Teapot Tuesday

Today on It’s Just Life I am featuring another “warmer weather” teapot hoping to warm us all up a bit from the chill of winter. This lovely lighthouse themed teapot fits right in with my lighthouse themed guest bathroom.  Because of course—every one needs to enjoy a cup of tea in the bathroom, right???  This one came from my favorite eBay seller who has 1000 teapots of her mother’s to liquidate.



tea leaves
tea loves
loves tea
lives tea
leaves tea?
~Uniek Swain




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  1. Of course, you would have a lighthouse teapot. I love it’s tall design, different from the “short and stout”♪ ones.

  2. Another lovely pot, my friend.

    In the event that this interests you (as I suspect it might), I’ve posted a card-making tutorial on my blog this morning.


    “Have you bought a VALENTINE’s DAY CARD? Could you find one in ENGLISH? If not, this tutorial that will show you how to make your own green “GRINGO GREETINGS” by upcycling trash that is uniquely Ecuadorian.”

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  3. A wonderful respite for me on yet another cold morning here in Minnesota. I’ll take my tea in the dining room, thank you.

  4. A light house teapot. Who would ever think of it. Very nice.

  5. You know, I might drink a cup of tea in the bathroom. Reminds me of Christmas-Jake’s mom got these gag gift boxes that you pack real gifts into. One was supposedly for a coffee maker that you install right underneath your shower head. We totally thought it was real.

  6. Oh I have a bathroom like that too! I would just use it to hold cotton balls or Q tips or something. maybe pour out some bubble bath. I have drank tea in the tub! LOL
    love this one.

  7. Do you drink it in the bathroom? Maybe I would if I took baths, but I don’t anymore. I’ve lived in rentals too many times and now get grossed out. Someday I’ll own my own house and never get out of the tub. Might need a waterproof Kindle. Do they have those?

    • I drink tea in the bathroom, of course. In the tub. I totally get it about not taking baths in rental places—-it gives me the willies no matter how many times I have cleaned. 🙂 I have yet to use my Kindle in the tub—-I stick to paperbacks and hardcovers…..I would probably electrocute myself by Kindle.

  8. I like this one, too. The colors are very pretty, and I can almost hear the seagulls screaming as they fly over the lighthouse!

  9. Love it and I can actually see it sitting among all your beach treasure surrounding the tub! 🙂

  10. A nautical tea pot. Not short and stout but tall and guiding. Fun anywhere you put it.

  11. Ok, does she have any more like that – it would look so neat to add to my lighthouse collection. Such a fun teapot – and I’m sure the tea will be great!

  12. jennisincerely says:

    Oh how cute! I love seeing all of these neat teapots you have!

  13. Lovely lighthouse teapot!

  14. That teapot is so you! I know how much you love lighthouses. This one is very whimsical.

  15. I really like this one!

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