Wordless Wednesday



  1. Now that is cute!

  2. Well where else would you leave your butt but behind?

  3. Someone’s creative. I can’t stand cigarettes, but I sure like this signage.

  4. Allison Spruill says:

    I was trying to figure out why the “please” is upside down? I think perhaps it was supposed to go at the top, but the arrow was pointing the wrong way!

    • I know –I was not sure about that either but thought maybe it was intended to make the whole thing whimsical or something. What it did do was get my attention!

  5. That’s a very creative sign. Hope enough people do as it says – there’s nothing worse than cigarette butts all over the place!

  6. That was a good chuckle!

  7. Oh! one of my biggest pet peeves is smokers who just discard their nasty butts on the ground. this sign is much cuter and more polite than I would be.

  8. Good one Beth Ann….lol…many people need that gentle reminder!

  9. Well, it seems to be an effective sign, huh?? Although the bottom board looks like it’s in the wrong place, ha!

  10. How ‘stinking’ funny!!

  11. I need one for my back garden. I’ve trained TBH out in public, but I guess the our own space doesn’t count

  12. I always appreciate it when someone takes the time to be creative. No butts about it.

  13. It would look a lot better if they cleaned up the butts a bit! And I wonder why the upside down “please”?

  14. Cute!

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