I have been getting comments lately about my key chain. I don’t know why all of the sudden people are noticing it but they are. What do you think? Would you notice and comment on it?P1000674

I suspect it is really not the adorable red B fob or the almost worn off I ❤ NC with a smiley face bead that folks are noticing but instead all of my “loyalty” key tags.

I was thrilled when places started letting go of the credit card sized cards that linked you to their store and were vehicles for discounts. I was happy to downsize and have those little tags on my keychain which I could just whip out when I shopped to get credit for a free coffee or a discount at the grocery store.

P1000675I counted them today and I currently have 33 little key tags that “get” me something. Oh I know they also are tracking me. That is the price I pay for trying to save a little money or get a better buy at the grocery store.

The funny thing is that there are some that I have scanned but have yet to reap the benefits from. For example this HyVee fuel saver card. Every time I shop there I have it scanned. I have never used it at the gas station so who knows what is happening to all of those points. Maybe someday I will have a year of free gas just because I never actually used it. The problem with this one is that since I have the key tag I don’t have the original larger card that you can actually swipe at the pump to get the discount……that is a problem.

P1000677There are also cards that I don’t use but that I leave on just for the memories. Like this one. My Australia library card. Genius, right?

P1000676The people that have commented recently on my “collection” have been amazed at how many I have and one cashier even said that I made her day. Poor thing. What kind of day was she having if this made it?

Today one commented that she felt sorry for my ignition. They really aren’t all that heavy. I guess I could take them off and put them elsewhere but they are so handy.

So collecting them will continue until I have to upgrade to a bigger ring to contain them. But just so you know—this one is the one on top that I see every time I pick up my keys (not included in the total). What could be a  better “loyalty” card than this one?

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  1. Yes Beth Ann I would notice and comment on it! Kinda like your inbox.. 😀 Maybe you could archive some of them. I still have my Petco one from when the Z Cat was alive. It isn’t going anywhere.. ♥ The HyVee fuel saver is a befuddlement! CH has quite a few of those on his key ring.

  2. OMG – wow.. you are sure one loyal lady! How do you maneuver that thing and find anything? Very impressive!!

  3. Wow….I have some of those but back when I first put them on my keychain, they would just wear off or break, so now the little ones just go in my wallet too…or on a shelf somewhere!

  4. I put my loyalty cards on their own little key ring. That way I can find my car keys! p.s. I think you could enter the gas card number at the pump and get your discounts – I do it with my Safeway card that no longer swipes.

    • Really?? I will have to see if I can try that. Honestly—I just need to go in and talk to them. Maybe when the weather clears…..in August.

      • I’ve gotten up to $1.00 a gallon off. You can use it on up to 25 gallons, we’ve actually taken both cars and done the conveyor belt line – pathetic I know, but $1.00 a gallon off! I want you to know I’ve been smiling regularly at my La Vida Lamo moments – I had one yesterday, but now I can’t remember what it was.

  5. I used to hate those little cards, but now I love them since I don’t have to dig for them. My loyalty can be bought. I now use that Petco card all the time and even the HyVee fuel saver. You can use it at the gas station near the Hyvee not by our houses (E or W?) or at any Casey’s gas stations. The bad news is that the points go away after two months.

    • Yea–that is what I figured—my points are gone, gone, gone. Oh well. I always scan it thinking I will use it but we usually gas up at Fleet Farm with the rest of the population of Mason City. 🙂

  6. This is craziness my friend, craziness. But I do love that smiley face message one. You can keep that one on your key chain.

  7. OMG, this is such a brilliant idea for a post, Beth Ann! Gotta share this one. I have admit, I’m glad not to have those things on my key chain these days.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  8. That’s not a key chain, it’s a card chain with a couple of keys..

  9. I carry those little cards around in my wallet. Easier for me to find when I need them. Yours seem totally organized though, so no wonder you get comments about your stash! Isn’t it fun to get stuff this way?!

  10. How cute is your key chain! I have three of these little cards on mine and I thought that was a lot. At least you’ll never leave home without them. 🙂

  11. Ok now I will have to stop grousing about those cards. They could be memories instead of a pain if only I changed my attitude. Who knew? Well you did of-course!

  12. Holy moly! Thats a lot, lady!

    The Hy-Vee fuel saver points expire after 30 days. 😦 BUT, you can call the 800# on the back of your card to get a new one so you can start using it!

    • Oh good grief. Now I have a pile of dead points. Oh well. I am not going to cry too much about it. I guess I really should have read the info about it, right??? 🙂

  13. I would notice and say something because this is genius!!! I hate all the big cards in my wallet. I’d have a smaller wallet if not for all those rewards cards. I would just keep them on a separate ring from my keys likely. Yes – that’s the best loyalty card to have right there!

    • I guess I may be forced to keep them on a new larger ring now because this one is pretty full. And yes—-I could detach it from my key chain which most likely will happen soon……

  14. i think the bigger gas one would be worth finding so you could actually use it. We get free gas every week at GetGo from our Giant Eagle points, sometimes it even adds up to a free tank! I’d say you are definitely a collector, first teapots, now these.

  15. I have my cards on a ring but I only have four on mine and only use 2 of them. I do not want any more since I do not buy enough to bother with all of them.

    • I suppose I should whittle mine down but I just never have taken the time to go through them and decide which ones are essential. Just as soon as I take one off I will need it.

  16. You must do a lot of shopping! This would drive me nuts. It reminds me of hubby’s keys.

  17. That looks familiar! I also am glad they added the key ring option, so much easier to find.

  18. Hi Beth – have you heard about the LOC Card? It’s one card that has all your participating loyalty programs tied to it. You only carry one card, key fob or phone app – we have it all. You can join new programs by just swiping/scanning the card instead of sharing all your personal info. You can also check one website to see how many points you have, when they expire and special offers available. Check us out at http://www.LOCcard.com. I’d be happy to give you a walk-thru on the site, in case you are interested in seeing how it works. It’s great info to share with your followers and will make your key chain much lighter! Help us spread the word to protect your privacy and make loyalty programs easier to manage!

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