Wordless Wednesday


Oh hey, by the way, what do you say?   I am the featured blogger over at Sincerely, Jenni today.  Check out her blog! She is an amazing Iowa blogger who is featuring other Iowa bloggers every Wednesday.  She has a really great blog so why not pop over there and check her out???  Show her some It’s Just Life love, will ya????   Click here for the post  or on her blog name above to go to her site!


  1. Congrats on being chosen on Sincerely Jenni. I learned a couple of things about you today. Great post.

  2. Bait bucket. Hmmm, not sure I’ve ever had one. Hopping over now!

  3. jennisincerely says:

    Thanks so much for joining the series! It’s really been a fantastic way to showcase Iowa bloggers to everyone! And to each other!

    • THANK YOU, Jenni! It is a great series!!! You have done such a great job of sharing the bloggy love around and hopefully some new folks will wander over today to see what your blog is all about. 🙂

  4. Just when I thought I knew all about you, I hop over to Jenni’s blog and learn more. Congrats on being featured there.

    Now that sign, hmmmmmm…

  5. I need that no whining sign! Actually, several. in various locations around the house.
    maybe one for the car. 🙂

  6. Joanna graham says:

    Hey Beth, I just stopped by Jenny’s place and she said to say hello. I liked the featured article she posted about you. Well done. Didn’t know you were a spelling bee champion. How great that is, well except for the ride home I guess. :(. Someday those sons of yours will make you the proudest grandma ever and when they do I know you will just love it. I guess youvraised them up to be too responsible. Ha ha ha!

    • Thanks, Joanna! Your last sentence made me laugh. I don’t know about responsible—just really driven at this point to achieve career goals. 🙂 The ride home, I neglected to say, was in the back of a pick up truck. Oh it had a cover on it but still—hardly legal these days and most likely not then either. Not comfy either. 🙂 I was such a disappointment to him.

  7. Great job over at Jenny’s place — so, you were a spelling bee champ, huh? Doesn’t surprise me. I imagine you’d be good at whatever you undertake. Look how well your boys have turned out!!

    • Ah shucks—-thanks, Debbie!!!! I think I also won in 1st grade but hey—I am not a bragger. 🙂 Thanks for stopping over and checking out Jenni’s place!

  8. What? What does this sign even mean? Maybe you have to be a fisher person to understand the rules?

  9. I am loving your Wordless Wednesdays.

  10. I enjoyed your blog for Jenney but did you have to tell everyone my age? All kidding aside, I really do not care. I am getting old and proud of it!!

  11. Great post on sincerely jenni’s blog. And these fisher men take their fishing and bait very seriously!!!

  12. Well, I fish. Bait is very important!
    Love that you are featured!

  13. You won’t find me with a bait bucket. I’ll try to keep whining to a minimum!

  14. I enjoyed your interview Beth Ann. When the time is right, you will be a grandmother, and you will be an awesome grandmother at that!

    • I know you are right and I am patient because I want my boys to find THE one, you know? They are both pretty determined on their goals right now that it is important for them to fulfill those first. I can wait!

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