Fridge Top 5

What do you ALWAYS have in your fridge?  Today I thought I would share the top 5 things that you can always find in my refrigerator.

1. Almond Milk.   I am not a milk drinker at all and when the hubby said we should try Almond Milk I was not impressed.  I figured it would be icky and not tasty. Boy, was I ever wrong!  Not only is it wonderful the shelf life is so much longer than regular milk that I don’t waste it nearly as much as when we were buying the regular milk.  It is easier on the digestive system, has tons of calcium and is low in calories.   I rarely buy “real” milk anymore.

P10006692. Baby Carrots.  I can never have too many baby carrots in my fridge.  They are a perfect snack with or without hummus. When I need a crunch they provide that for me. Just don’t cook them. Please. If you love me don’t even think about it.

P10006713.Yogurt. Any kind of yogurt is okay with me. I love it all. I often have it for breakfast with a little granola mixed in. Yum.

P10006724. Apples. Another crunchy food that is always in my refrigerator. Right now my favorite type is this Envy variety. Crisp and tasty. Are you hungry yet?

P10006735. Sweet Chili Sauce. We discovered the love of all things Sweet Chili in Australia where it was often served with french fries. Of course they did not call them french fries but chips. Whatever they are called they are delightful smothered in sweet chili sauce. We use it on everything now from meat to chips. Delightful. Looks as if I need to get a new bottle.

P1000670So there you have my list of 5 things that are ALWAYS in my refrigerator.  What is in yours? What can you not do without? 

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  1. I have your top 4, plus romaine lettuce, sour cream, Parmesan cheese, grapes, and fizzy water. Great post!

  2. Beth what a great idea!!! I am going to play in your comments, ok?
    1. Rice Milk. Use it on my cereal every morning.
    2. Hummus! What is your favorite brand?
    3. Smart Balance.
    4. Eggs.
    5. WINE.. 😀
    Now get those toes in the sand!

  3. Thank you for directing us toward almond milk. Since husband got one of “those” reports from the doctor last summer, we’re always looking for tasty ideas.
    I would change the red apples to granny smith at our house. I’ve just bought too many mushy red ones and we don’t mind the tart flavor. I would also, add homemade hummus for snacking and celery sticks that we keep in a bowl of water to keep them crunchy and fresh.

    • Do you have a good recipe for homemade hummus? I would love to make my own if you share! I never keep the celery sticks in water—i need to try that because I am sure that would make them so much better!

      • Sure…it’s easy. From memory here goes. I soak chickpeas over night in the same pot I cook them in the following morning. Boil for about an hour. Remove, drain remaining water in colander, put in food processor for smooth, mash by hand if you want “lumpy.” Squeeze a whole lemon, one garlic clove, salt…add tabasco if you like spicy. We, too love baby carrots and will add them in the same step as the chickpeas in the food processor. Keep in frig…dip and eat with small celery stalks.

  4. 1. Almond milk – so much better for you than cow’s milk and it’s soy free, so no GMO
    2. Quinoa that I cook ahead and have for lunch most days with different garnishes
    3. Those mini bell peppers – red, yellow and orange, great crunch
    4. Spinach for my morning smoothie, because I’m really bad about getting my veggies
    5. Tahini – for that homemade hummus you’re getting ready to make!

  5. My husband just asked me yesterday if I could buy almond milk instead of skim milk which he’s regularly asked for. We’re looking forward to trying it. Will have to try that sweet chili sauce on french fries. Mmmm. We usually have ungodly amounts of cheese in our fridge, carrots as well, butter, mustards and mayo. More condiments than actual food at times:)

    • Condiments are a good thing!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with condiments. I like to get the almond milk that is in the long life boxes to keep in the pantry when we run out. That way I always have it!

  6. Always in my fridge:
    Yogurt, baby carrots, hummus (home made or bought),cheese, chocolate
    Had some almond milk at my daughters and it was very good. Must buy some.

  7. 1. Hummus!
    2. Pita (for dipping in the hummus, obviously!)
    3. Bell peppers
    4. Onions
    5. Sriracha sauce! (but your sweet chili sauce also sounds delcious)

  8. I haven’t heard of Envy apples — are they from Michigan or Washington? My Top 5 fridge items include Apples, Carrots (yes, I won’t touch them cooked either!), Yogurt, Juice (presently, cranberry), and Cheese. I’m not much on milk, but I do like a bit in my cereal.

  9. 1. Real milk
    2. Eggs
    3. Fresh mozzarella cheese
    4. Greek yogurt
    5. spinach

    I could add to that list. But that covers the basics. Why have I never thought of hummus with carrots? I buy “real” carrots and not baby carrots, although I used to buy baby carrots. I found they did not keep as long as “real” carrots.

    I’m a dairy farmer’s daughter. Milk is always in our fridge, although not as many gallons as when the son still lived at home.

    • Of course you have milk. That would be very weird if you did not!!! I am not a milk lover and often don’t even use any on my oatmeal. Weird, I know. When I was pregnant I was vigilant to drink it but not later.

  10. My husband loves that yogurt – so we always 2 or 3 big containers of it, but in just plain. Then we add strawberries, blueberries or mango to it. Having 3 kids our fridge is full of Milk. Always – they go through a bag and half a day.
    Green beans and snap peas are a must for me. I eat them like crazy.
    And cheese – like 4 different kinds at least. It’s an easy healthy snack for the kids.
    and of course, coffee cream.

  11. Ok, here’s the odd ball –
    I have “lactaid” milk; tried almond milk (unfortunately picked up vanilla flavored – ugh),
    I keep spinach and apples (Fugi is my favorite) raspberries, blueberries, strawberries…
    Oikos yogurt, love to mix in yogurt, then mini carrots.

  12. Gayle Dixon says:

    I always have Half and Half (for cereal, soups, etc.), yogurt, eggs, wine-of-course, water (refrigerating it takes away the metallic, well-water taste), and Nestle’s Quick (for the grandkids!).,

  13. I have milk, regular or almond, carrots, apples, a crisp cereal and eggs. It is really hard for me to pick just 5 but I think these are the ones I couldn’t do without.

  14. Whole milk in a glass bottle
    Little cokes in a glass bottle
    Now I want an apple.

  15. I would probably starve to death at your house… My fridge always has 2% milk, some type of cheese, potatoes, pickles and MEAT…lol

  16. 1. Milk
    2. Baby carrots
    3. Apples – I like Golden Delicious, hubby likes Granny Smith
    4. Natural Bakery rye bread
    5. Lemon juice – can’t eat fish or shellfish without it.

  17. I have an almond flavored coffee, the almond milk is perfect in it for a latte. Oops! Sorry! I thought of you and cooked carrots as soon as I saw the bag. Five things in my fridge: Chobani Greek Yogurt, my whole grain flours and such, milk, Tartar sauce, and a science experiment.*
    *Not intentionally


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