…

  5. I’m relieved you made it there this winter, too. Was looking forward to seeing some highlights. Sounds like there’s some interesting stories we have to look forward to like feral chickens!

  6. Love the last picture! That bacon makes my mouth water!!! Glad you are home safe and had a wonderful time!!!!

  7. I love the “common attire for bankers”. That definitely is island living 🙂

  8. Is that a chicken or a rooster? It’s lovely! Looks like the king of all chickens or roosters. I hope you were not mean to him. I see Mr. Diamond was right in style. I was in Bermuda a long time ago with my parents and rode a motor scooter all over the island. Did anyone mention me? I

  9. Beth Ann, I’m so glad you got a chance to get away from all the snow and cold for a while — looks heavenly, especially that last photo! I bet, looking at it now, you can almost feel the sun on your shoulders and the sand between your toes. I also imagine, knowing that winter still lurks in the Midwest, you wish you could’ve stayed longer!

  10. Looks like you had a great time and a wonderful trip…must be super hard to come back to the snow and ice!! lol Those chickens look like they mean business – no fooling! I love the little lizard; looks friendly enough. Maybe one of these years we’ll get to go!!

  11. Oh, I envy you sitting on Beijan sand, even if it does get everywhere!

    • It was wonderful—-I was spoiled for a week that is for sure. Last trip for awhile so I made the most of it.

      • Here, in Edmonton, I have found regular bus riders (those who commute to & from work every day) greet & thank the bus drivers often. I used to get to know my bus drivers & have short conversations with them every day – they would ask about my day & I would in return. It made commuting much more pleasant!

        • Well I think everyone should be polite but it was really over the top in Bermuda, you know? Everyone and the guide book even emphasized it which made me know that it is just part of the culture. A very nice thing.

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. So pleased you got away to somewhere warm. It is snowing here today (something we seldom get on the west coast of Canada) Your pictures helped warm me up. BTW we always greet the bus drivers and say Thank you when we get off. I love meeting interesting people on the bus, like the fellow who had been to heaven 33 times! I tend to attract similar folks. (great ideas for stories.)

  13. I love all your posts! But really enjoyed this one it made me smile! Thank you for continuing to fill us in on the happenings on your side of the country/world 😉 It gives me just a few minutes in a new place!!! 😉

    • Kim, I am glad you smiled at this one. I love to share all the fun things that I get to do in my life. And the not so fun every day mundane things—as you can probably tell. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Don’t stop, okay?

  14. sounds like a lovely trip! I have never been, but would love to go. And yes, I want to be greeted with a sign too. 🙂
    right now I say better sand in unmentionable places, than snow in the driveway. ha

  15. That beach photo at the end is amazing. How i would love to spend some quality time there with a good book. I heard that there are pink sand beaches in Bermuda. Did you encounter any?

  16. Your pictures are just beautiful. Glad you were able to get away and have some fun in the sun. 😀

  17. Nice pictures. I think the chicken is really beautiful even though he may not be very friendly. I am glad you had a good time.

  18. This was a very interesting post for me since I never travel. Thanks so much for sharing what you learned!

  19. “My ability to attract interesting people transcends country lines. Case in point—the man on the bus who told me he had been to heaven 33 times and rolled one of those rolly perfume bottles over his neck the entire bus ride.” -This!! I love this! I’ve met some pretty interesting folks before, but I have a friend who consistently meets the most interesting people no matter where she is or what she is doing! Also, I am super jealous, but hope you had an amazing trip! (sounds like you did!)

    • 🙂 Yes—it is a gift. People talk to me. Unsolicited. I know many things about many people that I wish I didn’t know. But it is always very interesting to me that people approach me—not sure why but I embrace it now. It makes for a great story usually. We did have a great trip and as I turned in my Bermuda travel book to the library today the librarian quipped “I bet you wish you were there” and I answered—“I was and I do!”. Back to the snow…..spring can not come too quickly for me.

  20. The bus does sound like a good deal. You and your attraction that draws people to you! I like the “no snakes” fact.


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